Experts in gas detection and respiratory protection
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Gazdetect catalogue

Read or download our Gas Detection and Respiratory Protection catalogue. Over 200 pages you’ll find a complete selection of the most effective equipment for safety at work.

Gazdetect online catalogue

Our catalogue is available online through Calaméo (click on the image). PDF download is also available for off-line reading by clicking the link below the picture.

Catalogue gazdetect : détection de gaz et protection respiratoire
2017 GazDetect  catalogue

Direct access to the product categories :

  • Portable gas detectors

    Disposable gas detectors, single-gas detectors, multi-gas detectors, area gas monitors and accessories. 

  • Colorimetric gas detector tubes

    One-off gas measurements with more than 400 units for toxic, combustible or asphyxiating gases and for compressed air quality analysis. 

  • Fixed gas detectors

    Combustible, toxic or asphyxiating gas detectors, optical flame detectors, and open-path gas detectors. 

  • Gas detection controllers

    Single-channel controllers, multi-channel controllers, 19” rack systems, gas detection cabinets. 

  • Calibration gas cylinders

    Single-gas or multi-gas mixture cylinders to perform periodical checkings, calibrations and bump tests of gas detectors. 

  • Siren signals & alarm systems

    Sound alarm devices, sirens, visual alarm devices, rotating beacons, ATEX airtight audio visual combinations. 

  • Gas solenoid valves

    Automatic or manual reset safety valves, air/gas pressure switches, safety boxes, gas manometers.

  • ATEX accessories

    Emergency stops, switches, break glass call point, cable glands, junction boxes. 

  • Air purifying respiratory protection

    Respiratory protective filters, gas half masks and full-face masks, powered air respirators and hoods, VOC respiratory protection, welding gas respirators. 

  • Atmosphere supplying respirators 

    Open-circuit self-contained breathing apparatus, supplied air respirators, breathable air carts, air purifying units and 200 or 300 bars compressed air cylinders

  • Rescue solutions EEBEs  

    Escape masks, self-rescruer respirators, closed-circuit self-contained breathing apparatus, man down detectors, thermal cameras.

    GazDetect, safety is everyone’s matter. It’s our mission …

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