Other Applications

A wide variety of fields use Personal Protective Equipment. In addition to the sectors of activity dedicated to gas detection and respiratory protection, PPE are present throughout the world of firefighters, confined spaces, and industries employing isolated workers. You will find below gas detectors, fall protection, or breathing apparatus following the user's needs.

Firefighter gear

Fireman personal rotection equipment

Personal Protective Equipment for firefighters is essential for rescue operations in hostile environments or to control fires. It is the first protection for firefighters and includes Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (the firefighter's flagship PPE), portable gas detectors, ATEX spotlights, smoke extractors, and firefighter helmets.

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CATEC, interventions in confined spaces

PPE for confined spaces operations

The Certificate of Ability to Work in Confined Spaces is a regulatory device to prevent risks during operations in enclosed areas. Water treatment and sanitation sectors are the major applications using CATEC PPE. They concern both the operators and the people who monitor the proper conduct of the actions. It includes gas detectors, self-rescue masks, self breathing apparatus, fans, and fall protection.

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Lone worker protection, PASS

Bodyguard 1000 PTI DATI device

Lone Worker Protection has entered a legal framework imposing industries and administrations to equip their personnel working alone, out of sight and hearing. While gas detection is essential to anticipate risks in the face of dangers, the PASS (Personal Alert Safety System) will allow warning and set up the rescue quickly. The PTI DATI has to go mainstream to all the applications concerned by lone workers.

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