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Area gas monitor

An area gas monitor is a specific portable gas detection unit. Unlike classic gas detectors, this type of monitor is not used as a personal protective equipment (PPE) but as an area monitoring equipment.

Area gas monitor, Portable gas detection for better safety
  • area gas monitor: detected gases

    The device is often chosen on its classic 4 gas area monitor configuration: combustible gas, hydrogen sulfide (H2S), carbon monoxide (CO) and oxygen (O2 deficiency). Other more and more popular configurations include the 4 gas area monitor with a VOC sensor (for earthmoving work or drilling), and the « exhaust gas» (or flue gas) configuration used in tunnel works for example.

    Numerous other setups remain available. There are, inter alia, area monitor sensors able to monitor and detect the following gases : AsH3, Cl2, CO, CO2, COCl2, ETO, H2 (expressed in ppm), H2S, HCl, HCN, HF, NO, NO2, O2, O3, PH3, SiH4, SO2, as well as VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and combustible gas (natural gas, LPG, hydrocarbons, alcohols and solvents).

  • Area gas monitor: technical benefits

    A transportable multi gas area monitor is heavier than a handheld gas detector; however it is much more robust and features a large autonomy of up to 168 hours runtime for some models on specific configurations.

    While this technology is starting to spread into PPE gas detection devices, the area gas monitor is one of the rare safety equipment that can communicate with others, through a cable for the BM25 area gas monitor, or wirelessly for the BM25 and the Radius BZ1 area monitors (with the LENS TM Wireless technology).

    This innovative technology allows the connection of several units in order to secure a very large working perimeter. If an area monitor detects dangerous gas concentration, it will trigger its own alarm as well as other monitors alarms to alert the farthest workers of the present hazard. The Radius wireless gas detector BZ1 also provides higher safety levels as it can communicate with other portable gas detectors. It will for example send alert messages to personal gas detectors like the Ventis Pro, offering a greater level of protection to personnel on the area.

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  • Area gas monitor: a high level prevention unit

    Besides being visible from afar, an area gas monitor’s large size provides many technical benefits: the alert performances are usually very extensive, between 100 and 110 dB more than one meter away. The lightning signals are also visible from a great distance and all around a 360 degree angle, which increase the safety.

    The latest area monitoring equipment like the Radius BZ1 can display customizable action messages like « Ventilate » or « Evacuate » that reinforces safety procedures in case of a gas hazard alert.

Our area gas monitors :

The Radius BZ1 is a high performance area gas monitor. As it is made with rough materials, it suits in the most demanding ATEX standards and the harshest environments.

  • Industrial scientific area gas monitor Radius BZ1 for workers safety
  • Detection of combustible gases, Cl2, CO, H2, H2S, HCN, NH3, NO2, O2, SO2 and VOC.
  • Duplicate 108 dB audible alarm and red & blue LED visual alarm
  • Runtime: 168 hours without pump (7 days) and 84 hours with pump
  • Dimensions: 29 x 29 x 55 cm – weight 7.5 kg – 11.2 cm LCD display
  • Available with optional LENS wireless technology
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X-zone 5500 area gas monitor that can control up to 6 gases at the same time. Compatible with X-am 5100, 5000 & 5600 portable gas detectors. Up to 25 of these devices can easily be interconnected wirelessly to create a complete portable gas detection system. High autonomy of 120 hours, 14 hours charging time.

For CO, H2S, Ex, CO2, CL2, COCl2, H2, H2O2, HBr, HCl, HF, HNO3, HCN, N2H4, NH3, NO, NO2, O2, O3, OV, OV-A, PH3, POCl3, SO2, Amines on site detection.

  • Drager X-zone area gas monitor for worksite safety
  • Area gas detector simultaneously monitoring up to 6 gases
  • Audible alarm:  360° 120 dB – at 30 cm
  • Autonomy: 120h – charge time 14 h – induction (no wire) or universal charger
  • ATEX, IECEx, CASE/US compliant – Ingress protection IP67
  • Operating conditions: max. temperature +50 °C, 700 to 1 300 hPa pressure, 10 to 95 % humidity


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The Blackline Safety G7 EXO area gas monitor is a new generation geolocated and connected equipment which transmits positions, measurements and alerts in real time on a cloud-based control platform and to the devices connected to its network.

Simultaneous detection of up to 5 gases: Cl2, ClO2, CO, CO2, H2, H2S, HCN, NH3, O2, O3, SO2, combustible gas and VOC.

  • Blackline Safety G7 EXO geolocated and connected area gas monitor
  • Detection of up to 5 gases in diffusion or pump mode
  • 2G, 3G, 4G connectivity, GPS geolocation, wireless satellite radio option
  • Autonomy up to 100 days in broadcast mode
  • Blackline Live platform for data centralization, alerts and fleet management in real time
  • Integrated VME, VLE audible and visual alarms and exceeding thresholds
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The Oldham BM25 area gas monitor can detect from 1 up to 5 gases. This powerful gas detector is not a personal protective equipment but a collective area protective equipment.

  • Oldham BM25 area gas monitor
  • Weekly or monthly rental
  • ATEX multigas area monitor
  • Detection of AsH3, CO2, COCl2, combustible gases, H2, HCN, HCl, HF, H2S, NO, NO2, O2, PH3, SO2, VOC
  • Configurable according to your needs
  • Provided with every accessory
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