Air supply trolley PAS AirPack 2 for B50 cylinders

The Air supply trolley PAS AirPack 2 for B50 cylinders (containing 15,000 liters of breathing air per cylinder) has been designed to supply up to four people simultaneously. This device is a perfect solution to supply all operators who have to use a supply air device for extended periods while keeping mobility.

  • Large capacity mobile breathing air trolley for B50 cylinders (50 liters of compressed air at 200 or 300 bar)
  • Made of steel with zinc pretreatment against corrosion with anti-static epoxy coating
  • Exclusive tilting frame for easy and safe cylinder change
  • Double hose reel with brake mechanism
  • Ideal solution for long-term operations
Additional information

The air supply trolley PAS AirPack 2 for B50 cylinders combines state-of-the-art materials and technology. It is specifically designed for environments with no compressed air supply and where self-contained breathing apparatus use is required, like hostile, asphyxiating, oxygen-deficient, or highly toxic environments.

The PAS AirPack 2 trolley for supplied air respirator systems is made from steel with an anti-static epoxy coating. The base material is pre-treated with zinc for optimum corrosion protection for use in wet environments or zones that may contain corrosive chemicals.

The PAS AirPack 2 air supply trolley gets the internationally recognized Dräger pneumatic system used with the PSS range of SCBAs (PSS 3000, PSS 4000, and PSS AirBoss), which incorporates a pressure relief valve, a safety device, and a pressure reducer. The entire unit is secured against impact by a protective plate for added safety.

Each cylinder is independently fixed through a safety chain, and the frame is titled to facilitate the B50 cylinders loading and unloading. Fully customizable and modular, the Pas AirPack 2 breathing air trolley can be equipped with one or two pneumatic systems for operation by up to four people.