Gas mask - How to choose your respiratory protection

A gas mask is a personal protective equipment (PPE class 3), subject to the EN140 standard for the half mask and EN136 for the full face mask. The most popular models are the single-cartridge versions DIN Rd40 with 40 mm universal filters (standard EN148-1), mainly because of the wide range of filters available. The bi-filter models are more compact with a wide field of vision, and a better load balance, than intended for routine applications or meticulous work.

Our wide range of gas masks
  1. The GVS Elipse reusable FFP3 half mask with integrated filters offers maximum protection against tiny particles, viruses, bacteria, and aerosols with 99.95% efficiency P3 class filtration. Among the lightest half masks on the market, it is manufactured with soft and hypoallergenic materials offering unique comfort.

    • Specifically suitable for work generating fine dust such as construction, asbestos removal, medical waste, etc.
    • Interchangeable HESPA P3 class filters with 99.95% minimum efficiency against fine particles, viruses and bacteria, and aerosols
    • Ultra-compact, ergonomic, and the lightest mask on the market
    • Hypoallergenic, odorless, and medical grade
    • Available in 2 sizes (M/L or S/M)
  2. Available with P3 and A2-P3 filters, the GVS Elipse Integra mask with safety glasses offers excellent protection against tiny particles (dust, viruses, bacteria), aerosols, and organic vapors (solvents, hydrocarbons, paints, varnishes, pesticides, etc.). Compact and lightweight, it fits perfectly on the face without interfering with others PPE that the user chooses to wear.

    • Half mask with safety glasses in polycarbonate treated with anti-fog (N) and anti-scratch (K) coating
    • Particularly suitable for paint and varnish applications and phytosanitary treatment
    • Compact, ergonomic, and hypoallergenic mask with FDA approval
    • Integrated interchangeable filters P3, A1-P3, A2-P3 & ABEK1-P3
    • Two sizes are available (M/L or S/M) for better comfort
  3. The X-plore 3300 bi-filter half mask is a respiratory protection device featuring an innovative fastening system that offers optimal comfort. The respirator gets a wide field of vision with backward-sloping filters. This bi-filter half mask matches perfectly with all bayonet filters of the Dräger X-plore range.

    • Flexible nose area for optimal sealing, allowing wearing glasses without discomfort
    • Innovative X-fixture system: modern design and wearer comfort
    • Wide range of compatible filters with a secure bayonet connection
    • Wide field of vision with backward tilting filters
    • Excellent value for money with low maintenance and economy
  4. Specifically designed for use with Dräger X-plore bayonet filters, the X-plore 3500 half-face respirator is a dual-filter respiratory protection device that combines comfort, protection, and durability. Silicone-free, hypoallergenic, and chemically resistant, it is particularly suitable for painting and heavy-duty applications.

    • Dual-filter respirator half mask compatible with Dräger X-plore bayonet filters
    • Drop-Down system: Allows withdrawing the mask without removing other PPE
    • helmet, protective visor, etc.)
    • Wide field of vision with backward tilting filters
    • Innovative soft material for a perfect fit
    • Extremely robust and durable for heavy-duty use
  5. The ST85 is a single filter half-mask compatible with DIN Rd40 cartridges (40 mm universal thread). Especially designed for optimal protection and sealing, it is particularly suitable for work with paints, solvents, or asbestos removal (level 1). The EPDM face piece is soft and comfortable to wear yet robust.

    • Single filter half-mask, standard Rd40 threaded connection of 40 mm in compliance with NF EN 148-1 standard
    • Ergonomic EPDM face piece to fit the user's face easily
    • Complies with EN140:1998 (minimum requirements for half masks and quarter masks)
    • One size fits most users
    • Excellent value for money

  6. The X-plore 4700 is a single-cartridge half mask especially designed for optimal protection and sealing. It is associated with the X-plore RD40 filter range (40mm universal thread) for the most common applications. Equipped with a "Drop-Down" system, the user can remove the mask without removing the helmet or visor.

    • Single filter half mask, standard Rd40 threaded connection of 40 mm following the NF EN 148-1 standard
    • Drop-Down" system: Allows withdrawing the mask without removing other PPE (helmet, protective visor, etc.)
    • Excellent comfort of use: flexible mask body with a pre-formed nasal fold
    • Available in two material versions: TPE (one size) or silicone (2 sizes)
    • Extremely robust and durable for intensive use
  7. The X-plore 5500 is a dual-filter full face mask especially designed by Dräger to provide efficient respiratory and ocular protection against gases and particles. The 180° panoramic lens provides a wide field of vision and excellent peripheral vision. The mask body, made of durable EPDM elastomer, ensures outstanding comfort even during long-term wear.

    • Dual-filter full face mask for excellent load balance with a wide field of vision for close work or restricted access
    • Lens available in impact-resistant polycarbonate or scratch-resistant, chemical-resistant Triplex lens
    • Compatible with the wide range of Dräger X-plore bayonet filters
    • Waterproof design secured by a double three-lip seal
    • One size fits all, 5-point harness with flexible and adjustable attachment points
  8. The TR 2002 Class 2 full face respirator offers excellent value for the money and has a front fitting compatible with all RD DIN40 filter cartridges conforming to EN 148-1 (40mm universal fitting). It combines safety and comfort with a wide field of vision polycarbonate lens and its 5-point harness for a good fit.

    • Full face respirator class 2 is particularly suitable for paint, varnish, phytosanitary treatment, and sanitation applications
    • Compatible with RD DIN40 filter cartridges with 40 mm universal thread (EN148-1)
    • Heavy-duty polycarbonate lens with a wide field of view
    • Anatomical chin strap for a better fit on the face
    • 5-point harness attachment

  9. The X-plore 6300 is a full face respirator for respiratory protection with a DIN Rd40 connection (40 mm universal filters) complying with EN 148 standard. Manufactured in hypoallergenic EPDM, featuring an efficient ventilation system and a wide field of vision, it provides a safe and comfortable seal for all body types.

    • Hypoallergenic Class 2 single filter full face respirator (one size fits all)
    • Compatible with RD DIN40 filter cartridges with 40 mm universal thread (EN 148-1)
    • Scratch-resistant PMMA Plexiglas lens with a wide field of vision
    • Efficient integrated ventilation system with half inner mask
    • Compatible with Dräger X-plore Rd40 filters
  10. Available in neoprene rubber or silicone version and with high-performance technology, the Class 2 RSG 400 respirator operates under negative pressure with a DIN RD 40 filter (EN 148-1) or with the T-Air powered air purifying respirator (PAPR). It is a comfortable multi-purpose mask with a wide field of vision.

    • Class 2 respirator compatible with DIN 40 filters and T-Air powered air purifying respirators
    • The impact and scratch-resistant Perspex panoramic lens provides a wide field of vision and excellent visibility
    • Voice diaphragm for clear and audible voice communication
    • Natural rubber exhalation and anti-fogging valves
    • One size fits all, available in neoprene rubber or silicone

  11. The TR82 EPDM is a class 3 gas mask (the highest level of safety) with an anti-scratch and anti-solvent polycarbonate lens. Fitted with a DIN RD40 front connector, it is compatible with all filter cartridges that comply with the EN148-1 standard (40 mm universal thread). The EPDM elastomer face skirt provides excellent comfort for the user during prolonged wear.

    • EN136 class 3 approved full face mask (highest level of safety)
    • Compatible with RD DIN40 filter cartridges with 40 mm universal thread (EN148-1)
    • Heavy duty polycarbonate lens with anti-solvent and anti-scratch treatment
    • Molded outer skirt for excellent fit on the face
    • Great comfort of use even for long periods
  12. The X-plore 6530 is a gas mask that meets the highest quality requirements, reliability, and fit safety. It is an EN136 class 3 respirator (the highest safety level) compatible with the Dräger X-plore Rd40 filter cartridges with 40 mm universal thread (EN148-1). One size fits all, and it is comfortable to wear.

    • EN136 Class 3 approved gas mask resistant to impact, chemicals, and high temperatures
    • Visor available in impact-resistant polycarbonate or temperature and chemical-resistant Triplex glass
    • Compatible with Dräger X-plore DIN Rd40 filters
    • Mask body made of highly resistant and non-irritating EPDM
    • One size fits all, 5-point harness with flexible and adjustable straps
  13. The Promask FM3 is a mask Rd40 with a 40 mm threaded side fitting by EN 148-1 standard (40 mm universal thread). It is approved EN 136 Class 3 (the highest level of safety) that specifies its resistance to impact, chemicals, and high temperatures. Composed of a panoramic lens providing a wide field of vision, it combines respiratory protection and comfort.

    • Full-face mask with side fitting, compatible with RD DIN 40 filter cartridges with 40 mm universal thread (EN 148-1)
    • EN 136 Class 3 approved, resistant to impact, chemicals, and high temperatures
    • Special internal mask with non-return valves to minimize CO2 level
    • Excellent fit on the face thanks to the anatomical chin strap
    • 5-point harness, flexible and adjustable
  14. The VISION FM4 is a panoramic mask Rd40 with a threaded side connector compatible with all filters that meet the EN148-1 standard (universal thread of 40 mm). It offers a true attraction in terms of visibility (98% of the field of vision) with its vertical and horizontal curvature visor without visual distortion. It is the best visibility mask on the market.

    • Panoramic respiratory protection mask with an almost total field of vision (98%) without visual distortion
    • EN136 Class 3 approved (the highest level of safety) and resistant to impact, chemicals, and high temperatures
    • 5-point rubber harness or 2-point mesh or F1 helmet attachments
    • LSR face seal made of liquid silicone rubber for absolute comfort
    • Available in 3 sizes for a better fit

The half mask

It covers only the lower part of the face (nose and mouth). It consists of a flexible seal and clamps to ensure a tight seal of the airways once adjusted. However, there are two main restrictions to its use:

The full-face mask

It covers the entire face, nose, mouth, and eyes. It is specifically suitable for use in highly toxic, corrosive, or potentially dangerous environments for the mucous membranes of the eyes.

It has five attachment points for fastening to the face and can support filter cartridges weighing more than 300 grams (and therefore more effective because they have more filtering elements), such as the REACTOR filters (radioactive iodine) A2B2E2K1-P3 Reactor or the CO/NO filters ABEK2HgNOCO20-P3.

Single-cartridge RD DIN 40 or dual-cartridge gas mask?

There are two main categories: single-cartridge masks equipped with RD DIN 40 filters (40mm universal standardized thread) and dual-cartridges, which are more compact with a wide field of vision and have a better load balance.

Rd40 masks (EN148-1 compliant) have a wide range of filters. Because of their universality - all major respiratory protection equipment brands offer RD DIN 40 filters - a wide variety of filter cartridges are available.

Dual-cartridge masks have two side filters. These dual-filter devices have several attractive advantages: an excellent load balance (charges better shared) with a larger field of vision because the filters are laterally positioned on the side of the face.

Limits of respiratory protection mask use

Filtering respiratory protection devices should not be used in the following cases:

  • When the oxygen level in the air is insufficient (below 19%).
  • In confined spaces (see CATEC) or in all areas with little or no ventilation: tanks, vats, silos, tunnels, ship holds, etc.
  • When contaminant concentration is unknown or immediately lethal to humans (IDLH).
  • When contaminant concentration is above the maximum allowable concentration or beyond the filter capacity.

Filter cartridges for gas masks

There are three categories: Particulate filters (dust, aerosols, bacteria, viruses), anti-gas filters (organic, inorganic gases & vapors, acids, etc.), and combined filters (gas and particles)

Particles filters

The different classes of particles filters:

  • P1 class filters: low efficiency, stop at least 80% of this aerosol (i.e., less than 20% penetration)
  • P2 class filters: medium efficiency, stop at least 94% of this aerosol (i.e., a penetration lower than 6%)
  • P3 class filters (high efficiency): Stop at least 99.95% of this aerosol (i.e., less than 0.05% penetration)

Anti-gas filters

There are different types of anti-gas filters depending on the nature of the gas or vapor. A marking comprising a letter associated with a color indicates each type of filter, specific to each gas or family of gases according to the European standard EN14687. Similarly, for each gas or family of gases, there are three classes of respiratory protection efficiency, defined by the EN143 and EN143/A1 standards:

Depending on the type of filtering device, the maximum permissible concentrations of toxic substances (gases or vapors) will be different, i.e., 50 x OEL for half-masks and 2000 x OEL for full-face masks. According to these parameters, here are the three classes of efficiency of gas filters:

  • Class 1: Wafer filter (example A1 or ABEK1) - small capacity and low efficiency, gas content below 0.1% by volume.
  • Class 2: Cartridge filter (example: A2B2 or ABEK2) - medium capacity, gas content less than 0.5% by volume.
  • Class 3: For a gas content of less than 1% by volume.

Combined anti-gas and particles filters

As the name suggests, combined filters stop both gases and particles. The air first passes through the particles filter element (which also acts as a pre-filter) and then through the gas-absorbing element (activated carbon). Their coding keeps the same principle, a group of letters (for gases), a number (for the efficiency class), and the class level for particles: example ABEK2-P3.

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Maintenance & annual control of masks

Respiratory protection masks are class 3 personal protective equipment. They are therefore subject to an annual periodic inspection ( like all class 3 PPE. This periodic checking includes:

  • A thorough cleaning with water to eliminate splashes (mud, saliva, etc.)
  • Machine washing with a cleaning and disinfecting product for a more thorough cleaning
  • High-temperature drying
  • Verification of pressure and leakage parameters on a control bench
  • Individual bagging of the mask to ensure that it is clean and healthy

GazDetect - Dräger's authorized maintenance center - performs all annual periodic checkings of Dräger respirators ( in our maintenance laboratory. Do not hesitate to contact us for these class 3 PPE maintenance.

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