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Gas mask filter

Filtering air purifying respirators are efficient only if equipped with the proper gas, vapor or particles filter. The gas mask filter selection depends on the type of encountered gases, vapors and particles. According to the applications and the present gas, there are different gas filter types

Gas mask filter and respirator cartridges for air purifying respiratory protection

Gas mask filter codification

Gas filters

For each gas mask category and depending on the nature of gases or vapors, there are different gas mask filter types. Each respirator cartridge is labeled with a letter and a specific color for every gas or gas family in compliance with the EN 14687 European standard.

Gas mask filter respirator cartridge color codes:

type A AX filter for gas mask


Organic gas and vapor with boiling point above 65°C (solvents, hydrocarbons, alcohols, benzene, ethanol, refrigerants/freons, white spirit)

type A respirator filter


Organic compound gas and vapor with boiling point below 65°C (many VOCs, methyl acetate, acetone, chloroform, methanol, phenol, styrene)

type B filter cartridge for mask


Inorganic gas and vapor (hydrocyanic acid, bromine, chlorine, cyanide, chlorine dioxide, fluorine, hydrogen sulfide, carbon disulfide)

CO type respirator filter


Carbon monoxide

type E gas mask filter


Acid gas and vapor – mainly associated with P3 – (acrylic acid, formic acid, nitric acid, hydrogen chloride, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen fluoride)

Type Hg gas mask filter


Mercury vapor and derivatives – mainly associated with P3

Type K gas mask filter


Ammonia and organic derivatives (DMA, DMEA, hydrazine, methylamine, MMH, UMDS)

Nox gas mask filter


Nitric oxide, nitrogen oxide, nitrous vapor

REACTOR gas mask filter


Radioactive iodine, radioactive methyl iodine

type SX gas mask filter


Specific manufacturer mentioned gas and vapor

type P gas mask filter against particulates and dusts


Solid and liquid particles (lead, asbestos, ceramic fibers, aerosols), highly toxic and radioactive particles, bacteria and viruses (bird flu, A/H1N1 flue, SRAS, tuberculosis, Ebola virus)

Find the proper respirator cartridge filter for your application

Gas mask filter categories:

According to the EN143 and EN143/A1 standards, air purifying respirator filters are gathered into efficiency categories.

Maximum toxic substances concentrations allowed:

– Half mask respirator: 50 times the OEL

– Full-face mask respirator: 2000 times the OEL

. Class 1 (lower efficiency): Canister filter (ex: A1) – small capacity, gas rate below 0,1% volume

. Class 2: Cartridge filter (ex: ABEK2) – intermediate capacity, gas rate below 0.5% volume

. Class 3: For a gas rate below 1% volume

Particles filter

For gas mask filters, there are different particles filter classes:

– P1 class filters – low efficiency, stop at least 80% of this aerosol (penetration below 20%)

– P2 class filters – intermediate efficiency, stop at least 94% of this aerosol (penetration below 6%)

– P3 class filters – high efficiency, stop at least 99,95% of this aerosol (penetration below 0,05%)

Combined filters (gas and particles)

As the name implies, a combined  gas mask filter stop both gases and particles. These filtering respirator cartridges are heavier than aerosol or gas cartridges but are more efficient. Air enters first a particle filter (which is also a pre-filter) and then goes through a gas filter.

Combined gas and particles filters provide safety against paint droplets and gases as well. These respiratory protective cartridges are mainly used for liquid spraying works.

Filtering air purifying respirator usage limits

Never use filtering respiratory personal protective equipment in the following situations:

– Ambient oxygen rate below 19%

– In confined spaces or any poorly ventilated areas: tanks, tunnels, boat slips…

– When the substance concentration is unknown or immediately dangerous to life or health (IDLH)

– When the substance concentration exceeds the allowable concentration or the filter capacity

In these situations the use of atmosphere supplying respirators like SCBAs, supplied air respirator systems and emergency escape breathing devices is recommended

Our gas mask filter range :

Rd DIN 40 gas mask filters from the X-plore series feature a universal 40 mm thread and provide efficient protection against toxic and harmful substances.

40 mm gas mask filters against: gas, particles, organic vapors and radioactive iodine

  • Drager X-plore gas mask filters: universal 40mm thread, CBRN and ABEK filters for PAPRs and gas masks
  • Cover a large range of toxic substances
  • Gas, particles or combined filters
  • 6 to 12 years operating life
  • Housing made of aluminium
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The X-plore bayonet filters range has been designed to easily be connected to dual filter gas masks. These filters are dedicated to efficiently protect users against gases, vapors and particles present in ambient air.

  • Drager X-plore bayonet filters for dual filter gas masks – gas, vapors, particulates, and combined filters NBC ABEK P3
  • Easy to install thanks to a bayonet system
  • Efficient protection against gases, vapors and particles
  • Housing made of robust plastic
  • EN 14387 and/or EN 143: 2000 compliant
  • Packed by two for more convenience
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The CO / NO gas mask filter X-plore RD40 A1B2E2K1 Hg NO P3 RD / CO2O P3 RD “super” cartridge can purify air from gases including carbon monoxide (CO) and nitric oxide (NO) as well as particles and vapors. Equipped with active carbon, hopkalite, glass microfiber and cellulose fiber filters, this filter cartridge made of aluminium features a standard Rd40 connector thread.

  • Co / No gas mask filters X-plore for carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide protection by Drager
  • Super cartridge against gases including CO and NO
  • Removes particles and water vapor
  • Enclosure made of resistant aluminium
  • Universal 40 mm connector thread
  • Ideal for X-plore 6300 full face mask
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Spasciani RD40 filters combine expertise and advanced filtration technology. They are approved to the latest EN standards with a 40mm thread EN148-1 and are compatible with all masks and half-masks meeting this standard.

  • Filtres Spasciani RD 40
  • Wide range of filter cartridges from P3 to ABEK2Hg-P3 and P3-REACTOR
  • Excellent value for money
  • Polypropylene housing
  • Standard threaded connection (Rd 40mm x 1/7″) to EN 148-1 marked “R” for reusability
  • Compatible with full-face masks EN136 and half masks EN140
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P3 Reactor filters offer maximum respiratory protection against radioactive particles and radioactive iodine (Iodine 131). The P3 Reactor filters are Rd40 type with a 40mm universal thread. They fit all the EN136 standard full face masks.

  • Filtres P3 Reactor
  • Available in two versions: A2-P3 Reactor and A2B2E2K1-P3 Reactor
  • Filters organic compounds, particles, and radioactive substances
  • Complies with the EN 148-1 and DIN 58621 standards against methyl iodide and radioactive particles
  • Propylene housing / 265 grams weight
  • Breathing resistance : 2.1 mbar at 30 l/min
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PRO2000 NO & CO combined filter for full-face mask is the world most efficient air purifying protection against gases and particles.

  • respiratory protection filters for workers safety
  • High performance filter: ABEK1NOCO20-P3 & A2B2E2K1HgNOCO20-P3
  • Efficient against any gas or vapor that can be filtered
  • Universal DIN40 mm thread in compliance with EN148-1 standard
  • Reinforces polyamide enclosure
  • Complies with EN 14287:2004 standards
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The use of PRO2000 NO & CO respiratory protection filters is currently the worlds most complete filtration.

  • Respiratory protection filters PRO2000
  • High-performance filter: A1B1E1K1NOCO20-P3 & A2B2E2K1HgNOCO20-P3.
  • Efficient against almost every gases and vapors that can be filtered.
  • DIN40 mm universal connection.
  • Cas ematerial : reinforced polyamide
  • Compliant with EN 14287:2004 and EN 148-1 standards
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