Dräger Tubes - Gas Spot Measurement

Several million tubes sold, Dräger tubes are the standard for the instantaneous measurement of gas concentrations in ambient air. Used in combination with the Accuro hand pump or the X-act 5000 automatic pump, they are a simple, accurate, and cost-effective solution that requires no special technical skills.

  • More than 200 references of colorimetric reagent tubes for the measurement of more than 500 gases and vapors
  • Used in many fields of applications: peak concentrations, exposure levels, leak detection, air quality analysis, etc.
  • Operation in combination with a manual or automatic pump
  • Simple process for accurate measurement without special knowledge
  • Short measurement time: 5 seconds to 15 minutes
Additional information

Dräger tubes set the standard in the field of point gas measurement. The range includes more than 200 references for more than 500 gases and vapors measured. These colorimetric reagent tubes are easy to use, require no specific know-how, and are maintenance-free. They give a bright and accurate measurement directly on the tubes.

The Dräger tubes can be associated with the Accuro bellows hand pump or the X-act 5000 automatic pump perfect for measurements requiring a lot of pumping. The X-act 5000 pump is equipped with a large LCD screen for displaying the results and can be used in ATEX areas.

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