As the international leader for medical and safety technologies, Dräger – German manufacturer – offers a large range of high technology gas equipment like self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBAs), gas detectors or alcohol and drugs detection units (breathalyzers, drug tests).

Our DRÄGER range

Dräger « Technology for life »

Founded in Lübeck in 1889, Dräger has been a family business for five generations. The company has grown to become an international leader for safety and medical technologies including fixed and portable gas detection systems, respiratory protective equipment, firefighting equipment, professional diving equipment and alcohol and drugs detection units.

Dräger Gas detectors

Well-known in the different sensor technologies, Dräger designs and manufactures its own sensors thanks to its huge experience and technical knowledge. This considerable asset enables the use of these sensors with their full range of fixed and portable gas detectors. As a result it is possible to safety face hazard of highly reactive gases such as H2O2, HF, HCl or hydrazine.

Dräger Respiratory protective equipment

Dräger is very present in the chemical, steel and food industries. They offer a wide range of air purifying respirators from classic disposable dust masks to full face masks and airline systems. They also develop firefighting equipment like self-contained breathing apparatus and F1 firefighter helmets.

Dräger Alcohol and drugs detection units

As a global leader in alcohol and drugs detection, Dräger was chosen by many countries to equip police forces with a whole range of digital breathalyzers (portable devices or interlocks) and oral fluids drug testing systems. All of these devices are non intrusive which make them hygienic, easy and fast to use.

The Dräger / GazDetect partnership

Because of its technical expertise, the technicality of its portable and fixed gas detectors and a large range of respiratory protective equipment, Dräger is one of GazDetect ‘s key partners. Dräger products like the self-contained breathing apparatus used by firefighters offer high efficiency and guarantee high quality and safety to our customers.