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Self-contained breathing apparatus – scba

A self-contained breathing apparatus – SCBA is a respiratory personal atmosphere providing protective equipment used when the oxygen rate is below 19,5% volume (presence of asphyxiating gases or fumes), in presence of irritant gases or when the pollutant concentration is above 60 times its occupational exposure limit (OEL).

SCBA Self-contained breathing apparatus as atmosphere supplying respirator

  • What is a self-contained breathing apparatus?

    A self-contained breathing apparatus – also known as SCBA – is a respiratory protective device used in non-breathable areas (with low oxygen or in presence of toxic or asphyxiating gas). It operates just like scuba diving equipment. SCBAs are well suited for many applications (industry, confined space entry, rescue operation…).

    Like supplied air respirators, SCBAs are high level respiratory protective equipment compliant with the EN137 standard related to compressed air self-contained devices. They are mainly used in hostile work environments or for emergency and rescue interventions.

  • SCBA composition

    A self-contained breathing apparatus is made of three essential units:

    A harness:

    This is a major part of the device. It maintains the compressed air cylinder and features a two-stage pneumatic system, a flow regulator and a gauge with an end-of-service alarm whistle.

    A full face mask:

    There are many types of gas masks such as harness masks, with head nets, with or without F1 mounting (direct mounting on firefighter’s helmet)… The face piece – usually a harness full face mask – will be chosen depending on the field of application and the potential hazard.

    A compressed air cylinder:

    Available in different capacities (from 6 to 9 liters) and pressure (200 or 300 bars), compressed air cylinders will be selected according to the necessary duration of use. They are made of steel or carbon fibers – lighter but more expensive.


    Each person who has to wear a self-contained breathing apparatus for professional purpose has to receive proper SCBA training. Many countries around the world have standards and regulations to ensure respirator training and safety at work.

    For selected territories we offer SCBA training on your site or in our facility in France (Paris area) with theory and practical modules. Our instructors are experienced firefighters and experts on using self-contained breathing apparatus.

    ⇒ Learn more about our SCBA training course

Our self-contained breathing apparatus :

Especially designed for industrial applications, the self-contained breathing apparatus R-Pas combines reliability, performance and comfort of use. Composed by an SCBA mask, a compressed air cylinder and a harness, the R-Pas complete set is provided in its carrying case.

  • complete SCBA set R-pas kit by Dräger: a full self-contained breathing apparatus in its carrying case
  • Efficient weight balance
  • Air supply hose and manometer integrated to the harness
  • Full face respiratory protective mask
  • Provided with high visibility orange carrying case
  • Well suited for use in ATEX zones
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As it is lightweight yet rugged and robust, the PSS® 3000 is a next generation SCBA respirator especially designed for industrial applications and firefighters.

  • Drager SCBA Respirator PSS® 3000 for better safety in industrial applications
  • Excellent pneumatic performance
  • Easy to use
  • Integrated air supplying hoses
  • Comfortable and ergonomic harness
  • Large choice of available configurations
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The PSS 4000 is a lightweight self-contained breathing apparatus primarily dedicated to professional firefighters. Easy to don, the PSS 4000 offers an outstanding and efficient respiratory protection.

  • Firefighter SCBA PSS® 4000 by Drager, the best self-contained breathing apparatus for firefighters
  • Ultra-lightweight yet robust and easy to use
  • Comfortable and ergonomic backplate
  • Integrated hoses for less clutter
  • Thermal and chemical resistance
  • Optional wireless manometer
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The PAS Colt self-contained breathing apparatus has been especially designed for short term evacuations. Thanks to its robust and ergonomic harness, this device is quick and easy to don for optimal safety.

  • Dräger self-contained breathing apparatus for short interventions
  • Robust harness and ergonomic design
  • High quality antistatic material
  • Versatile with air supply through cylinder or external source
  • Compatible with Panorama Nova and FPS7000 masks
  • Optional automatic reverser
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Designed for use in harsh conditions, the PAS Micro short duration self-contained breathing apparatus combines ease of use, durability, flexibility and robustness. Particularly resistant, it is an ideal solution for short duration interventions.

  • self-contained breathing apparatus – Pas Micro by Drager
  • Ergonomic design
  • Robust and resistant system
  • Integrated manometer
  • Possibility to add and external air supply
  • Compatible with Panorama Nova and FPS7000 masks
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CEN-PAQ is very convenient and ideal for short interventions (15, 20 or 30 minutes), highly polluted environment applications or for emergency rescue in confined space or stale environment.

  • High visibility fireproof jacket with VELCRO fastener
  • Warning whistle and pressure gauge
  • Vision3, Promask or Panaseal full face masks
  • Stainless steel or composite compressed air cylinder
  • Compliant with EN137, EN136; EN139 standards
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Sigma self-contained breathing apparatus from SCOTT Safety combines highest respiratory protection levels to a cost-effective and user-friendly equipment to meet industrial and marine sectors requirements.

  • High performance pneumatic system
  • Ultra-compact demand valve triggered from first breath
  • Lighweight and ergonomic backplate and fireproof harness
  • Possibility to switch to demand constant flow
  • Large range of full face masks: Vision 3, Promask PP and Panaseal
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With more than a million firefighters throughout the world who trust SCOTT safety equipment and support service, PROPAK is firefighter’s first choice.

  • Open-circuit self-contained breathing apparatus
  • PrEN137:2002, EN139 approvals – firefighting equipment
  • Tempest demand valve
  • Pressure indicator & warning whistle
  • Stainless steel swifel hose
  • Optional IRIS system (Integrated Radio Information System)
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Especially made for use with our opened-circuit self-contained breathing apparatus, our range of OC-SCBA accessories includes compressed air cylinders and specific taps. Available with volumes between 4.7 and 9 liters, these cylinders are made of lightened steel or composite material.

  • self-contained breathing apparatus by Dräger
  • Large range or available cylinders
  • Capacities of 4.7 to 9 liters under 200 or 300 bar
  • Autonomy of 32 to 60 minutes according to the model
  • Triangular tap for easy handling
  • Flow reducer and pressure manometer available in option
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