Colorimetric reagent tubes

The colorimetric reagent tubes are specifically suitable for the punctual measurements of gas or when there are no classic devices to detect or measure certain substances. They are simple to use, accurate, and economical. They do not require any special technical skills. They can be used in the industry (reagent tubes for exotic or rare gases) and the tertiary sector (passive badges for measuring pollutants or air flow detectors using smoke tubes).

Reagent tubes suitable for each application
  1. Uniphos reagent tubes are designed for the instantaneous measurement of concentrations of a wide variety of gases, vapors, and substances. It's an easy-to-use and accurate system featuring a manual sampling pump and a reagent tube specific to the gas to be detected. It's an economical solution requiring no special technical skills.

    • More than 200 colorimetric reagent tube references for measurement of over 500 gases and vapors
    • Virtually instantaneous measurement: just a few minutes are needed to measure gas concentration
    • Works in conjunction with Uniphos or Gastec hand pumps
    • No special technical skills or knowledge are required
    • Excellent value for money
  2. Several million tubes sold, Dräger tubes are the standard for the instantaneous measurement of gas concentrations in ambient air. Used in combination with the Accuro hand pump or the X-act 5000 automatic pump, they are a simple, accurate, and cost-effective solution that requires no special technical skills.

    • More than 200 references of colorimetric reagent tubes for the measurement of more than 500 gases and vapors
    • Used in many fields of applications: peak concentrations, exposure levels, leak detection, air quality analysis, etc.
    • Operation in combination with a manual or automatic pump
    • Simple process for accurate measurement without special knowledge
    • Short measurement time: 5 seconds to 15 minutes

  3. The Gastec GV-100 pump is a manual piston pump for substances and gases measurements by colorimetric reagent tubes. Accurate and easy to use, the small diameter of the piston makes it easy to manipulate without effort. Its calibration is for a sampling of 50 ml (half stroke) or 100 ml (full stroke). The GV-110 model features an additional stroke counter.

    • Easy to use manual piston pump in combination with Gastec colorimetric reagent tubes
    • High-visible red indicators for marking the mid-stroke (50 ml) or full-stroke (100 ml) of the piston
    • 2 models available: GV-100 (basic) or GV-110 with stroke counter
    • Small diameter piston for effortless operation
    • Elastomer body for a good grip

  4. The Accuro pump is a manual bellows sampling pump for measuring substances and gases with Dräger colorimetric reagent tubes. The pump body consists of a bellows which is compressed for measurement. When the bellows is released, the air is automatically pumped out, and the gas sample to be measured is sucked through the used reagent tube.

    • Easy-to-use bellows hand pump in combination with Dräger colorimetric test tubes
    • Integrated stroke counter for easy checking of the number of strokes performed
    • One-handed operation, suitable for use in ATEX areas
    • Integrated end-of-stroke indicator (pump stroke)
    • Integrated pipe cutter: Simple cutting of the pipes with a ceramic blade for a clean opening
  5. Gas detection by colorimetric reagent tubes is a simple and precise system forming an inseparable measurement set with a manual sampling pump and a specific indicator reagent tube of the gas to be detected. The tubes allow thus instantaneous measurements of more than 500 gas concentrations.

    • Precision: the sampling pump is composed of a precision piston mechanism
    • Simple: no special skills, procedures, or technical knowledge required
    • Fast: a few minutes are enough for the measurement
    • Wide range of detected gases
    • Excellent quality/price ratio

  6. Dosimeter tubes are designed for total gas concentration control and daily monitoring in the ambient air. Placed at the users' respiratory tract level, they measure the occupational exposure limit (OEL) to gases during the work shift. A simple reading at the end of the day shows the total amount of gas breathed.

    • The dosimeter tubes, put at the respiratory tract level in their holder, measure the OEL (Occupational Exposure Limit)
    • Easy to obtain daily gas concentrations to assess the working environment
    • Wide range of gases detected with over 50 references available
    • Easy and direct measurements without the need for sophisticated analytical equipment
    • Excellent quality/price ratio

  7. The Gastec automatic pump GSP300 is a highly accurate suction pump designed for TWA or STEL (Mean and Exposure Limit) measurements with colorimetric reagent tubes. The automatic shut-off function can be set up to stop sampling after a specified time or after a specific volume has been sucked in.

    • Automatic sampling pump for measurement of average values (TWA) and exposure limits (ELV)
    • Real-time readout of internal flow rate and elapsed sampling time (configurable)
    • Automatic correction of the gas suction temperature
    • Dimensions: 80 x 40 x 10 mm / Weight 300 grams
    • 10 hours of autonomy with two LR06 AA batteries
  8. The X-act 5000 pump automatically performs the sampling required for gases, substances, and vapors measurement with Dräger colorimetric test tubes. Ideal for those that need a large number of pump strokes, it is equipped with a large LCD screen for displaying the results and can be used in hazardous areas (ATEX Gas).

    • Gas point measurement: Identification and configuration of the automated measures by barcode
    • Ex-approved for use in confined spaces and hazardous areas
    • Ideal for measurements requiring a large number of pump strokes
    • Large LCD screen: configuration and display of results
    • Illuminated indicators for errors and end of a measurement
  9. The Dräger diffusion tubes are dosimeter tubes that allow the control of individual exposures, particularly the measurement of OEL (Occupational Exposure Limit). This measurement system is called "passive" and is based on the diffusion of contaminant molecules in the air. It does not require a pump, unlike conventional colorimetric reagent tubes.

    • A simple and economic method of measurement of the limit occupational of exposure (OEL)
    • Worn directly near the respiratory tract, like a badge
    • Direct reading, graduated scale printed on the tube
    • Does not require a sampling pump
    • Simple and economical measurement method

  10. The SafeAir passive sampling badge is a small and discreet personal gas exposure monitor for isocyanates (TDI, MDI), ammonia, chlorine, formaldehyde, hydrazine, hydrides (AsH3, PH3), mercury, ozone, phosgene, UDMH, etc. They can detect the presence of gases even at very low concentrations.

    • Passive badge for gas exposure monitoring (AsH3, Cl2, COCl2, CH2O, Hg, MDI, N2H4, O3, PH3, TDI, UDMH)
    • Ideal for daily employee screening quickly indicates the presence of contaminants
    • No calibration or laboratory analysis required
    • Simple and economical measurement method

  11. In some contexts, monitoring exposure levels is the key to safe working conditions. Small and discreet, the ChromAir direct-reading passive colorimetric badge is an individual gas exposure monitoring equipment for ammonia, chlorine, formaldehyde, glutaraldehyde, mercury, carbon monoxide, or ozone.

    • Lightweight, cost-effective colorimetric badge for personnel and work area monitoring
    • Provides users with up to six exposure levels ranging from 1/10 to 2 times the Occupational Exposure Limit (OEL)
    • Patented design minimizes the effects of humidity and velocity
    • No calibration or laboratory analysis required
    • Simple, cost-effective measurement method
  12. The Dräger X-act 7000 is a highly accurate optoelectronic gas analyzer that measures low gas concentrations (in ppb) via a new reactive micro-tube technology. It is particularly suitable to measure benzene, butadiene, formaldehyde, hydrocarbons, mercury, ethylene oxide, hydrogen sulfide, toluene, or xylene.

    • Analyseur de substances toxiques et/ou cancérigènes en ppb avec des résultats d’analyse immédiats, dignes des tests en laboratoire
    • Temps de test : de 5 secondes à 1200 secondes selon les micro-tubes utilisés et la plage de mesure de la substance
    • Affichage directe de la mesure sur écran couleur LCD 2.4’’
    • Autonomie d'environ 600 minutes de temps de test
    • Certifié ATEX / IECEx zone 0
  13. In association with a pyrolyzer and the Gastec pump, the Pyrotec tubes accurately measure the gas concentrations of many substances: refrigerant gases (R11, R12, R22, R112, R113, R114, R123, R124, R141B, R225); halogenated hydrocarbons (Acetonitrile, Halothane, Methyl chloride; Methylene chloride, Methyl sulfide), nitro kerosenes, and anesthetics gases.

    • Gastec Pyrotec tubes for spot measurement of refrigerant gases, halogenated hydrocarbons, and some anesthetic gases
    • In combination with the battery-operated Pyrotec 840 Pyrolyzer and the Gastec GV-100 and GV-110S manual sampling pumps
    • Simple, economical, and accurate measurement in a few minutes
    • Filament lifetime: approx. 1000 measurements of 20 ppm
    • Simple, fast, and economical measurement method

  14. The Chameleon is an innovative, easy-to-use color-changing chemical detection device. This kit, widely used by the military, police, firefighters and rescue workers, indicates precisely the presence of hazardous toxic substances. If two colors appear in the window, users know there is a danger.

    • Color-changing detection kit for unknown, dangerous or illicit substances
    • Several kits available for different situations (fires, chemical accidents, military reconnaissance, etc.)
    • Easily attached to the forearm for hands-free detection of gases and vapors in the air
    • Easy to use and affordable, fast and reliable results in minutes 
    • Designed for use in arctic, tropical and desert conditions
  15. The Dräger Simultaneous Test Kits (semi-quantitative measurement with test tubes) are used to measure decomposition, fumigation, or fire gases for a quick hazard assessment. They consist of 5 reagent tubes parallelly arranged in a rubber sleeve and operate with the Accuro manual sampling pump.

    • Reliable measurements for different families of organic and inorganic gases from the fire, fumigation, or decomposition
    • Simultaneous measurement of 5 gases by colorimetric reagent tubes with direct reading on the tubes
    • Works in combination with the Accuro hand pump
    • Fast and reliable results
  16. Easy to use, Airtec tubes represent a simple and accurate method for controlling and analyzing compressed air in breathing air cylinders (self-contained breathing apparatus, supplied air systems, scuba diving cylinders, etc.). They measure carbon oxides (CO and CO2), nitrogen oxides (NO and NO2), water and oil vapors.

    • Control and analysis of compressed breathing air: CO, CO2, NO, NO2, water and oil vapors
    • A practical and light case for analysis directly on site
    • Simple and fast, a few minutes are enough for the measurement
    • Connection via a pressure reducer to avoid losses
    • Convenient and economical measuring method

  17. In accordance with the EN12021 standard for compressed breathing air quality, the Dräger Aerotest systems allow monitoring the quality of compressed breathing air on low pressure (Aerotest Alpha) or high pressure (Aerotest Simultan HP) networks. They are connected directly and simply to the air network via a G 5/8 connector.

    • Control and detection of various potentially hazardous substances in compressed air according to EN12021
    • Quantitative measurement of CO, CO2, water, and oil vapor by reagent tubes
    • Simple and fast operation (measurement time 5 minutes)
    • Practical, lightweight carrying case for on-site analysis
    • Dräger oil impactor for monitoring oil aerosols
  18. Dräger smoke tubes are used as airflow detectors. They allow to bring to light a leak of air and help to observe its point of origin, to know its speed and its direction. We use a rubber bulb to push air through the tube, creating a white smoke that is carried by any existing airflow and visible to the naked eye.

    • Complete airflow detector kit: a storage case, suction bulb, plugs, and ten smoke tubes
    • Quick identification of airflows by white smoke
    • Ergonomic design and easy-to-use device
    • Reclosable smoke tube for further use
    • Universal use
  19. The Dräger Flow Check is an airflow detector that produces a cloud of white smoke from a bulb containing an environmentally friendly smoke solution. The dispersion of this smoke allows us to locate and identify precisely the direction of any air movement or to check the integrity of sealed systems.

    • Ideal airflow detector for airflow control and ventilation systems
    • A convenient and easy-to-use handheld device
    • Rechargeable NiCd battery, 20 min autonomy
    • Available in a complete ready-to-use kit
    • Excellent quality/price ratio

Colorimetric reagent tubes

The colorimetric reagent tubes are devices for the punctual measurement of gases. Thus, they measure quickly (a few seconds) and precisely the concentrations of the gas present. This measuring system is composed of a manual or automatic pump and reactive tubes specific to the gas to be detected, the whole forming an inseparable measuring unit.

It is an attractive solution to measure the presence of toxic or asphyxiating gases when there is no gas detector. Colorimetric reagent tubes allow the detection of a large number of common, rare, or exotic gases (nearly 500 gases or vapors).

For some gases, there are different measurement ranges to meet individual needs.

See our FAQ page about reagent tubes.

Dosimetric tubes

Dosimetric tubes measure a quantity of gas over a given period (generally 8 hours) to control the average exposure value (AVE) of the gases and substances present. They are widely used to measure the concentrations of benzene, formaldehyde, and carbon dioxide in public buildings. They also monitor chlorine, isocyanates (TDI, MDI), mercury, or hydrazine gases in industries.

Small and very light, the dosimetric tubes have support with a clip to place it near the respiratory tract for measurements as close as possible to the inhaled concentrations. Therefore, they are extremely discreet and serve as a "snitch" on the total amount of gas breathed in during the work shift.

Pyrotec tubes for the detection of Freons & Anesthetic gases

The Pyrotec 840 pyrolyzer is an add-on module. It has to be used with Pyrotec tubes when the gas measurement requires pyrolytic sample preparation to ensure the detection of chlorofluorocarbons (most refrigerant or freon gases), halogenated hydrocarbons (acetonitrile, methyl chloride, methyl sulfide, etc.) and anesthetic gases.

Breathing air quality control (Standard EN12021)

Airtec tubes or Dräger Aerotest systems are particularly suitable for testing compliance with the EN 12021 standard for breathing air quality. These devices use reagent tubes and quantitatively measure potentially hazardous substances that may be present in compressed air cylinders (Self-contained breathing apparatus SCBA, supplied air systems, breathing air trolleys, scuba diving, etc.).

They measure carbon oxides (CO and CO2), nitric oxide (NO and NO2), water and oil vapors that may be generated by the air system or compressor and present a health hazard to the user.

Air flow detector with smoke tubes

Easy to use and particularly effective for the precise detection of air leaks, smoke tubes or the Dräger Flow Check are used in many areas such as the industry for leak detection (compressor or gas solenoid valve) or in the service sector to control ventilation and HVAC systems.