My GazDetect, monitoring and management of gas detectors & PPE class 3

My GazDetect - GazDetect's intranet network - is a simple, innovative, and entirely free application that is available from any computer, tablet, or smartphone (IOS or Android) for the management and monitoring of periodic checks and maintenance of your gas detectors (fixed or portable detectors, or area monitoring beacons) and PPE class 3 (respiratory protection equipments, fall protection device and chemical protection suits).

Periodic verification of PPE

Managing the periodic verification of PPE (personal protective equipment) is not always easy. When you have a fleet of devices - whether they are gas detectors or class 3 PPE - you often have to switch between devices that need to be returned and those that are up to date, while keeping the number of devices to a minimum in order to avoid any shortage of safety equipment. In addition to equipment management, it is important to ensure that all equipment has an up-to-date periodic inspection certificate to present in the event of an inspection.

My GazDetect - The application for monitoring and managing PPE

The My GazDetect application is designed to meet the needs of HSE managers. It allows users to visualize in three clicks the equipment requiring a periodic inspection (annual inspection date passed) and those up-to-date. This application, entirely free and very easy to use, can be consulted from any media: computer, tablet or smartphone. 

Whatever the type of PPE (portable or fixed gas detectors, gas masks, assisted ventilation devices, SCBAs, fall arrest equipment, etc.), if it has been supplied by us, it is listed on our intranet with its calibration certificate for gas detectors or its compliance sheet for class 3 PPE. Once the device is listed on our intranet, it can be "managed" by all persons authorized to access our secure network via our My GazDetect application

  • Configure your personal space to modify or add emails for return notices for your devices
  • Program return alerts to send your gas detectors before the deadline or make on-site intervention requests (maintenance of your fixed installations)
  • Manage your gas detectors: assign, sort and classify your devices and instantly check for delays
  • View or print your gas detector calibration certificates (current and previous ones)

The simple and user-friendly interface allows, thanks to a color system (green: verified device, orange: recommended verification/certificate soon expired and red: expired certificate) to know at a glance which devices are to be verified. 

Specific fields are available to assign a detector to a person or a sector. The security is thus reinforced because each extracted data can be attached to a sector or a user.