PARAT 7500 Emergency escape hood (industry & fire)

The Dräger PARAT 7500 emergency escape hood has been engineered to enable the fastest possible evacuation in the event of a fire or industrial accident. Equipped with a comprehensive combination filter of ABEK CO P3 type, this escape filter device guarantees an important protection for 15 minutes.

  • 15-minute escape hood against toxic gases, vapors, and particles generated in case of fire or industrial accident
  • ABEK CO-P3 high-performance filter (organic and inorganic vapors, acids, ammonia, carbon monoxide, and fine particles)
  • 16-year service life with filter replacement every eight years
  • Good visibility, wide field of vision, and anti-fog coating
  • Complies with EN 403:2004 and DIN 58647-7
Additional information

The Dräger PARAT 7500 emergency escape hood complies with the EN 403:2004 standard for fire escape hoods and is approved according to DIN 58647-7 (filtering escape devices). It offers a maximum of 15 minutes of protection against toxic industrial gases, vapors, and particles, as well as gases generated by the fire (e.g., carbon monoxide).

When opening the packaging (available in soft or hard case), users can put on the hood immediately without any further settings, thanks to the automatic adjustment of the internal head harness. Users only need to put on the hood before leaving the danger area.