GazDetect catalogs

View or download the GazDetect catalogs. Discover our complete selection of the most effective equipment in terms of occupational safety, distributed in our various catalogs.

  1. Gas detection

    We have brought together in this catalogue our entire range of gas detection systems. You'll find all our portable and fixed gas detectors, colorimetric reagent tubes (equipment for spot measurements) from Gastec and Dräger, and our standard gas cylinders, essential for instrument calibration.

    • Portable gas detectors
    • Reagent Gastec Tubes
    • Reagent Dräger Tubes
    • Fixed gas detectors
    • Calibration gas cylinders
  1. Fixed gas detectors

    Check out our solutions in fixed gas detection systems suitable for all industries at risk and meet users' needs: fixed gas detectors, optical flame detectors, and gas detection controllers units. You will discover as well our selection of audible and visual sirens, sealed and waterproof alarms, or ATEX signals. You will find the whole range of fixed gas detection devices.

    • Fixed gas transmitters
    • Optical flame detectors
    • Gas detection controllers
    • Sirens signals and alarm systems
    • Gas solenoid valves
  1. Portable gas detectors

    Discover a complete range of portable gas detectors: disposable gas detectors, single or multi gas detectors, area monitoring gas detectors (or worksite beacon), electronic breathalysers, etc. Our equipment selection covers a very wide spectrum of detectable substances and includes numerous configurations and features allowing you to find the ideal device for your application.

    • Portable single gas detectors
    • Portable multi gas detectors
    • Portable area gas monitors
    • Disposable gas detectors
    • Breathalyzers and drug tests
  1. Dräger reagent tubes

    With more than 100 million tubes sold over the past ten years, Dräger reagent tubes remain unquestionably the benchmark in the spot gas measurement category. Discover the Dräger reagent tube range and the many innovative solutions for the detection of substances and gases using colorimetric tubes, reagent tubes and opto-electronic analysis. It is a simple and quick measuring device to use and does not require any special skills.

    • Simultaneous test kits
    • Diffusion tubes and reagent tubes
    • Aerotest
    • Opto-electronic gas analyzer
    • Flow Check detectors
  1. Class 3 PPE

    The Class 3 PPE catalog contains a complete range of personal protective equipment. We have gathered a broad range of respiratory protection, powered air purifying and exhaust systems, fans, and breathing air analysis solutions following EN 12021 standard.      


    • Respiratory protection
    • Air extractors fans
    • Hazmat suits




  1. Fall protection

    Discover our entire selection of fall arrest protection equipment for work at height, all of which comply with current European standards and legislation. This catalog includes a wide range of harnesses, from the standard model to the full-featured one. There are also different connection lanyards and absorption systems, as well as a choice of anchorage points that make up the essential of this class 3 PPE.

    • Fall arrest harnesses
    • Safety harness kit
    • Anchorage points with safety tripods
    • Safety helmets
    • Connection lanyards and absorption systems
  1. Guide to the refrigerants detection

    The GazDetect team offers you a practical guide to the detection of refrigerants. Find in this white paper all the information and equipment available for the control of refrigerant gases in all your cooling applications. A large choice of solutions allows you to select the right tools and devices depending on your needs, application areas and the substances concerned.

    • Refrigerant gases
    • The necessity of detecting refrigerants
    • Refrigerant gas detection equipment
    • Applications in the refrigeration industry
    • What the experts say
  1. Calibration gas

    Find here all our standard and custom gas cylinders and accessories references for the calibration of portable and fixed gas detectors. An available wide range of standard or tailor-made blends in 34, 58 or 110 liters cylinders in compliance with current European standards and legislation. Gases are mixed according to ISO 6142 standard guaranteeing thoroughness, accuracy, stability and an optimal shelf life.

    • Calibration gas cylinders
    • Calibration accessories for portable gas detectors
    • Calibration accessories for fixed gas detectors
    • Cylinders with various volume: 34l, 58l ou 110 liters
    • ISO 6142 standard
  1. Gastec reagent tubes

    Praised for their impressive range of measurable gases, with nearly 600 colorimetric reagent tubes references, Gastec tubes offer a solution particularly suitable for evaluating concentrations of toxic, asphyxiating, refrigerants or certain anesthetic gas leaks in most activity fields in the tertiary or industrial sector. Simple and economical, the tube gas detection can be a timely solution in many cases.

    • Colorimetric reagent tubes
    • Dosimetric tubes
    • Automatic pump GSP-300
    • Pyrolyzer
    • Airtect tubes
  1. Respiratory protection

    View our entire selection of respiratory protective equipment: gas masks, powered air purifying respirators, supplied air systems, self-contained breathing apparatus SCBA, emergency escape masks and self-rescuers from various brands. Most of this equipment are class 3 PPE and offer an enhanced security for people, operating in an ATEX or non-ATEX zone, can meet hazardous risks.

    • Masks & powered air purifying devices (filtering protection)
    • ARI & supplied air respirator systems (insulating protection)
    • Breathing air trolleys
    • Self-rescue masks and lone workers protection devices
    • Firefighter gear
  1. Hazmat suits

    Class 3 PPE hazmat suits are designed to protect against severe or fatal hazards caused by dangerous substances. There are several types of hazmat suits following the products the user may encounter, the duration of the work, and the environment. Chemical protection suits have many features to take into account.

    • Disposable hazmat suits
    • Heavy-duty hazmat suits
    • Gas-tight suit
    • Ventilated chemical suit
    • Comfort cooling vest