On-site maintenance services

In addition to our approved maintenance center and with a team of trained and qualified technicians, we offer a range of on-site services such as preventive or corrective maintenance and periodic checks of gas detectors (fixed or portable) and class 3 PPE (respiratory protective equipment, chemical protective clothing, fall protection devices, etc.).

On-site maintenance and calibration

on-site maintenance of gas detectors

In addition to our approved maintenance center and with a team of technicians trained and authorized by the manufacturers, we offer on-site maintenance and calibration services. Our after-sales service is known for its technicality, reactivity, and professionalism and offers quick intervention times throughout France.

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Training in the use of gas detectors

training in the use of gas detectors

Any person using a gas detector must know certain basic principles for optimum use and to reduce as much as possible all the risks linked to interventions in risky areas or confined spaces. Therefore we offer training for gas detector use on our premises, on-site, or via Teams for the most remote customers.

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Training in the use of SCBA (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus)

Training on the wear of self contained breathing apparatus

Any person who has to wear a self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) in the course of his (or her) professional activity must first have received training in the use of the SCBA (article R4323-104, decree 2008-244 of March 7, 2008, on the use of personal protective equipment). It is a regulatory obligation under the French Labour Code (article R 4323-106), with the prerequisite of a prior medical examination by the occupational medicine department.

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My GazDetect, monitoring, and management of gas detectors & PPE class 3

MyGazDetect to check the PPE

My GazDetect - GazDetect's intranet - is a simple, innovative, entirely free application available from any computer, tablet, or smartphone for the management and monitoring of periodic checks and maintenance of your gas detectors and PPE class 3 (respiratory protection equipment, fall protection, and chemical suits).

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