Methyl acetate - C3H6O2

Find here the essential information on methyl acetate (C3H602): characteristics, effects on health, detection devices & systems C3H602 gas detector and proper respiratory protective equipment (gas mask or powered air respirator with AX gas filter).

Methyl acetate properties (C3H6O2)

Methyl acetate (C3H6O2) is mainly used in organic synthesis as an extractor (separation of two agents). The cosmetics industry uses methyl acetate to produce hairspray, nail polish or fragrances. It is also used on construction sites as it is a component of glues, paints, diluents and paint or other strippers.

CAS TWA (8 hours) STEL (15 minutes) LEL IP Density / Air Filter / SCBA
79-20-9 200 ppm 250 ppm 3.1 % 10.27 eV 2.8 AX

Methyl acetate effects of on health

At ambient temperature, methyl acetate (C3H6O2) is a colorless volatile liquid with a distinctive soft smell detectable at low concentrations (4.5% ppm). At these concentration levels, it irritates the eyes and can cause drowsiness and dizziness. At high concentrations, this gas is extremely flammable and its vapors can compose combustible and explosive gas mixtures between 3.1 and 16% volume.

Methy acetate effects of on health C4H6O2 gas detector and gas mask

Methy acetate effects of on health (C4H6O2)

C3H6O2 gas detector (Methyl acetate)

Methyl acetate respiratory protection (C3H6O2)