Atmosphere supplying respirators

Expert in respiratory protection and PPE class 3, find in this section all our atmosphere supplying respirators such as open circuit breathing apparatus (SCBA), air-supplied respirators, breathing air trolleys, emergency or evacuation SCBAs or self-rescue masks (insulating escape masks). 

Self-contained breathing apparatus - SCBA

self-contained breathing apparatus

Self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) is the respiratory protection equipment of choice when the oxygen level is less than 19%/volume (presence of asphyxiating gases or fumes), in the presence of highly irritating gases or when the concentration of a pollutant is greater than 60 times its exposure limit value (TLV). It is the PPE of choice for firefighters for fire interventions.

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Supplied air systems

supplied air systems

Air-supplied systems are particularly suitable for long-duration work in non-breathable atmospheres or in confined, hard-to-reach areas where the use of SCBA is complicated. It is the highest level of respiratory protection for long-term use. Suitable for many industrial applications, it is particularly appropriate in paint booths or asbestos removal sites.

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Breathing air trolleys

breathing air trolleys

Compact, easy to use and designed to provide a breathable air supply, breathing air trolleys are used in hard-to-reach areas where wearing a breathing apparatus would be impractical (e.g. in confined spaces or for tank cleaning) or for long-duration interventions requiring the air autonomy of several compressed air cylinders.

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Self-rescuer masks and SCBAs

self-rescuer masks

Self-rescuing masks and SCBAs are self-contained breathing apparatus for evacuation in non-breathable, oxygen-deficient or highly toxic environments. There are two main categories: closed-circuit devices that consist of breathing one's own exhaled air in a loop, such as self-rescue masks, and open-circuit self-contained breathing devices, such as emergency SCBAs.

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Checking and maintenance of Class 3 PPE

Class  3 PPE checking

Respiratory protective equipment (gas masks, powered air purifying respirators, air-supplied systems, SCBAs, etc.) are Class 3 PPE (equipment that protects against serious or fatal hazards). For obvious safety reasons, the inspection, periodic verification and maintenance of this type of protection is essential and mandatory in most industrialized countries.

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