SPC 3700 Ventilated chemical suit type 3 & 4 SPC 3700

The SPC 3700 ventilated chemical suit, combined with the CVA 0700 ventilation vest, provides comfortable type 3 protection against chemicals and infectious agents. It is resistant to a wide range of organic liquid chemical products, whereas the vest supplies a breathable air supply and a pleasant cooling effect.

  • Type 3 and 4 ventilated chemical protective clothes against liquid splashes in the form of a continuous stream
  • Particularly suitable for use in the chemical, pharmaceutical, and hospital industries
  • Combined with the CVA 0700 ventilation vest for unsurpassed comfort
  • Flexible visor and eyepiece with vertical and lateral large fields of view
  • Continuous supply of breathable air at 3 to 10 bar
Additional information

With its Tychem F or C material (gray or yellow), the SPC 3700 ventilated chemical suit combined with the CVA 0700 air diffuser vest is lightweight, flexible, and comfortable to wear in all conditions. It ensures excellent protection against solid particles and liquid or aerosol chemical splashes and is suitable in explosive areas (ATEX).

The Dräger 3700 hazmat suit is designed for use with the CVA 0700 vest, which allows breathing air to be distributed inside the coverall. The vest offers unparalleled comfort thanks to its air supply system. Indeed, the air diffused at a constant rate (300 to 400 L of air per minute) in the suit refreshes the wearer, reduces fogging inside the coverall, and contributes to the visual field improvement.

The SPC 3700 ventilated chemical suit is approved according to European and American standards regarding the use of chemical and gas-tight coveralls in the industry:

  • EN 14605: EU requirements for type 3 and 4 protective clothing
  • EN 1073-1 / EN 1073-2: EU requirements for protective clothing against radioactive contamination
  • EN 14126: EU requirements for protective clothing against infectious agents
  • EN 1149-1: Requirements for protective clothing - Electrostatic properties
  • EN 14594: 2005: Supply by a constant flow air-supplied respirator