Compressed air cylinders for SCBA (Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus)

Designed with high technology and adavanced materials, the Dräger range of compressed air cylinders for SCBA (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus) can be used in all types of SCBA applications. Available in volumes from 2 to 9 liters, these bottles are made of steel, light steel or composite material.

  • Large range of compressed air cylinders with volumes from 2 to 9 liters under 200 or 300 bar
  • Available in steel, light steel or composite material
  • Autonomy of 15 to 60 minutes depending on the model
  • Triangular valves for a better grip
  • Optional flow limiter and manometer available
Additional information

Developed for use with open-circuit SCBA (OC SCBA), in back-up for air-supplied systems or on breathing air trolley, Dräger compressed air cylinders are suitable for all applications where self-contained breathing protection is required.

In case of unintentional opening or damage of the valve, a flow limiter prevents uncontrolled gas flow. This function allows excessive flow to be activated or deactivated without affecting the cylinder's performance. The valve, certified to NF EN 144-2018, offers increased resistance to violent shocks while guaranteeing full functionality.

Thanks to the Dräger QC technology, it is possible to quickly change compressed air cylinders without having to screw or unscrew the wheel by hand. This allows to save time and assures a secure connection between the cylinder and the breathing device.