Fixed gas detection systems

Expert in gas detection, find in this section all our fixed gas detectors with linear 4-20 mA or digital output (Modbbus RS485, HART, etc.) gathering different measurement technologies (catalytic, infrared, ultrasonic, etc.), our optical flame detectors and our gas detection units. In addition to the fixed gas detection systems, we offer a full range of ATEX accessories, sound and/or light signals and solenoid gas valves.

Fixed gas detector

Fixed gas detectors

The fixed gas detectors are sensors of gaseous substances intended for the detection and the measurement of the concentrations of explosive gases (natural gas, LPG, hydrocarbons, solvents, alcohols), volatile organic compounds (VOC), toxic gases, freons (refrigerant fluids), asphyxiating gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2) or the lack of oxygen (O2) but also a multitude of rare gases. 

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Optical flame detector

Optic flame detector

Optical flame detectors react to invisible radiation, such as ultraviolet (UV) or infrared (IR), emitted by all types of flames. They are designed to provide very rapid warning (within tens of milliseconds) of any fire outbreak by means of dry contacts (relays) or analog or digital signals. Most of them are suitable for installation in ATEX zones and are SIL2 certified.

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Gas detection controller

gas detection controller

In permanent connection with one or more fixed gas detectors or optical flame detectors (up to 256 sensor inputs for the most efficient ones), the central gas detection controller is the most important element of a fixed gas detection installation. It ensures a continuous and permanent monitoring and generates actions in case of gas detection: sound and/or light signals, warning or remote transmission of alarms.

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Sirens and signals system

CO2 column detection

In addition to the gas detection controller, you will find in this section a whole range of sound and/or light signalling devices such as ATEX sirens, combined sound and light signalling devices, signalling panels (luminous display), CO2 detection columns and watertight rotating lights to alert, signal or indicate an action to be taken (evacuation, ventilation, etc.).

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Gas solenoid valves

gas solenoid valves

Generally associated with gas detection units in boiler rooms, the gas safety solenoid valves guarantee, by their operation in positive safety, the cut-off of the gas supply by lack of voltage. In addition to gas solenoid valves, we offer a whole range of accessories for AIR/GAZ lines such as pressure switches, pressure gauges or boxes under glass.

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ATEX accessories

ATEX accessories for fixed gas detection

ATEX accessories are essential elements for the proper functioning of various fixed gas or flame detection installations used in potentially explosive areas: cable glands, manual switches, junction boxes, glass breaker boxes, or autonomous lighting, ATEX accessories are the essential complement to the proper functioning of ATEX installations and to the respect of the standards in force.

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Calibration gas cylinders

calibration gas cylinders

For calibration, periodic checks or gas tests of fixed or portable gas detectors and other measuring instruments (chromatographs, gas analyzers, breathalyzers, MAP, etc.), we offer a very wide range of calibration gases in disposable standard gas cylinders that meet the ISO6142 standard.

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