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Gas detection training

Each person who needs to use a PPE (personal protective equipment) like a gas detector should know the basics for optimal use and to minimize risks generated by working in hazardous areas. That’s why gas detection training is highly recommended…

Gas detection training: 4 gas meter training course


Learning objectives: The main purpose of this gas detection training course is to understand gas related major risks, to know main effects of gases on human health and above all to know how to use gas detectors.

Relevant public: Gas detection training is made for people working in hazardous gas areas.

Number of attendees: maximum 10 people groups can follow these gas detection training sessions.    

Duration: Two hours approximately.

gas detection theoretical COURSE


  • Introduction to GazDetect
  • Introduction to theoretical and practical module sessions

Combustible gases:

  • Introduction to basic notions: lower explosive limit and upper explosive limit
  • Example of most common gases explosive limits
  • Detection equipment and sensor technologies
  • Poisons and sensor inhibitors
  • Bump test and calibration with combustible gases correlation table 

Toxic gases:

  • Introduction to basic notions: short-term exposure limit and time-weighted average values
  • Concrete STEL and TWA examples of most common gases
  • Detection devices and sensor technologies
  • Importance of bump testing and calibration

Anoxia and asphyxiating gases:

  • Composition of air in normal conditions
  • Effects on health of poorly oxygenated areas
  • Confined spaces specific hazards 

gas detector use practical module

  • Basic functions learning with 4 gas meter training
  • Sensor zeroing
  • Sensitivity setup
  • Data extraction and storage
  • Questions/answers

GazDetect provides gas detection training fro France and selected territories. For further information or to ask a free quotation, contact us with our contact form.

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