Germane - GeH4

Find here the essential information on germane (GeH4) – or germanium tetrahydride: characteristics, effects on health, detection devices & systems (germane gas detector, gas mask or powered air respirator with B-P3 combined filter).

Germane (GeH4) properties

Germanium tetrahydride (GeH4) – most commonly known as germane – is the most used form of germanium in industries. Many industrial processes have been created to produce this gas. It is mainly used to produce high-performance integrated circuits in the semiconductor industry, photovoltaic sensor technologies and space applications.

CAS TWA (8 hours) STEL (15 minutes) LEL IP Density / Air Filter / SCBA
7782-65-2 0.2 ppm - - 11.34 eV 2.65 B-P3

Germane effects on health

At normal temperature and pressure, germane (GeH4) is colorless, heavier than air and features a pungent smell. This extremely flammable gas (H220) may explode if heated (H280). It is very toxic and fatal if inhaled (H330) and irritant to the eyes, skin and breathing tracts as well. It even can affect blood and damage blood cells.

Geermane gas detector - GeH4 or Germanium tetrahydride

GeH4 respiratory protection - Germane