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Information on gas

Here are gathered attributes of different hazardous gases encountered in industries, their different detection means (portable gas detectors or fixed systems) and well-suited respiratory protective equipment (gas mask or self-contained breathing apparatus).

information on gas and chemico-physical characteristics

A gas is conventionally defined as a substance without any proper shape or volume. Thus, gas properties and chemical features vary from one gas to another. Almost every industry or field of activity produce or use specific gas. These gases have to be known in order to get proper detection systems and protection from their dangerous effects.

Gas list :

International denomination
FormulaCas numberFeatures
Ammonia NH3 7664-41-7T – N
Aromatic isocyanatesTDI / MDI26471-62-5 / 101-68-8C- T+
Arsine AsH3 7784-42-1 T+ – F+ – N
Benzene C6H6 71-43-2T – F
BromineBr27726-95-6T – C -N
Carbon dioxide CO2 124-38-9T – N
Carbon monoxide CO 630-08-0TF+ – T
ChlorineCl2 7782-50-5T – N
Chlorine dioxide ClO2 100049-04-4 T+ – O – N
Combustible gasEXPLO
DiboraneB2H619287-45-7T+ – F+
Dimethylethylamine – DMEA C4H11N 598-56-1C – F
Ethylene C2H4 74-85-1 F+
Ethylene oxide ETO 75-21-8 F+ – T
Fluorine F2 7782-41-4T+ – O – C
Formaldehyde CH2O 50-00-0T – F+
GermaneGeH47782-65-2T+ – F+
HydrazineN2H4 302-01-2T – N
Hydrogen H2 1333-74-0F+ – E
Hydrogen bromide HBr 10035-10-6C – T
Hydrogen chloride HCl 7647-01-0T – C
Hydrogen cyanide HCN 74-90-8T – F+
Hydrogen fluoride HF 7664-39-3 T+ – C
Hydrogen peroxide H2O2 7722-84-1 C – O
Hydrogen selenideH2Se74-98-6F+
Hydrogen sulphide H2S 7783-06-4 T+ – F+ – N
MercuryHg7439-97-6T+ – N – Xn
Methane CH4 74-82-8F+ – E
Methyl acetateC3H6O279-20-9F+
Nitric acidHNO37697-37-2C – O
Nitric oxide NO 10102-43-9T – O
Nitrogen N2 7727-37-9
Nitrogen dioxide NO2 10102-44-0T+
Nitrous oxideN2O10024-97-2 
Oxygen O2 7782-44-7O
Ozone O3 10028-15-6T+ – O – C
PentaneC5H1210028-15-6T+ – O – C
Phosgene COCl2 75-44-5 T+
Phosphine PH3 7803-51-2T+ – F+ – N
SilaneSiH4 7803-62-5 F+ – Xn
Styrene C8H8 100-42-5F
Sulfuric acidH2SO47664-93-9C
Sulphur dioxide SO2 7446-09-5 T
Sulphur hexafluorideSF62551-6264
TetrachloroethyleneC2Cl410028-15-6T+ – O – C
Toluene C7H8 108-88-3F – Xn

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For further information about features, chemico-physical characteristics and information on gases, visit our GazFinder website. This searchable database gathers information on around 1.600 gases. Besides pages on each gas and its technical specificities, you’ll find sections dedicated to gas categories – like volatile organic compounds – and hazardous substances classification.

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