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Gas solenoid valve and accessories

A gas solenoid valve is usually used with a gas detection controller in boiler rooms or any facility using gas burners. Thanks to its positive safety operation, a gas safety valve ensures the  shutdown of the gas supply through a voltage lack.

gas solenoid valve or gas safety valve for fixed gas detection system
  • safety gas solenoid valve – operation

    A gas safety valve, or gas solenoid valve is a required unit for any gas installation. Once a gas leak is detected, the gas detection controller will shutdown the power supply of the gas solenoid valve through a closed relay. This lack of voltage will then close the gas safety valve (EN161 standard).

    All of our safety valves include an ATEX solenoid coil and are available with several different voltage from 12 V to 240 VAC. The 240 VAC units are available in stock.

  • manual or automatic solenoid valve

    There are two types of electronic gas valves: the manual solenoid valve and the automatic safety valve.

    Manual reset safety valve

    A manual reset safety valve automatically turns off (shutdown of the solenoid valve) through a lack of voltage. It remains closed until the operator comes to reset the solenoid valve with manual override. This is usually a push-button or a lock system to trigger in order to release the valve shutdown.

    Automatic safety valve

    As for the manual reset solenoid valve, an automatic safety valve is a safety unit that shutdowns through a voltage lack. Contrary to the manual reset valve, the automatic gas solenoid valve unlatches and opens once the voltage is back. Thus the shutdown of the gas valve is not self-fixed.

  • air/gas line accessories

    Shut-off or relief valve

    Relief valves are the first elements of an AIR/GAS line. They are available with or without locks. This very important safety unit enables the gas supply shutdown on a strategic location.

    Gas pressure switch

    A gas pressure switch is a safety unit too. They control gas presence (mini gas pressure switch) or gas overpressure (maxi gas pressure switch) and act directly on the system safety loop…

    Safety box

    The best location for the general gas solenoid valve is outside the building, protected inside a safety box. Thanks to its color (red) and its key lock system, the safety box is protected against the weather and malicious behaviors.

Our gas safety valves and accessories :

Low pressure switch – C6097

The C6097 gas pressure switch is made to detect gas pressure of natural gas, LPG, air …

  • Gas pressure switch C6097
  • Gas pressure switch: pressure range from 1 to 500 mBar divided into 4 devices
  • Connection meets the EN 161 standard group 2
  • Positive pressure: RP 1/4″ (x2)
  • Minimum applicable voltage and current: 50 mA, 24 VAC
  • Materials: aluminium die-cast, polycarbonate and polybutylene terephtalate
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Safety box – BSVD

The BSVD safety box is designed to protect taps and gas relief valves.

  • Emergency box BSVD
  • Safety box available in 6 different sizes to meet any application
  • High-visibility red color – extremely resistant to corrosion and bleaching
  • Materials: sheet steel, Plexiglas
  • Optional emergency hammer
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Manual reset gas solenoid valve – ELK900

Manual reset safety solenoid valve for 6 bar maximal pressure.

  • Gas solenoid valve ELK900
  • Connection: thread F/F gas (3/8” à 2”) – flanged PN16 UNI2223 (DN65 to DN150)
  • Power supply: 230V (upon request: 110V – 50/60 Hz / 12-24 V – AC/DC)
  • Opening/closure time < 1 second
  • operating pressure: 6 bar
  • End of course upon request
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Automatic reset gas solenoid valve – ELK700

Manual reset safety solenoid valve for 360 mbar maximal pressure

  • Gas solenoid valve ELK700
  • Connection: thread F/F gas (3/8” à 2”) – flanged PN16 UNI2223 (DN65 to DN150)
  • Power supply: 230V (upon request: 110V – 50/60 Hz / 12-24 V – AC/DC)
  • Opening/closure time < 1 second
  • operating pressure: 360 mbar
  • Complies with EN161
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