Self-contained breathing apparatus - SCBA

SCBAs are respiratory protection equipment to be used when the oxygen content is lower than 19%/volume (presence of asphyxiating gases or fumes), when there are very irritating gases or when the concentration of a pollutant is higher than 60 times its exposure limit value (VLEP CT). It is the PPE (personal protective equipment) of choice for firefighters for fire interventions when the air becomes unbreathable.

Our range of Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus
  1. The RN/A 1603 is a complete SCBA kit composed of a light and comfortable harness, a full face mask, and a 6 liters compressed air cylinder at 300 bar (1800 liters of breathable air), all stored in a sturdy case for transport and storage. It is a self-contained breathing apparatus combining a high respiratory protection level with economical and handy equipment.

    • EN 137:2006 Type 1 compliant SCBA, delivered complete in a transport and storage case
    • Polypropylene backrest, harness with padding, and self-extinguishing straps with elastomer foam
    • Very comfortable EPDM rubber mask, panoramic polycarbonate lens with a large field of view
    • Hose and pressure gauge integrated into the harness
    • Excellent quality/price ratio
  2. Especially designed for industrial applications, the R-PAS kit breathing apparatus combines reliability, performance and comfort of use. Composed of a complete mask, a compressed air cylinder, a fireproof harness and a new generation pneumatic system, the R-PAS kit is delivered in its transport and storage case.

    • High performance breathing apparatus delivered in a transport and storage case
    • High security level : conforms to EN 137 2006 Type 2, MED and SOLAS II-2
    • Fireproof and chemical resistant harness
    • Supply hoses and manometer integrated into the harness
    • Panoramic mask with wide visual field
  3. The PSS 3000 is a high performance self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) for firefighters. Combining great comfort with exceptional pneumatic performance, it is designed for applications requiring both simplicity and ease of use. Lightweight, highly resistant and easy to put on, this sophisticated breathing apparatus offers reliable protection.

    • High performances self-contained breathing apparatus (OC-SCBA) for firefighters and people working in fiery environment
    • High technology protective harness resistant to tears and abrasion, durable bib
    • Lightweight, shock-resistant and antistatic frame, strong and fireproof strap
    • Impact resistant rubber protection of the manometer
    • Large choice of possible configurations
  4. The Dräger PSS 4000 firefighter SCBA is one of the lightest self-contained breathing apparatuses for firefighters. It combines comfort and outstanding pneumatic performance and has been manufactured for situations requiring simplicity and ease of use. Ultra-light but robust and easy to fit, it offers exceptional respiratory protection.

    • High-performance open-circuit self-contained breathing apparatus (OC-SCBA) for professional firefighter use
    • Ultra-light composite construction with high thermal, chemical, and impact resistance
    • High-tech, comfortable, chemical-resistant padding
    • Hoses integrated into the back support to limit the risk of snagging
    • Wide range of possible configurations
  5. With its unmatched ergonomics, the PSS Airboss is the lightest and most comfortable self-contained breathing apparatus for firefighters on the market. Key features include the height adjustment, pivoting and sliding waist belt, easily adjustable harness to fit the user regardless of size, and an unmatched level of connectivity and critical information.

    • Open-circuit self-contained breathing apparatus (ARICO) for professional firefighters combining ergonomics, comfort and connectivity
    • Adjustable height harness, pivoting and sliding belt for adjustment to any size wearer
    • Smart sensors for monitoring cylinders pressure, operator movements, heat exposure, etc
    • Integrated anti-tangle system, extraction and rescue handles
    • Available with three different monitoring systems: PSS Airboss Active, Agile & Connect
  6. Designed with high technology and adavanced materials, the Dräger range of compressed air cylinders for SCBA (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus) can be used in all types of SCBA applications. Available in volumes from 2 to 9 liters, these bottles are made of steel, light steel or composite material.

    • Large range of compressed air cylinders with volumes from 2 to 9 liters under 200 or 300 bar
    • Available in steel, light steel or composite material
    • Autonomy of 15 to 60 minutes depending on the model
    • Triangular valves for a better grip
    • Optional flow limiter and manometer available
  7. Depending on the requirement of the operations to be done, the PAS Colt short-term breathing apparatus is certified for short-term interventions and emergency evacuation with the option of adding a supplied air connection. Its robust and ergonomic harness allows a quick and easy installation for optimal protection.

    • Short-term breathing apparatus for short-term interventions or emergency evacuations
    • Ergonomically designed harness with compressed air cylinder worn on the hip
    • Antistatic material, flexible, robust and machine washable
    • Wear and heat resistant cell foam padding
    • Polyvalent with air supply by cylinder or external source
  8. The SCBA PAS Micro is intended for use with 2 or 3-liter cylinders. The small and light cylinders are attached to the back support so that the user does not have to carry any extra load during the operation. Lightweight, comfortable, and easy to use, it is especially suitable for short interventions or emergency escapes.

    • Insulating breathing apparatus for short interventions or emergency evacuations
    • Ergonomic design with a back shape offering a great comfort. Anti-static material for better flexibility and resistance
    • Easy reading at the hip, precise pressure gauge integrated into the belt
    • Hose and regulator incorporated into the back support
    • Possibility to attach the breathing apparatus to an external air supply

What is a Self Contained Breathing Apparatus

A self-contained breathing apparatus, generally known as an SCBA, is a respiratory protective device intended for interventions in non-breathable, oxygen-deficient, toxic, asphyxiating, or suspected asphyxiating environments. In principle, it is similar to scuba diving equipment. These devices are suitable for numerous activity sectors (firefighters, industry, intervention in confined spaces, rescue missions, etc.).

These devices, and air-supplied systems, represent a very high level of respiratory protection and comply with the EN137 standard for self-contained compressed air breathing apparatus. They are primarily designed for work situations in "hostile" environments or emergency and rescue operations.

Composition of an SCBA

An SCBA is composed of three essential and inseparable elements that form a whole.

The harness

The harness is the central piece of equipment. It holds the compressed air cylinder and has the double trigger pneumatic system, a demand valve with its bypass, a pressure gauge to control the available air, and a low-pressure whistle to warn the user when the cylinder is almost empty.

The full face mask

There are various types, such as one with a harness, a head net, with or without F1 attachment (direct attachment to the firefighter helmet), etc. The facepiece (generally a full face mask with harness) is essentially according to the sector of activity concerned and the risk incurred.

The compressed air cylinder

Compressed air cylinders come in different sizes (from 2 liters to 9 liters for large capacities) and pressures (200 or 300 bars) following the duration of use required. They are built in steel (the most common), composite material, or carbon fiber, which are much lighter but more expensive.

SCBAs periodic checkings

All open-circuit SCBAs (including short-term SCBAs) are Class 3 personal protective equipment. Therefore they need an annual periodic check like all class 3 PPE.

This service can be carried out on-site or on our premises in Vert Saint Denis. The maintenance of the breathing apparatus consists of a passage on the test bench and control, mask, regulators, and valve on request. Wear parts are changed following the manufacturer's referral and an issued conformity certificate.

This certificate of conformity provided with the checked and controlled SCBA is also available on our intranet via our secure My GazDetect application. The simple and user-friendly interface allows one to know at a glance which devices need to be checked through a color system (green: checked device, orange: recommended check/certificate soon expired, and red: certificate expired).

Training in the use of SCBAs 

Any person who has to wear a self-contained breathing apparatus as part of his (her) professional activity must first have received training in the wearing and use of SCBAs: article R4323-104, decree 2008-204 of 7 March 2008 on the use of personal protective equipment.
⇒ Learn more about article R4323-104 on training in the use of personal protective equipment

We offer this service on-site or on our premises in Vert Saint Denis with a theoretical and a practical module. Our trainers are active firefighters with a great experience in SCBAs use.
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