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As the international leader for medical and safety technologies, Dräger – German manufacturer – offers a large range of high technology gas equipment like self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBAs), gas detectors or alcohol and drugs detection units (breathalyzers, drug tests).

Drager gas detectors and respiratory protective equipments


Founded in Lübeck in 1889, Dräger has been a family business for five generations. The company has grown to become an international leader for safety and medical technologies including fixed and portable gas detection systems, respiratory protective equipment, firefighting equipment, professional diving equipment and alcohol and drugs detection units. 

Dräger Gas detectors

Well-known in the different sensor technologies, Dräger designs and manufactures its own sensors thanks to its huge experience and technical knowledge. This considerable asset enables the use of these sensors with their full range of fixed and portable gas detectors. As a result it is possible to safety face hazard of highly reactive gases such as H2O2, HF, HCl or hydrazine.

Dräger Respiratory protective equipment

Dräger is very present in the chemical, steel and food industries. They offer a wide range of air purifying respirators from classic disposable dust masks to full face masks and airline systems. They also develop firefighting equipment like self-contained breathing apparatus and F1 firefighter helmets.

Dräger Alcohol and drugs detection units

As a global leader in alcohol and drugs detection, Dräger was chosen by many countries to equip police forces with a whole range of  digital breathalyzers (portable devices or interlocks) and oral fluids drug testing systems. All of these devices are non intrusive which make them hygienic, easy and fast to use.

The DRÄGER / GAZDETECT partnership

Because of its technical expertise, the technicality of its portable and fixed gas detectors and a large range of respiratory protective equipment, Dräger is one of GazDetect ‘s key partners. Dräger products like the self-contained breathing apparatus used by firefighters offer high efficiency and guarantee high quality and safety to our customers.

The X-plore 9300 is a supplied air respirator that provides constant air flow to its user. Especially designed for simple industrial applications, this device offers comfort of use and improved safety.

  • The X-plore 9300 supplied air respirator by Drager, SAR system for better safety
  • 3 to 10 bar inlet pressure
  • Integrated pressure reducer
  • Safe air flow adjustment
  • Robust and easy to use
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As it is lightweight yet rugged and robust, the PSS® 3000 is a next generation SCBA respirator especially designed for industrial applications and firefighters.

  • Drager SCBA Respirator PSS® 3000 for better safety in industrial applications
  • Excellent pneumatic performance
  • Easy to use
  • Integrated air supplying hoses
  • Comfortable and ergonomic harness
  • Large choice of available configurations
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The X-plore 4700 is a single filter half mask respirator especially designed for optimal protection and airtightness.

  • The X-plore 4700 half mask respirator, a comfortable single filter gas mask by Dräger
  • Excellent comfort of use
  • Extremely rugged and durable
  • Easy to don and to take off
  • Available in two high quality materials
  • Compatible with Rd40 and Rd90 filter cartridges
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The PAS X-Plore is an on-demand airline respirator system composed by a fullface mask, a belt-worn air supplying unit and a demand valve. This device has been especially designed to offer a respiratory protective solution to users without cluttering activities and operations.

  • Supplied air respirator system, airline respirator PAS x-plore by Drager
  • Robust, rugged and easy to use
  • Suitable for many applications
  • Cost-effective maintenance
  • Advanced features
  • Optimal comfort of use
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The X-plore 6300 is a respiratory protective full face respirator. Cost effective, this is an ideal solution for industrial applications, providing users comfort and air purifying performance.

  • The X-plore 6300 full face respirator, a single filter gas mask by Dräger
  • Universal size
  • Large field of view
  • Hypoalergenic material
  • Integrated ventilation system
  • Compatible with X-plore Rd 40 filter series
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The X-plore 5500 is a full facepiece respirator mask especially designed to provide its users breathing and visual protection against gases and particles.

  • X-plore 5500 gas mask by Drager: dual filter respirator
  • Airtight and secured design
  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • 180° large field of view
  • Efficient ventilation system
  • Compatible with the X-plore filters range
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Half-mask respirator X-plore 3300 with innovative mounting system for optimal operating comfort. This Gas mask is fully compatible with the X-plore bayonet filter cartridge range.

  • half mask respirator , dual cartridge gas mask Dräger X-plore 3300
  • Flexible nose area for optimal sealing
  • Reduced and cost-effective maintenance
  • Large field of view
  • Innovative X mounting system
  • Large range of compatible filters
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Especially designed for emergency situations, the Saver CF emergency escape breathing apparatus is the ideal solutions to evacuate environments that rapidly deteriorated. This device provides up to 15 minutes of breathing air for safe evacuation.

  • Saver CF emergency escape breathing apparatus, short interventions SCBA by Drager
  • Easy to don
  • Hood with large field of view
  • Provides from 10 to 15 minutes of breathing air depending on the model
  • Complies with current standards
  • Reduced maintenance
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Especially designed for industrial applications, the self-contained breathing apparatus R-Pas combines reliability, performance and comfort of use. Composed by an SCBA mask, a compressed air cylinder and a harness, the R-Pas complete set is provided in its carrying case.

  • complete SCBA set R-pas kit by Dräger: a full self-contained breathing apparatus in its carrying case
  • Efficient weight balance
  • Air supply hose and manometer integrated to the harness
  • Full face respiratory protective mask
  • Provided with high visibility orange carrying case
  • Well suited for use in ATEX zones
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The X-plore 8000 is a powered air purifying respirator especially designed to provide a reliable and convenient respiratory protection solution. Fully modular, this system can operate for at least 4 hours with only one charge for safe applications.

  • The X-plore 8000 PAPR respirator system by Dräger enhanced positive pressure respirator
  • Rugged design for daily use
  • Modular and versatile
  • Comfortable and secured with rubber protectors
  • Easy to disassemble for easy servicing
  • Compatible with a large range of accessories
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The X-act 7000 opto-electronic analyzer measures very low gas concentrations (in ppb) using the new Dräger reactive micro-tube technology.

Measurement: C6h6, C4H6, CH2O, Hg, C2H4O

  • ppb gas analyzer Dräger X-act 7000
  • Ultra precise measurement in ppb
  • Ease of use
  • Autocalibration
  • Reactive RFID micro-tubes
  • Measurement time from 25 seconds to 15 minutes

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The PSS 4000 is a lightweight self-contained breathing apparatus primarily dedicated to professional firefighters. Easy to don, the PSS 4000 offers an outstanding and efficient respiratory protection.

  • Firefighter SCBA PSS® 4000 by Drager, the best self-contained breathing apparatus for firefighters
  • Ultra-lightweight yet robust and easy to use
  • Comfortable and ergonomic backplate
  • Integrated hoses for less clutter
  • Thermal and chemical resistance
  • Optional wireless manometer
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Dräger colorimetric reagent tubes for instant gas concentrations measurement in ambient air with maximum reliability.

  • Dräger reagent tubes for gas measurement
  • Measures over 500 gases and vapors (200 tube references)
  • Simple process for precise measurement
  • 0 to 15 minutes test time
  • Operating with manual or automatic pump
  • Excellent value

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X-zone 5500 area gas monitor that can control up to 6 gases at the same time. Compatible with X-am 5100, 5000 & 5600 portable gas detectors. Up to 25 of these devices can easily be interconnected wirelessly to create a complete portable gas detection system. High autonomy of 120 hours, 14 hours charging time.

For CO, H2S, Ex, CO2, CL2, COCl2, H2, H2O2, HBr, HCl, HF, HNO3, HCN, N2H4, NH3, NO, NO2, O2, O3, OV, OV-A, PH3, POCl3, SO2, Amines on site detection.

  • Drager X-zone area gas monitor for worksite safety
  • Area gas detector simultaneously monitoring up to 6 gases
  • Audible alarm:  360° 120 dB – at 30 cm
  • Autonomy: 120h – charge time 14 h – induction (no wire) or universal charger
  • ATEX, IECEx, CASE/US compliant – Ingress protection IP67
  • Operating conditions: max. temperature +50 °C, 700 to 1 300 hPa pressure, 10 to 95 % humidity


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Especially designed to simultaneously detect from 1 up to 7 gases, the X-am 8000 portable multi gas detector can also be equipped with an external sampling pump to draw remote samples. For combustible gas (catalytic or infrared), amines, Cl2, ClO2, CO, CO2 (electrochemical or infrared), H2, H2S, HCN, NH3, NO, NO2, O2, O3, PH3, SO2 and volatile organic compounds (10.6 eV PID lamp) monitoring.

  • 7 gas monitor by Drager: the X-am 8000 multi gas detector with 5 sensors
  • Five sensor locations to detect up to 7 gases
  • Inductive charging
  • Colored display for easy readouts
  • Impact detection system
  • Optional external gas sampling pump
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Personal alert safety system, or man down signal, designed to notify others in case of distress, the Bodyguard 1000 is free of periodic maintenance and features straightforward push button functionality.

  • Drager BODYGUARD 1000 personal alert safety system man down signal for distress situations
  • Simple to use and easy maintenance
  • Compatible with all SCBAs
  • High profile audible and visual alarms
  • Data log of incident history
  • Temperature control
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The Dräger simultaneous test kits allow measurement (semi-quantitative measurement by reactive tubes) of fire, decomposition and fumigation gases to carry out fast hazard assessment.

  • Dräger simultaneous test kits for fire, decomposition and fumigation gas detection
  • 5 gases simultaneous measurement by reagent tubes
  • Fast and reliable results
  • Simultaneous fire and decomposition gas testing
  • Simultaneous fumigation gas testing
  • Operation with Dräger manual or automatic pump

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The X-act 5000 pump automatically performs the sampling required to measure gases, substances and vapors using Dräger colorimetric reagent tubes.

  • Dräger X-act 5000 pump for reagent tubes
  • Identification and configuration of automated barcode measurement
  • LCD screen: configuration and results display
  • Light indicators for errors and end of measurement
  • Suitable for constant flow sampling
  • ATEX certification

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The Dräger Accuro pump is a manual bellows sampling pump for substances and gases measurement by colorimetric reagent tubes.

  • Dräger Accuro pump for reagent tubes
  • Easy-to-use manual bellows pump
  • One-hand operation
  • Integrated pump stroke counter
  • Usable in ATEX area
  • Excellent value

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Disposable gas detector for SO2, CO, H2S or O2 hazardous concentration levels monitoring. Pac® 6000 features a 2 years maintenance free lifetime.

  • Drager disposable gas detector PAC 6000 for reliable gas monitoring
  • Dust and water proof.
  • Easy and comfortable use, high accuracy measurements.
  • LED visual, audible (90 dB) and vibrating alarms.
  • Lower purchase and operating costs.
  • ATEX, CE, IECEx and cCSAus compliant.
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The Pac 6500 by Dräger is an easy to use single-gas detector that offers a very fast response time and excellent precision.

Monitoring: Carbon monoxide (CO), Hydrogen sulfide (H2S), Oxygen (O2), Sulfur dioxide (SO2)

  • Portable single-gas detector Pac 6500 by Drager for CO, H2S, SO2 and O2 monitoring
  • Operating conditions: -30 °C to 55 °C, 700 to 1 300 hPa
  • Alert signals: audible 90dB alarm , flashing LED lights, vibration
  • ultra resistant housing, waterproof, dustproof, IP68
  • Large backlit screen, no text & clear information display
  • Certifications : cCSAus, IECEx, ATEX, CE
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Dräger diffusion tubes are dosimetric tubes used to control individual exposures and in particular the TWA (average exposure value) measurement.

Measures NH3, C4H6, NO2, CO2, CO, H2S

  • Dräger diffusion tubes for TWA monitoring
  • Simple and precise TWA measurement
  • Graduated scale on the tube
  • Economical measuring device
  • Plastic clip fixing
  • Does not require a sampling pump

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The PAC® 8000 portable special gas detector can accurately monitor concentrations of gases like phosgene (COCl2), organic vapors (OV), carbon dioxide (CO2), ozone (O3) and nitrogen oxide (NO).

  • The Drager PAC 8000 portable special gas detector
  • Can detect lower gas concentrations (starting at 0.01 ppm for COCl2).
  • Intuitive operation with large backlit display.
  • Data recording (concentration levels and alarm events).
  • 360° alarm (90 dB signal, LED lights, vibrating alarm).
  • ATEX, CE, IECEx, cCSAus approved.
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The Pac 8000 OV can monitor many gases and organic vapors. The device is waterproof and ideally adapts to the harshest conditions.

  • Organic vapors detector PAC 8000 OV by Drager
  • Water and dust proof
  • Detects many gases and organic vapors
  • 2 years battery lifespan
  • Housing resistant to extreme conditions
  • ATEX, cCSAus, IECEx, CE compliant
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The X-am 2500 portable 4 gas monitor has been especially designed to accurately monitor concentrations of 1 up to 4 gases:  combustible gas (0 - 100% LEL) oxygen (O2), carbon monoxide (CO), hydrogen sulfide (H2S), nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and sulfur dioxide (SO2). The device is guaranteed for 3 years.

  • 4 gas monitor: Drager portable multi gas detector for oxygen O2,CO, H2S, NO2, and SO2 monitoring
  • Large LCD display for easy concentrations reading
  • High capacity battery for over 12 hours operation
  • Ergonomic and robust design, ATEX approved
  • Long-lasting specific sensors
  • Available with optional pump for remote sampling
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The Aerotest Dräger system allows you to control the quality of the breathing air in high pressure or low pressure networks in compliance with the EN 12021 standard.

  • Dräger Aerotest breathing air quality control
  • Quick and easy to use (measurement time 5 minutes)
  • Air quality control of compressed air cylinders
  • Air quality control of air supply systems
  • Quantitative measurement by reagent tubes
  • Dräger oil impactor

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Ultra-compact and lightweight, the X-am 5600 multi gas meter has been especially designed to detect the following gases: O2, Cl2, CO, CO2, H2, H2S, HCN, NH3, NO, NO2, PH3, SO2, amines, odorants, COCl2, ozone and different organic vapors.

  • Drager x am 5600 multi gas meter with electrochemical and infrared gas sensors
  • Rugged design with ultra-compact size
  • Infrared gas detection technology
  • Hydrogen detection with electrochemical sensor
  • Opportunity to connect an external sampling pump
  • ATEX approved for use in zone 0
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The X-am 5000 portable gas detector represents an ideal solution for individual protection and monitoring of combustible and toxic gases as well as oxygen. Small and lightweight, this multi gas detector can simultaneously detect the presence of 1 up to 5 gases.

  • 5 gas monitor Drager X-am 5000 for combustible, toxic gases and oxygen monitoring
  • Ergonomic, compact and lightweight
  • Customizable with interchangeable sensors
  • Powered with alkaline or T4 batteries
  • Water and dust resistant, insensitive to electromagnetic interferences
  • Optional external pump to draw remote samples
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Especially designed to monitor exotic gases, the X-am® 5100 single gas detector accurately detects hydrogen fluoride (HF), nitric acid (HNO3), hydrogen bromide (HBr), hydrogen chloride (HCl), hydrazine (N2H4), phosphorus oxychloride (POCl3 or PCl3) and hydrogen peroxide (H2O2).

  • Drager portable exotic gas detector
  • Lightweight (220g), robust and insensitive to electromagnetic radiation
  • User-friendly 2-button interface
  • Visual, audible (90 dB) and vibrating alarms
  • Data logging
  • ATEX, CE, IECEx, CSA us (class I, Division I) approved
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The X-am 8000 PID is a portable VOC detector (volatile organic compounds) equipped with a 10.6 eV photo-ionization lamp (PID sensor) available in 2 measurement scales for better measurement accuracy. On the same basis as the X-am 8000 multi gas detector, it is possible to add 4 additional sensors.

  • Drager Xam 8000 PID VOC detector for volatile organic compound
  • 2 PID sensors available for better accuracy: HC (0-2000 ppm) or LC (0-10 ppm)
  • Complete multi gas detector with the possibility of adding: 4 additional sensors
  • 30m sample pump
  • Vibrating, visual and audible alarms (100 dB)
  • Certifications: ATEX and IECEx, IEC, 2004/108 / CE

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The HPS 3500 rescue helmet is a SAR helmet suitable as firefighter gear for road rescue operations (excluding vehicle fires), technical rescue and finally to fight against natural space fires. It is a multifunction helmet compliant with the EN 16471 & EN 16473:2014 standards with a wide range of accessories.

  • HPS 3500 rescue helmet
  • Multifunction helmet with a wide range of accessories
  • Optimal comfort and thermoplastic shell
  • Adjustable ventilation
  • Full protective goggles included
  • EN 16471:2014 and EN 16473:2014 standards compliant
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The HPS 7000 euro fire helmet is an F1 helmet compliant with standard EN 443:2008 and equipped with the latest technological innovations to ensure even more safety in the fight against fires, vehicle fires and road rescue missions.

  • Drager HPS 7000 euro fire helmet
  • Fireman helmet, sturdy, durable, comfortable adjustable with a dial
  • Composite material, light and resistant
  • Multiple accessories: full face mask, lamp, eye protection, flaps …
  • F1 helmet conforming to EN 443: 2008
  • Customizable front plate.
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The X-plore 3500 dual filter gas mask is a respiratory protective unit that combines comfort, protection and durability. Especially designed for use with the X-plore series bayonet filters.

  • X-plore 3500 gas mask
  • Excellent tightness and secure fit
  • Soft and innovative material for perfect adjustment
  • Easy to wear and to remove even with other personal protective equipment
  • Especially designed for a large field of vision
  • Fully compatible with X-plore series respiratory protective filters
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Dräger smoke tubes for air current detection actuated via the air flow tester are used to detect leaks and drafts. The rubber bulb is used to pass air through the tube, creating visible white smoke carried by even the slightest draft that exists.

  • Dräger air flow tester & smoke bulbs
  • Easy handling
  • Quick identification of air currents
  • Available as a kit with carrying case
  • Reclosable smoke tube for reuse
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The CO / NO gas mask filter X-plore RD40 A1B2E2K1 Hg NO P3 RD / CO2O P3 RD “super” cartridge can purify air from gases including carbon monoxide (CO) and nitric oxide (NO) as well as particles and vapors. Equipped with active carbon, hopkalite, glass microfiber and cellulose fiber filters, this filter cartridge made of aluminium features a standard Rd40 connector thread.

  • Co / No gas mask filters X-plore for carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide protection by drager
  • Super cartridge against gases including CO and NO
  • Removes particles and water vapor
  • Enclosure made of resistant aluminium
  • Universal 40 mm connector thread
  • Ideal for X-plore 6300 full face mask
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The Dräger Flow Check Air Current Detector is a device that detects a leak or air current by producing a stream of white smoke from a bulb containing a smoke solution. The dispersion of this smoke makes it possible to precisely locate and identify the direction of any air movement.
  • Flow Check air current detector drager
  • Ideal for air flow control, ventilation and HVAC systems
  • Handy and easy-to-use portable device
  • Rechargeable NiCd battery, 20 min autonomy
  • Available as a complete ready-to-use kit.
  • Excellent value
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The Polytron 3000 detector is a Dräger fixed gas detector dedicated to monitoring toxic gas and oxygen concentrations.

Detection : NH3, AsH3, HBr, C4H6, Cl2, BCl3, HCN, B2H6, NO2, SO2, C3H5ClO, C2H4, CH2O, N2H4, H2, C3H8O, CH4O, C5H8O2, NO, CO, C3H6O, OV, O2, O3, PH3, C3H6, SiH4, C8H8, H2S, SiCl4

  • Fixed gas detector Polytron 3000 by Dräger
  • Wide range of detected toxic gases
  • DrägerSensor smart sensor
  • Modular detector
  • Optional display
  • ATEX and SIL2 certification

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Equipped with an ABEK-15 filter, the Parat 3100 escape respirator is an EEBD that provides around 15 minutes of respiratory protection to its user. This escape device is an easy to use respiratory PPE efficient against many toxic gases and substances.

  • emercency escape breathing device Parat 3100 escape respirator mask
  • Easy to put on and to use.
  • Adapted to in any morphology (universal size).
  • Tropical version available.
  • ATEX (zones 0, 1, 2, 20, 21, 22), DIN 58647 (CE 0158) certified.
  • 12 years lifespan (maintenance and filter replacement every 4 years).
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The X-plore bayonet filters range has been designed to easily be connected to dual filter gas masks. These filters are dedicated to efficiently protect users against gases, vapors and particles present in ambient air.

  • Drager X-plore bayonet filters for dual filter gas masks – gas, vapors, particulates, and combined filters NBC ABEK P3
  • Easy to install thanks to a bayonet system
  • Efficient protection against gases, vapors and particles
  • Housing made of robust plastic
  • EN 14387 and/or EN 143: 2000 compliant
  • Packed by two for more convenience
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Rd DIN 40 gas mask filters from the X-plore series feature a universal 40 mm thread and provide efficient protection against toxic and harmful substances.

40 mm gas mask filters against: gas, particles, organic vapors and radioactive iodine

  • Drager X-plore gas mask filters: universal 40mm thread, CBRN and ABEK filters for PAPRs and gas masks
  • Cover a large range of toxic substances
  • Gas, particles or combined filters
  • 6 to 12 years operating life
  • Housing made of aluminium
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The PARAT 3200 is a mouthpiece equipped with a specific ABEK filter. This device ensures protection against acid, organic, inorganic (except CO) substances, sulfur dioxide and ammonia.

  • Self-rescuer mask Parat 3200
  • Compact design – easy carrying in a pocket or on a belt
  • Maintenance free throughout full filter shelf life
  • Airtight design – safe and hygienic protection
  • Compatibility with other PPE – glasses, helmets…
  • ATEX and DIN 58647-7 certified
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Equipped with an ABEK-15 filter against toxic gases, particles and vapors, the PARAT 4700 emergency escape hood features a large field of view with an anti-fog coating. It provides its user an emergency respiratory protection for at least 15 minutes in case of an emergency escape.

  • Escape hood, escape respirator hood PARAT 4700
  • Easy operation with instructional housing
  • Optimized use and safety
  • Fits any morphology
  • ATEX (zones 0, 1, 2, 20, 21, 22), DIN 58647-7 approved
  • 16 years service life – filter replacement after 8 years
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Based on gas chromatography (GC) and photo-ionization detection (PID) technologies, the Dräger X-PID 9500 is the first ever selective VOC (volatile organic compounds) gas detector providing analytical results worthy of laboratory tests.

  • Drager X-PID 9500 for discriminant VOC monitoring
  • Measurement unit with sampling pump (up to 10 meters)
  • High gas selectivity for precise VOC analysis
  • Reliable performance even in difficult conditions
  • Simple and fast use
  • ATEX, IECEX, RoHS, CE compliant
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Equipped with a CO-P2 filter against fire-related gases, particles and toxic vapors, the Parat 5500 fire escape hood provides respiratory protection while escaping. With this EEBD the user has at least 15 minutes to evacuate a dangerous area.

  • drager Emergency escape hood PARAT 5500
  • Easy operation thanks to instructions and pictograms on the housing.
  • User friendly – wide field of view, anti-fog coating.
  • Universal size to fit everyone.
  • ATEX (0, 1, 2, 20, 21, 22 zones), DIN 58647-7 certified.
  • 16 years service life (provided the filter is changed after 8 years).
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Well-suited for emergency evacuation from confined spaces, the OXY 3000/6000 is a SCSR self-contained self-rescue device that chemically produces breathable air. Different versions offer from 30 up to 60 minutes autonomy.

  • drager SCSR oxy 3000 6000 oxygen self rescuer for emergency escape
  • Up to 60 minutes autonomy.
  • Shock absorbent shell to protect the device.
  • Safety Eye for easy visual safety check.
  • Dimensions: 265 x 217 x 125 mm for less than 4 kg.
  • Approved in compliance with SA 89/686/CEE DIN EN 13794 standards and Australian coal mining.
  • Storage shelf life up to 10 years.
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The Dräger X-plore 6530 full-face gas mask is a high-quality respiratory protection mask. It is a class 3 respiratory protection mask equipped with an Rd40 connector in compliance with the EN 148-1 standard and compatible with RD DIN40 universal filter cartridges.

  • x-plore 6530 Dräger gas mask
  • RD DIN 40mm universal thread mask
  • Wide range of gas and combined filters
  • EN136 Class 3 approval
  • Clear voice communication & wide field of vision
  • High comfort (light mask, 5 attachment points)
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The PAS air purifying unit for supplied air respirators has been designed to efficiently purify any air source for supplied air respirators. Thus, they remove solid and liquid particles, vapors and even odors from the air supply.


  • Wall mounted or portable version
  • User adjustable air pressure
  • Coalescent filter and active carbon filter
  • Compatible with the PAS apparatus range
  • Robust and stable housing
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Especially designed for operations requiring air supply on a long perdiod of time, the PAS AirPack 2 breathing air cart is a relevant solution when there is no compressed air network. It is notably used in offshore applications.

  • breathing air trolley with supplied air respirator system by Dräger Pas Airpack2
  • Robust and resistant steel frame
  • Efficient and powerful pneumatic system
  • Up to two B50 compressed air cylinders
  • Customizable equipment
  • Compatible with Panorama Nova and FPS7000 masks
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The PointGard 2100 oxygen controller is a stand-alone, ready-to-use fixed oxygen depletion monitor. Simple to install and to use, this device is equipped with a powerful oxygen sensor, audible and visual alarm systems in an ultra-resistant case.

  • PointGard 2100 oxygen controller, monitoring device by Drager
  • Autonomous oxygen detection system 
  • Integrated audible and visual alarms 
  • Class 4X / IP66 (warterproof & dustproof) protection ingress 
  • 5 years sensors life (annual calibration required) 
  • Entirely ready to use device 
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Designed for use in harsh conditions, the PAS Micro short duration self-contained breathing apparatus combines ease of use, durability, flexibility and robustness. Particularly resistant, it is an ideal solution for short duration interventions.

  • self-contained breathing apparatus – Pas Micro by Drager
  • Ergonomic design
  • Robust and resistant system
  • Integrated manometer
  • Possibility to add and external air supply
  • Compatible with Panorama Nova and FPS7000 masks
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The Dräger PARAT 7500 combined escape hood (for industry & fire) is equipped with an ABEK CO P3 filter to filter toxic gases, vapors and particles from an industrial accident or generated in a fire.

  • Dräger PARAT 7500 escape hood for industry & fire
  • Combined protection against industrial gas and fire hazards
  • Minimum 15 minutes autonomy
  • ABEK CO P3 high performance filter
  • 16 years lifespan
  • Optimized comfort and visibility
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The Dräger Xam-EXPLO ATEX combustible gas detector is a portable monitor for explosive gas such as natural gas, butane, propane, hydrocarbons, solvents, alcohols, and some organic vapors. Small, light and with great autonomy, it indicates in real time the lower explosive limit in % LEL.

  • Drager XAM explo combustible gas detector explosimeter
  • Possibility of adding 3 other gas sensors to make a 4 gas detector (EXPLO, O2, CO, H2S)
  • Optional sampling pump for remote sampling (access authorization)
  • Protection against water and dust (IP67)
  • Sensor life of over 4 years
  • 12h autonomy
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Especially designed to carry up to four compressed air cylinders, the PAS AirPack 1 breathing air cart  by Dräger is an ideal solution for any operator who needs a large breathing air supply while using a supplied air respirator with high mobility.

  • Breathing air cart for supplied air respirator system: Pas Airpack1 mobile air cart by Dräger
  • Robust and resistant breathing air cart
  • Ideal solution for long term applications
  • High pressure entry 200 or 300 bar 
  • Can carry up to 4 compressed air cylinders
  • Hose reel with brake mechanism
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The PAS Colt self-contained breathing apparatus has been especially designed for short term evacuations. Thanks to its robust and ergonomic harness, this device is quick and easy to don for optimal safety.

  • Dräger self-contained breathing apparatus for short interventions
  • Robust harness and ergonomic design
  • High quality antistatic material
  • Versatile with air supply through cylinder or external source
  • Compatible with Panorama Nova and FPS7000 masks
  • Optional automatic reverser
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The Drugcheck 3000 can swiftly and reliably detect drugs – Cocaine COC, Opioids OPI, Cannabis THC, Amphetamines AMP, Methamphetamines MET – through oral fluid (saliva) samples.

  • drager drug test detection kit
  • Simplified test management.
  • Short incubation period.
  • Sample clear indicator (color display).
  • Entire drug test within 3 to 5 minutes.
  • Hygienic device.
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The Alcotest® 3820 digital breathalyzer can measure within seconds the alcohol breath concentration in expired air.

  • Drager personal Digital breathalyzer Alcotest 3820
  • Well-suited for responsible drivers.
  • Swift and efficient test.
  • Replaceable mouthpiece available in hygienic packaging.
  • Compact size.
  • Battery lifetime: 1,500 tests.
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Especially designed for professional use, the DA 5820 electronic breath analyzer can swiftly perform breath analysis to measure alcohol rate in the breathing tracts.

  • Drager-Alcootest-5820 digital breathalyzer for professionals
  • Easy and hygienic way to get alcohol rate measurement
  • Active and passive (in ambient air) alcohol rate measurement
  • Easy to use (2 colored LED, LCD backlit display and audible signals)
  • Datalogging of last 100 tests
  • Lifetime with a CR123A battery: approx. 1,500 tests
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