Isobutylene - C4H8

This page gathers the main information on isobutylene or "isobutene, 2-methypropene" (C4H8) such as its physical characteristics, its effects on health, the ways to detect it (C4H8 gas detector) as well as the adapted respiratory protection equipments (gas mask or powered air purifying apparatus with gas filter type AX).

Main characteristics of toluene (C4H8) 

Isobutylene (C4H8) is a branched alkene with four carbon atoms and is a colorless and flammable gas at normal temperature and pressure. The main method of industrial production remains the catalytic dehydrogenation of isobutane7. The production of isobutene increased significantly in the 1990s with the increase in demand for MTBE (methyl tert-butyl ether), a gasoline additive, which increases its octane rating. 

CAS TWA (8 hours) STEL (15 minutes) LEL IP Density / Air Filter / SCBA
203-625-9     1.8 % 9.24 eV 1.94 AX

Health effects of isobutylene (C4H8) 

Isobutene is a highly flammable gas. It presents risks of explosion. It is generally stored as a compressed gas, the risk being, in addition to explosions, that it produces an asphyxiating atmosphere if it is released in an uncontrolled way by simple depletion of oxygen. 

Isobutylene detector (C4H8)

C4H8 respiratory protection (Isobutylene)