Styrene - C8H8

This page features information on styrene (C8H8) appropriate detection means - C8H8 gas detector - and proper respiratory protective equipment (gas mask or powered air purifying respirator with A gas filter).

Styrene (C8H8) properties

Styrene (C8H8) is used to produce plastics like polystyrene. In reaction with other monomers such as acrylonitrile and/or butadiene, it is used to synthetize rubber or latex. The pharmaceutical industry and perfumeries are using small quantities of styrene as an additive in perfumes and medicine. This substance is also used in the chemical industry as a solvent to synthetize polyester resins.

CAS TWA (8 hours) STEL (15 minutes) LEL IP Density / Air Filter / SCBA
202-851-5 23.3 ppm 46.6 ppm 0.9 % 8.4 eV 3.6 A

Styrene effects on health

Styrene (C3H8) is a colorless or sometimes yellowish gas with a soft smell detectable from 0.15 ppm. This volatile organic compound is very harmful by inhalation and can cause irritation to the skin and eyes (R36/38). As it is flammable between 0.9 % and 6.8 % volume, styrene vapors can form explosive gaseous mixtures. It also features reprotoxic effects. The IARC* classified it as possibly carcinogenic to humans (Group 2B).

*IARC: International Agency for Research on Cancer (depends on WHO World Health Organization)

Styrene exposure hazards: why use a C8H8 monitor or detector tubes

Styrene effects on health (C8H8)

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