Standards & regulation

Find here information on standards and regulations for different gas detection and respiratory protection applications. Standards and regulation for boiler rooms, parking garages, refrigerant gas, interior air quality, confined space entry, and lone worker protection. And easily identify regulations for respiratory protection and gas detection equipment (emergency escape breathing devices, personal gas monitors, SCBAs, etc.)

Gas detection standards

Gas detection standards

Boiler rooms regulations

The installation of boiler rooms is subject to strict rules. The decree of June 23, 1978, defines the standards for boiler rooms.

Parking lots regulations

The technical instruction of March 3, 1975, concerning ventilation and monitoring of the atmosphere, regulates the safety rules to be implemented in the parking lots.

Standards in the detection of freons

The decree of December 28, 2015, imposes the standards and regulations of freons for the control of HydroFluoroCarbons (HFC).

Regulations in the ERPs

To monitor air quality in Establishments Receiving the Public, the decree of August 17, 2015, imposes standards and regulations in ERP.

Respiratory protection standards

normes protection respiratoire

Respiratory protection standards

The directive of December 21, 1989, imposes a regulation through texts entitled "respiratory protection standards".

Verification of breathing apparatus

Following the decree of March 19, 1993, the maintenance centers must carry out a once-a-year check of the respiratory devices.

Standards Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus

These class 3 PPEs are subject to specific controls for the SCBAs regulation.

NF EN 12021 : Breathing air quality for respirators

The use of supplied air respirator systems or SCBAs requires a good quality of breathable air, the parameters of which are controlled by the NF EN 12021 standard.

Regulations for welding fume filtration

The complexity of the composition of welding fumes leads to strict regulations for welding fume filtration.

Class 3 PPE Standards

PPE class 3 standards

Standards for HAZMAT suits

Specifying standards for chemical suits is essential to ensure optimum safety.

European standards & regulations for fall protection

Fall protection standards are defined to ensure maximum safety for the worker at height.

Regulations for lone worker protection

While PPE is regulated in France by the labor code, there are international regulations for the lone worker PASS.

CATEC standards for confined spaces

Working in confined spaces requires CATEC training to follow strict guidelines.