Bromine - Br2

Find here the essential information on bromine (Br2): characteristics, effects on health, detection devices and systems - bromine gas detector - and proper respiratory protective equipment (gas mask or PAPR with B gas filter).

Bromine (Br2) properties

Because of its disinfectant properties, bromine (Br2) is used in wastewater treatment plants to replace chlorine for bacteria management. Bromine is also used in agriculture for producing pesticides and fumigation agents. But bromine is above all exploited in the pharmaceutical industry as a medicine ingredient against pneumonia.

CAS TWA (8 hours) STEL (15 minutes) LEL IP Density / Air Filter / SCBA
7726-95-6 0.1 ppm - - 10.55 eV 5.0 B

Bromine effects on health

At ambient temperature, bromine is liquid with a brown-reddish taint and a pungent smell detectable under 1 ppm. When cold, it releases highly toxic suffocating vapors by inhalation (R26). Bromine is also very corrosive and toxic to aquatic organisms (R50) and can cause severe chemical burns (R35). When in contact with water, it forms hydrobromic acid, a very corrosive substance.


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Bromine effects on health (Br2)

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