PAS Colt short-term breathing apparatus

Depending on the requirement of the operations to be done, the PAS Colt short-term breathing apparatus is certified for short-term interventions and emergency evacuation with the option of adding a supplied air connection. Its robust and ergonomic harness allows a quick and easy installation for optimal protection.

  • Short-term breathing apparatus for short-term interventions or emergency evacuations
  • Ergonomically designed harness with compressed air cylinder worn on the hip
  • Antistatic material, flexible, robust and machine washable
  • Wear and heat resistant cell foam padding
  • Polyvalent with air supply by cylinder or external source
Additional information

Especially designed for emergency evacuations or short-term operations, the PAS Colt self-contained breathing apparatus is a combination of advanced technologies for respiratory protection. Its lightweight and ergonomic harness has been designed to be easily put-on even by inexperienced users in order to optimally facilitate any emergency evacuation.

The versatile PAS Colt short-term breathing apparatus is designed for use with a compressed air cylinder that rests on the hip without any extra weight on the user. Various aluminum, steel and composite cylinders are available and compatible with the PAS Colt.

The PAS Colt SCBA has been engineered with an innovative antistatic material making it both robust and extremely flexible. This new material is heat resistant and retains its ergonomic shape even in extreme temperatures during evacuation.It is padded with cell foam that is resistant to water, oil, chemicals and acids. Plus, it is machine washable without risk of deformation or deterioration.

For evacuation operations or confined space entry for example, the PAS Colt can also be connected to an external and supplied air system such as a compressed air network or a breathing air trolley. An optional automatic switch (SOV) allows the user to automatically change the air supply source between the supply system and the compressed air cylinder.

Manufacturer : Dräger