Firefighter gear : F1 helmet, SCBA, thermal camera

Find in this space our wide range of personal protective equipment for firefighting and rescue. F1 helmets (also known as firefighter helmets), self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA), portable gas detectors (explosimeter or 4-gas detector), thermal cameras for searching for smoldering fires, ATEX battery-powered spotlights and lighting, and mobile smoke extractors are all part of the firefighters' gear for preserving their safety and health.
Firefighters' PPE, individual protective equipment for firefighters, is the first protection during interventions in hostile environments.

Firefighter gear
  1. The PSS 3000 is a high performance self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) for firefighters. Combining great comfort with exceptional pneumatic performance, it is designed for applications requiring both simplicity and ease of use. Lightweight, highly resistant and easy to put on, this sophisticated breathing apparatus offers reliable protection.

    • High performances self-contained breathing apparatus (OC-SCBA) for firefighters and people working in fiery environment
    • High technology protective harness resistant to tears and abrasion, durable bib
    • Lightweight, shock-resistant and antistatic frame, strong and fireproof strap
    • Impact resistant rubber protection of the manometer
    • Large choice of possible configurations
  2. The Dräger PSS 4000 firefighter SCBA is one of the lightest self-contained breathing apparatuses for firefighters. It combines comfort and outstanding pneumatic performance and has been manufactured for situations requiring simplicity and ease of use. Ultra-light but robust and easy to fit, it offers exceptional respiratory protection.

    • High-performance open-circuit self-contained breathing apparatus (OC-SCBA) for professional firefighter use
    • Ultra-light composite construction with high thermal, chemical, and impact resistance
    • High-tech, comfortable, chemical-resistant padding
    • Hoses integrated into the back support to limit the risk of snagging
    • Wide range of possible configurations
  3. The HPS 7000 euro fire helmet is an F1 helmet compliant with standard EN 443:2008 and equipped with the latest technological innovations to ensure even more safety in the fight against fires, vehicle fires and road rescue missions.

    • Fireman helmet, sturdy, durable, comfortable adjustable with a dial
    • Composite material, light and resistant
    • Multiple accessories: full face mask, lamp, eye protection, flaps ...
    • F1 helmet conforming to EN 443: 2008
    • Customizable front plate.
  4. The HPS 3500 rescue helmet is a SAR helmet suitable as firefighter gear for road rescue operations (excluding vehicle fires), technical rescue and finally to fight against natural space fires. It is a multifunction helmet compliant with the EN 16471 & EN 16473:2014 standards with a wide range of accessories.

    • Multifunction helmet with a wide range of accessories
    • Optimal comfort and thermoplastic shell
    • Adjustable ventilation
    • Full protective goggles included
    • EN 16471:2014 and EN 16473:2014 standards compliant
  5. The V320 firefighter thermal imaging camera is the solution for search, rescue and firefighting operations (hot spots search). It allows firefighters to know at all times what their environment is made of and where surrounding dangers are.

    • Easy to use, just one on / off button
    • Starts in less than 5 seconds
    • Resistant to shocks and drops
    • 8 hour battery life
    • Temperature reading from -20°C to +650°C
  6. The Scott Safety Eagle Attak thermal imager is an accurate, lightweight and high-performance hazardous area display device for firefighters.

    • High visibility version (gray scale)
    • Color imaging version
    • Digital recording option
    • Lightweight thermal imager (765g)
    • Supplied with case, spare battery & charging accessories
  7. The X-am 2500 portable 4-gas detector (explosive gases 0-100% LEL, O2, CO & H2S) has been designed especially for industry, sanitation, public works, or interventions in confined spaces (CATEC). It is a versatile, high-performance device with an excellent quality/price ratio guaranteeing a high level of safety with low operating costs.

    • Portable ATEX 4-gas detector for explosive gases detection (0-100% LEL), O2, CO, and H2S, can also receive NO2 or SO2 sensors
    • Large LCD: easy navigation, comfortable reading of gas concentrations
    • Ergonomic design, robust, water and dust proof (IP67)
    • Long-life T4 NiMH battery (less than 4 hours charge time)
    • Optional clip-on pump for remote gas sampling up to 30 m
  8. The Ventis MX4 portable 4-gas detector is very popular with confined space workers (see CATEC training). It detects explosive gases (0-100% LEL), lack of oxygen (O2), carbon monoxide (CO), and hydrogen sulfide (H2S). It can be used in diffusion mode or remote gas sampling mode with the optional VSP clip-on pump.

    • ATEX 4-gas detector: Explosive gases (0-100% LEL), O2, CO, H2S, NO2 or SO2 sensors too
    • 95 dB audible, visual and vibrating alarms for two thresholds, STEL and TWA (Threshold Limit Value and Average Exposure Value)
    • Very robust, shockproof, water and dust resistant (IP66 and IP67
    • Small and compact: first multi-gas detector of the size of a single gas
    • Optional VSP clip-on pump for remote gas sampling up to 30 m
  9. Several million tubes sold, Dräger tubes are the standard for the instantaneous measurement of gas concentrations in ambient air. Used in combination with the Accuro hand pump or the X-act 5000 automatic pump, they are a simple, accurate, and cost-effective solution that requires no special technical skills.

    • More than 200 references of colorimetric reagent tubes for the measurement of more than 500 gases and vapors
    • Used in many fields of applications: peak concentrations, exposure levels, leak detection, air quality analysis, etc.
    • Operation in combination with a manual or automatic pump
    • Simple process for accurate measurement without special knowledge
    • Short measurement time: 5 seconds to 15 minutes
  10. The Dräger Simultaneous Test Kits (semi-quantitative measurement with test tubes) are used to measure decomposition, fumigation, or fire gases for a quick hazard assessment. They consist of 5 reagent tubes parallelly arranged in a rubber sleeve and operate with the Accuro manual sampling pump.

    • Reliable measurements for different families of organic and inorganic gases from the fire, fumigation, or decomposition
    • Simultaneous measurement of 5 gases by colorimetric reagent tubes with direct reading on the tubes
    • Works in combination with the Accuro hand pump
    • Fast and reliable results

The firefighter SCBA

The firefighter SCBA is the firefighter's equipment of choice. The SCBAs used by professional or volunteer firefighters are designed to provide maximum autonomy during firefighting or in polluted environments requiring an independent source of breathable air.
A key element of the firefighter's gear, the firefighter SCBA is composed of a harness, a full face mask for respiratory protection with F1 attachment (on the helmet) and a compressed air cylinder. It offers different features allowing the wearer to evolve safely during an intervention: resistance to heat and fire, low resistance demand valve during inspiration, lightness of the gear, comfortable and ergonomic harness, medium and high pressure hoses of high quality.

The firefighter helmet

An essential part of the firefighter's gear, the helmet is designed to meet the highest safety requirements. The firefighter's helmet is conceived to offer maximum comfort and safety during interventions. It is made of ultra-resistant materials and is adaptable to all fields and situations with numerous accessories (visor, lamp, F1 attachments, etc.).

The thermal camera

The thermal camera is a firefighter's gear designed for interventions in difficult conditions with reduced visibility. The device works on a simple principle: the camera captures the infrared radiation (thermal radiation) of all the elements in its field of vision and reproduces the density of this radiation on its screen. Thus, the device through its screen displays the thermal image, the temperature wave of an intervention scene.

The firefighter's equipment : The measuring devices

The firefighter's equipment can be completed with different measuring devices to ensure maximum safety during interventions such as an explosimeter (detection of flammable or explosive gases) or a multigas detector, generally a 4-gas detector for the detection of explosive gases, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide and lack of oxygen (presence of smoke or asphyxiating gases). 

Firefighters can also be equipped with colorimetric reagent tubes, and more specifically with simultaneous test kits. Simultaneous tests for firemen are made up of various colorimetric reagent tubes allowing the semi-quantitative measurement of fire and decomposition gases. These tests are commonly used by firemen before or after an intervention in order to proceed to a clarification of doubts or a punctual measurement of organic or inorganic vapors and chemical substances (carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, nitrous vapors, etc.).