Breathing air trolleys for air supplied systems

Breathing air trolleys are accessories belonging to the supplied air systems family. They are compact, easy to use, and designed to provide a portable supply of breathing air. They are particularly convenient in hard-to-reach areas where wearing an SCBA would be impractical (e.g., in confined spaces or for tank cleaning) or for long-duration operations that can require the air supply from multiple compressed air cylinders.

Our breathing air trolleys
  1. The RC 2603 Mobile Breathing Air Unit is used in conjunction with a supplied air system for long-term maintenance work. They are fitted in chemical facilities, contaminated areas, where there is or could be an oxygen deficiency, or where the size of the cylinder on the operator's shoulders limits the access or movement.

    • Mobile breathing air unit for air supply systems with 2 x 6 liter compressed air cylinders
    • Ideal solution for long-term operations (tank cleaning)
    • Hose reel with a length of 50 meters
    • Compatible with 6 to 9-liter cylinders at 200 or 300 bar
    • Robust and reliable stainless steel construction

  2. Designed to carry up to four compressed air cylinders, the PAS AirPack 1 breathing air trolley is the ideal and convenient solution for any operator who needs to use a supplied air device during extended period while keeping a high degree of mobility. Its robust material allows it to be used in difficult environments.

    • 2 or 4-cylinder breathing air trolley for supplied air systems for one or two users
    • Ideal solution for long-term operations (tank cleaning)
    • Compatible with 6 to 9-liter cylinders at 200 or 300 bar
    • Made of steel with an anti-static epoxy coating
    • Hose reel with brake mechanism
  3. The Air supply trolley PAS AirPack 2 for B50 cylinders (containing 15,000 liters of breathing air per cylinder) has been designed to supply up to four people simultaneously. This device is a perfect solution to supply all operators who have to use a supply air device for extended periods while keeping mobility.

    • Large capacity mobile breathing air trolley for B50 cylinders (50 liters of compressed air at 200 or 300 bar)
    • Made of steel with zinc pretreatment against corrosion with anti-static epoxy coating
    • Exclusive tilting frame for easy and safe cylinder change
    • Double hose reel with brake mechanism
    • Ideal solution for long-term operations
  4. Designed with high technology and adavanced materials, the Dräger range of compressed air cylinders for SCBA (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus) can be used in all types of SCBA applications. Available in volumes from 2 to 9 liters, these bottles are made of steel, light steel or composite material.

    • Large range of compressed air cylinders with volumes from 2 to 9 liters under 200 or 300 bar
    • Available in steel, light steel or composite material
    • Autonomy of 15 to 60 minutes depending on the model
    • Triangular valves for a better grip
    • Optional flow limiter and manometer available

How the supplied air trolley operates

Versatile and robust, the breathing air trolleys are recommended when a supply of breathing air is required in combination with a supplied air system. The chassis design is to carry 2 to 4 cylinders of 6 to 9 liters, like the RC 2603 or the PAS AirPack 1. Some models can even hold up to 2 cylinders of 50 liters, such as the PAS AirPack 2.

These mobile breathing air units are fitted on a trolley with two wheels, a reel with a supply hose, a pneumatic expansion system, and 2 to 4 compressed air cylinders that can supply up to 4 users simultaneously, depending on the model. They feature devices allowing the replacement of cylinders during operation (valves or non-return valves).

In order to protect the breathing air trolleys for supplied air systems against any pressure drop in the air supply to the users, they can get a medium-pressure warning whistle or an automatic distress signal with sound and light warning.

Main assets of supplied air trolleys

  • The number of cylinders: the trolley can be fitted with 2 to 4 breathing air cylinders, depending on the duration of the work
  • The number of users: one trolley allows up to 4 people to work in the meantime.
  • Characteristics: almost no weight for the user and easy transport thanks to the wheels installed on the trolley.
  • High-performance pneumatic system in compliance with the most demanding standards.
  • Main fields of application: interventions in confined spaces, asbestos removal work, cleaning of tanks in winemaking, etc.