SK 1203 Emergency escape breathing device (EEBD)

The SK 1203 is an antistatic emergency escape breathing device (ATEX) designed for ease of installation, combined with optimal respiratory protection. With an autonomy of 15 minutes, it is composed of a hood with a half mask stored in a transport case whose opening automatically activates the breathing air supply.

  • Constant flow self-contained breathing apparatus for emergency evacuations in presence of smoke from fire or lack of oxygen
  • Compressed air cylinder 2 liters 300 bar for a breathing air autonomy of 15 minutes
  • Easy to use, automatically activated when the hood is removed from the bag
  • Minimum maintenance, window allowing to visualize the state of the device
  • Conforms to EN 1146-2005 standard and ATEX certified
Additional information

Conforms to EN 1146-2005 and ATEX certified, the SK 1203 emergency breathing device is a constant flow self-contained breathing apparatus which provides 15 minutes of breathable air. It is used for self-rescue in all environments where dangerous situations may occur due to fire smoke or a lack of oxygen. It is particularly easy to use and does not require any particular training to use.

The SK 1203 emergency escape breathing device is composed of a compressed air cylinder of 2 liters 300 bar, of a pressure regulator with valve, a hood, a connecting hose and a transport case. The air flow is automatically activated when the hood is removed from the case and provides to its operator a constant flow of breathable air for 15 minutes. When the air supply ends, a special valve opens and allows to breath the ambient air which must be free of any contaminants.

The storage and transport case is equipped with a transparent window that allows you to check the gauge from the outside. Seals allow easy detection if the SK1203 emergency escape breathing device is operational and has already been used. It is made of antistatic materials that make it suitable for use in potentially explosive areas (ATEX zones).