Dräger Aerotest - Breathing air quality test (Standard EN12021)

In accordance with the EN12021 standard for compressed breathing air quality, the Dräger Aerotest systems allow monitoring the quality of compressed breathing air on low pressure (Aerotest Alpha) or high pressure (Aerotest Simultan HP) networks. They are connected directly and simply to the air network via a G 5/8 connector.

  • Control and detection of various potentially hazardous substances in compressed air according to EN12021
  • Quantitative measurement of CO, CO2, water, and oil vapor by reagent tubes
  • Simple and fast operation (measurement time 5 minutes)
  • Practical, lightweight carrying case for on-site analysis
  • Dräger oil impactor for monitoring oil aerosols
Additional information

Dräger Aerotest systems are specifically suitable for testing compliance with the EN 12021 standard for breathing air quality. Using Dräger reagent tubes, these devices quantitatively measure potentially hazardous substances that may be present in compressed air cylinders (SCBA, supplied air systems, breathing air carts trolleys, scuba diving, etc.).

The Dräger Aerotest is available in two versions: the Aerotest Alpha for low pressures (0 to 15 bar), such as compressed air systems, and the Aerotest Simultan HP for high pressures (200 to 300 bar) such as SCBA or diving cylinders. Both versions are delivered in their carrying case, including all the necessary accessories for the measurement (stopwatch, tube cutter, five sintered metal filters, bubble test tube).