PARAT 3100 Half mask (emergency evacuation)

The Dräger PARAT 3100 is a half escape mask with an ABEK-15 multi-gas filter. It is stored in a robust and ergonomic housing, compact and easy to carry. Approved according to the only recognized standard for industrial filtered escape devices (DIN 58647-7), it gives 15 minutes to the wearer to escape.

  • Emergency escape half-mask with ABEK-15 multi-gas filter (maximum 15 minutes breakthrough time)
  • 12-year shelf life with filter replacement every four years
  • Universal size to fit all face shapes
  • ATEX certified (zones 0, 1, 2, 20, 21, 22), DIN 58647 (CE 0158)
  • Approved according to DIN 58647-7 (industry)
Additional information

The PARAT 3100 half mask contains a 2-point flange and an integrated ABEK-15 filter. It is easy to put on, which is particularly important in emergencies. It provides reliable protection against a wide range of organic and inorganic (except carbon monoxide CO), acid, sulfur, ammonia, and its derivatives for 15 minutes.

The Dräger PARAT 3100 is ATEX Zone 0 gas and dust approved and is also available in a tropicalized version (PARAT 3160) which is delivered in a vacuum-packed aluminum pouch, suitable for use in tropical climates. It features a belt clip as standard. Four additional carrying options are available: an alligator clip, a fall arrest carabiner, a shoulder strap, and a wrist strap keeping in place the escape half mask during use.