PARAT 1200 mini escape mask (10 minutes ABEK filter)

The PARAT 1200 mini escape mask is a single-use emergency evacuation device with mouthpiece, nose clip and ABEK filter. It provides a 10 minutes protection against various industrial toxic gas and vapors. This compact device is certified according to DIN 58647-7, the only recognised standard for evacuation air purifying devices designed for the industry.

  • Small emergency escape mask, ABEK filtration with 10 minutes minimum of breakthrough time
  • Limit of use : 4 years for the standard version and 6 years for the tropicalized version
  • Low clutter : can be carried in a pocket or on a belt
  • Suitable for users with glasses or beard
  • Certified according DIN 58647-7 (industry)
Additional information

The PARAT 1200 mini escape mask is the smallest escape mask in the Dräger PARAT range, fits in the palm of the hand and is remarkably easy to handle. The integrated clip allows to wear it comfortably on the belt or on work clothes. The transparent box facilitates periodic inspections and the control of the use-by date.

The PARAT 1200 mini escape mask is available in two versions :

  • A basic version with a storage life of 4 years but requiring a periodic control of the relative humidity of the device by a semi-annual weighting to conform to the DIN 58647-7.
  • A tropicalized version (PARAT 1260) designed for difficult environmental conditions or for tropical climatic zones with treatment against humidity. Its aluminum packaging exempts it from the semi-annual weight control while giving it a storage life of 6 years.