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A gas mask is a personal protective equipment (class 3 respiratory PPEregulated by the EN140 standard for half-mask respirators and the EN136 standard for full face respirators. The most popular masks are RD DIN40 single filter gas masks with universal 40mm filters mostly because of their wide range of availaible filters.

Single-cartridge gas mask respirator

  • Half masks or full face gas mask

    Half mask respirator

    A respiratory protective half mask only covers the lower part of the face (nose and mouth). It is composed by a soft seal and an adjustable harness to ensure the breathing tracts safety. Half mask respirators however presents two main usage restrictions:

    - Substances to filter shall not be irritant to the eyes like chlorine, ammonia and derivatives or nitrous, sulfuric, hydrochloric acids…

    - Filtering cartridges shall not be over 300 grams which limits the particles and gases combined cartridges like the well known ABEK2-P3 filtering cartridges

    Full face respirator

    A full face respirator – also known as panoramic respirator – offer users a large field of view up to 98%. Even if they are heavier than a half mask respirators, they provide full protection of the breathing tracts (nose and mouth) and eyes as well which makes them safer.

    Thanks to their 5 straps, they can be equipped with filtering cartridges over 300 grams including complete particles and gas protective combinations like ABEK2-P3 filters which are the most common cartridges used in industry.

  • Single or dual cartridge respirator

    There are two major gas mask categories: single filter gas masks equipped with RD DIN 40 filters (universal standard 40mm thread) and dual filter gas masks – more compact, with a large field of view and better balance:

    Single cartridge respirator

    As all the major gas mask brands provide RD DN 40 filters (with 40mm thread), we offer a very large range of filtering cartridges against volatile organic compounds (AX filters), acids (B or E filters) ammonia and its derivatives (K filters), mercury (Hg filters), iodine (REACTOR filters) and even protection against some carbon and nitrogen oxides (CO-NO filters).

    Dual cartridge respirator

    A dual filter gas mask is oftentimes chosen for its compact size and weight. Filtering cartridges are mounted on both sides of the mask, which offers a large field of view and an optimal weight balance. This is beneficial to users doing detail work or long working hours sanding or welding.

  • Gas mask filter

    Gas filter

    There are different types of gas mask filters depending on gases or vapors nature. Each filter type is labeled with a letter and a color code specific to each gas or gas family according to the EN14687 European standard. There is likely – for each gas or gas family – three respiratory protection efficiency classes defined by the EN143 and EN143/A1 standards:

    According to the mask type (half mask or full face mask), maximal allowed concentrations of toxic substances (gas or vapor) will be different – 50 times the OEL (occupational exposure limit) for a half mask respirator and 2000 times the OEL for a full-face mask respirator.

    - Class 1: Canister filter (like A1 or ABEK1) – lower capacity efficiency, gas rate below 0,1% volume

    - Class 2: Cartridge filter (like A2B2 or ABEK2) – intermediate capacity, gas rate below 0.5% volume

    - Class 3: For a gas rate below 1% volume

    Particles filter

    Particles filters are gathered into three categories:

    - P1 class – lower efficiency, blocking at least 80% of the substance (penetration below 20%)

    - P2 class – intermediate efficiency, blocking at least 94% of the substance (penetration below 6%)

    - P3 class – higher efficiency, blocking at least 99,95% of the substance (penetration below 0,05%)

    Gas and particles combined respirator cartridge

    As suggested by their name, combined filters block both gases and particles. Air first enters the particle filter and then goes through the gas filter (composed of activated carbon). Their codification remains the same with letters (for gases), figures (for the efficiency class) and the particle class level: example ABEK2-P3

    ⇒ Find the gas mask filter needed for your application

  • Gas mask usage limits

    A filtering respiratory personal protective equipment - like a gas mask respirator - must not be used in the following situations:

    - Ambient oxygen rate below 19%

    - Confined space or any poorly ventilated area entry – like tunnels, boat slips, tanks…

    - If the concentration is unknown or immediately dangerous to life or health (IDLH)

    - If the concentration exceeds the allowable level or the filter capacity

Introduction video:

Our single-cartridge gas masks :

The Dräger X-plore 6530 full-face gas mask is a high-quality respiratory protection mask. It is a class 3 respiratory protection mask equipped with an Rd40 connector in compliance with the EN 148-1 standard and compatible with RD DIN40 universal filter cartridges.

  • x-plore 6530 Dräger gas mask
  • RD DIN 40mm universal thread mask
  • Wide range of gas and combined filters
  • EN136 Class 3 approval
  • Clear voice communication & wide field of vision
  • High comfort (light mask, 5 attachment points)
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Class 2 full respiratory protective mask TR 2002 compatible with all RD 40mm EN148-1 compliant filter cartridges.

  • TR 2002 class 2 full mask
  • Excellent value
  • Very resistant polycarbonate lens
  • 5-point attachment harness
  • Anatomical chin bar for a better fit to the face
  • Compatible with RD40 universal cartridges (EN148-1)
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The TR82 EPDM is a class 3 mask with an anti-solvent and anti-scratch polycarbonate lens. With its Rd40 front connection, it is compatible with all EN148-1 compliant 40 mm filter cartridges.

  • TR82_EPDM gas mask with an anti-solvent and anti-scratch polycarbonate lens.
  • Approved EN136 class 3 mask (highest level of safety
  • Very resistant anti-solvent and anti-scratch lens
  • Great ease of use even for long periods
  • Molded outer skirt for excellent fit on the face
  • Compatible with RD40 universal filters (EN148-1)
Icon of EN-TR82 EPDM-Web EN-TR82 EPDM-Web (261.8 KiB)
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Featuring high performance technology, the RSG 400 Class 3 full-face mask can be used as a powered air purifying respirator or as a gas mask with a cartridge. It offers comfort and stability thanks to its strong, flexible seal.

  • Masque de protection respiratoire RSG 400
  • Valve body: standard thread (EN 148-1)
  • Exhalation and inhalation valves made of natural rubber
  • Colour: Blue (silicone) or black (neoprene)
  • Weight: 525 g
  • Maintenance: Semi-annual testing of all components even without use
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The X-plore 5500 is a full facepiece respirator mask especially designed to provide its users breathing and visual protection against gases and particles.

  • X-plore 5500 gas mask by Drager: dual filter respirator
  • Airtight and secured design
  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • 180° large field of view
  • Efficient ventilation system
  • Compatible with the X-plore filters range
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Half-mask respirator X-plore 3300 with innovative mounting system for optimal operating comfort. This Gas mask is fully compatible with the X-plore bayonet filter cartridge range.

  • half mask respirator , dual cartridge gas mask Dräger X-plore 3300
  • Flexible nose area for optimal sealing
  • Reduced and cost-effective maintenance
  • Large field of view
  • Innovative X mounting system
  • Large range of compatible filters
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The X-plore 3500 dual filter gas mask is a respiratory protective unit that combines comfort, protection and durability. Especially designed for use with the X-plore series bayonet filters.

  • X-plore 3500 gas mask
  • Excellent tightness and secure fit
  • Soft and innovative material for perfect adjustment
  • Easy to wear and to remove even with other personal protective equipment
  • Especially designed for a large field of vision
  • Fully compatible with X-plore series respiratory protective filters
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The X-plore 6300 is a respiratory protective full face respirator. Cost effective, this is an ideal solution for industrial applications, providing users comfort and air purifying performance.

  • The X-plore 6300 full face respirator, a single filter gas mask by Dräger
  • Universal size
  • Large field of view
  • Hypoalergenic material
  • Integrated ventilation system
  • Compatible with X-plore Rd 40 filter series
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The X-plore 4700 is a single filter half mask respirator especially designed for optimal protection and airtightness.

  • The X-plore 4700 half mask respirator, a comfortable single filter gas mask by Dräger
  • Excellent comfort of use
  • Extremely rugged and durable
  • Easy to don and to take off
  • Available in two high quality materials
  • Compatible with Rd40 and Rd90 filter cartridges
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The new Aviva 40 half mask respirator is a combination of advanced technologies for personal safety and comfort of use. This gas mask is available in several sizes (S, M, L).

  • Half mask respirator: Aviva 40 gas mask with RD DIN40 universal filter
  • Comfortable and durable gas mask
  • Hybrid reflex dual seal
  • Compatible with the Pro2000 filter series RD DIN40
  • Improved voice intelligibility
  • For use with other PPE such as protective goggles
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The GVS Elipse P3 half mask offers maximum protection against fine particles, dust and aerosols thanks to class P3 filtration and an ergonomic design.

  • GVS Elipse P3 dust mask against fine particles, viruses and bacteria
  • 99.95% minimum effectiveness against fine particles, viruses and bacteria
  • Interchangeable integrated HESPA P3 filters
  • Compact, ergonomic and hypoallergenic mask
  • Available in 2 sizes (M/L- S/M)
  • Offers maximum comfort and efficiency
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The GVS Elipse Integra mask is a respiratory protection mask incorporating a safety goggle offering full P3 or A2P3 protection against dust, fine particles, mists and aerosols.

  • GVS Elipse Integra mask with safety glasses
  • 99.95% minimum filtration
  • Interchangeable integrated P3 or A2P3 filters
  • Compact, ergonomic and hypoallergenic mask
  • Integrated safety glasses
  • 2 available sizes (M /L- S/M)
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The SARI gas mask provides operating comfort and efficient protection against toxic gases and particles (solid, radioactive, smokes), bacteria and virus.

  • Sari Full face mask by Scott Safety
  • Compatible with PRO2000 filter range (gas, particle and combined)
  • Central phonic membrane for easy communication
  • Compatible with powered air equipment
  • Internal mask with non-return and anti-fog valves, reduces CO2
  • Fully adjustable 5 points harness for improved operating comfort
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The VISION panoramic gas mask is compatible with particle, gas and combined filters. It can also be used as a facepiece for powered air respirators and SCBA.

  • Vision panoramic gas mask by Scott Safety
  • Large field of wiew (98%) without visual distorsion
  • Reinforced visor resistant to solvents and scratches
  • Two filter mounting locations: central or right side
  • LSR face seal (liquid silicon rubber)
  • Available in 3 different sizes for optimal comfort
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