SCBA (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus) training

Any person who has to wear a Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) during his (her) professional activity must first have received training in the use of SCBA (article R4323-104, decree 2008-244 of March 7th, 2008, on the use of personal protective equipment). This training is a regulatory obligation under the French Labor Code (Article R 4323-106), with the prerequisite of a prior medical examination by the occupational medicine department.

SCBA training

SCBAs are respiratory protective equipment (PPE class 3). They are required when the oxygen content is lower than 19.5% of the volume (presence of asphyxiating gases or fumes), in the event of irritating gases, or when the concentration of pollutants is greater than 60 times the exposure limit value (STEL). In those conditions, filtering breathing protections are ineffective or even dangerous.

In the context of professional activity, SCBA wearers must first have received training (article R4323-104, decree 2008-244 of 7th March 2008, on the use of personal protective equipment).

  • Educational goals: the purpose of training in the use of SCBA is to know how to intervene in hostile atmospheres (fire, toxic atmospheres, or asphyxiating environments)
  • Public: All company staff who might use an SCBA as part of their professional activity (firefighter equipment, interventions in confined spaces, etc.)
  • Prerequisites: Certificate of medical aptitude to wear the SCBA (occupational medical examination). Otherwise, no prior knowledge is required to follow this training
  • Location: Our office in Vert Saint Denis (77240) or your company
  • Duration: ½ day for four people maximum. Foresee a whole day for a large number of participants
  • Speaker: Active firefighter
  • Validation of the training: Knowledge control by observation of behaviors and knowledge tests in the form of a QCM + Training certificate

Theoretical module: safety rules for wearing SCBA

  • Calculation of the consumption
  • How to equip yourself, the " R.A.P.A.C.E " (Rules to respect before hiring)
  • Internal and external safety
  • Physiological constraints related to wearing SCBA
  • Presentation of the equipment: self-contained breathing apparatus

Practical module: Use of an SCBA in a comfort course 

  • Ease course
  • Recognition in a hostile environment
  • Rescue of a victim

Training in the use of SCBA: teaching tools and means 

  • Qualified trainers with a solid experience in intervention in dangerous or toxic environments (active firefighter)
  • Pedagogical presentation by video projection
  • Loaded Self Contained Breathing Apparatus
  • Use of cold smoke, non-toxic
  • Delivery of an educational booklet

Note: To be authorized to wear a self-contained breathing apparatus, it is necessary to have a medical aptitude certificate