Nitrogen dioxide - NO2

This page presents information about nitrogen dioxide (NO2), appropriate detection means - nitrogen dioxide detector - and respiratory protective equipment (self-contained breathing apparatus and supplied air respirator).

Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) properties

Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) is considered as responsible of atmospheric pollution. As a consequence, this gas is a major indicator for air quality monitoring agencies. It is notably produced during internal combustion of diesel-powered engines and can be found in any area with these vehicles (mines, garages, car parks…). NO2 is also widely used in the chemical industry for example for nitric acid (HNO3) synthesis.

CAS TWA (8 hours) STEL (15 minutes) LEL IP Density / Air Filter / Air
10102-44-0 0.5 ppm 1 ppm - 9.58 1.59 ARI

Nitrogen dioxide effects on health

Nitrogen dioxide is a yellow-brown gas with a pungent smell from 0.2 ppm. This gas is irritating to the eyes (R36) and respiratory system (R37). It is very toxic by inhalation (R26) as well and can cause burns (R34). Non-flammable and non-explosive, nitrogen dioxide is a strong oxidizer that can ignite combustion. Its reactivity with many chemical compounds (chloride compounds, benzene) can produce explosive gaseous mixtures.


Nitrogen dioxide effects on health - NO2

Nitrogen dioxide effects on health (NO2)

Nitrogen dioxide gas detector

NO2 respiratory protection (nitrogen dioxide)