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SCBA training


Every worker who needs to wear an SCBA (self-contained breathing apparatus) for professional purpose has to previously follow SCBA training as required in many countries by laws and regulations.

SCBA training course and respirator training for better safety against gas exposure

Self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) are respiratory protective equipment (class 3 PPE) that require its user to have the proper SCBA training. These self contained respirators are designed to be used when the oxygen rate is under 19.5% volume (presence of asphyxiating gases or fumes), in presence of irritating gases or when the pollutant concentration exceeds 60 times its occupational exposure limit (OEL) (using filtering respiratory protection in these conditions is not efficient and can even be harmful) .

According to several national regulations worldwide, wearing an SCBA for professional purpose demands participation to respirator training sessions.


  • Learning objectives: the goal of SCBA confidence courses is to know how to react in hostile environments (fire, toxic atmosphere or asphyxiating area)
  • Public:everyone who has to use a self-contained breathing apparatus for professional reasons
  • Prerequisite:medical certification (employment medical check-up), otherwise no specific knowledge required for scba certification training
  • Location:In our office in Vert Saint Denis (near Paris), France or on your company’s location/office
  • Duration:half a day for maximum 4 attendees. One full day for more attendees
  • Speaker :active firefighter
  • Training certification:assessment with behavior observation and MCQ knowledge test + training certification

theoretical module: air CONSuption and safety rules

  • Consumption calculation
  • How to prep equipment and rules to comply
  • Indoor and outdoor safety
  • SCBA related physiological constraints
  • Introduction to equipment

practical module: wearing an scba    

  • Walking with an SCBA
  • Recognition in hostile area
  • Victim rescue

EDucational tools and RESOURCES:

  • Qualified and experienced instructors for toxic and harmful area interventions (active firefighters)
  • Video-projected educational presentation
  • Charged self-contained breathing apparatus
  • Use of non-toxic cold fumes
  • Educational booklet

Nota: A medical certificate is required for self-contained breathing apparatus training certification.


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