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Our partners

As experts in the gas detection and the respiratory protection, GazDetect distributes the major brands in the market which is a guarantee of quality and standards compliance. Please find below – in alphabetical order – all of our special partners …

Our major gas detection & repiratory protection partners - GazDetect


Ae&t logo partenaireFor more than 45 years, ae&t has been the French specialist in industrial safety and protection of goods and people. 2019: ae&t joins the independent British manufacturer e2s, the most renowned worldwide for its safety signalling systems, and thus offers the broadest range of products on the market. Read more about ae&t


Created more than 25 years ago, Air Products is now one of the major industrial gas providers worldwide. They can answer any request thanks to their know-how in gas production from the most classic gases to exotic gases with specific concentrations… Read more about Air Products


BacharachWith its experience in gas detection and monitoring since 1909, the Bacharach company develops high performance refrigerant gas (freons) detection solutions offering unparalleled value for money… Read more about Bacharach


BlacklineSafetyBlackline Safety offers gas detection and lone worker protection devices that are connected and geolocated. The brand’s devices communicate alerts and status in real time to an online alert management platform and communicate with other devices thru 2G/3G/4G connexion…Read more about Blackline Safety


Dega gas detectors and controllersWith a wide range of gases and substances detected, the DEGA manufacturer offers high performance gas detection solutions (stationary detectors and gas controllers) with excellent value for money.Read more about DEGA


Drager gas detectors and respiratory protective equipmentsAs the international leader for medical and safety technologies, Dräger – German manufacturer – offers a large range of high technology gas equipment like self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBAs), gas detectors or alcohol and drugs detection units (breathalyzers, drug tests)…Read more about Dräger


Gastec – Japanese manufacturer – is a world leader in monitoring and detecting gases and vapors using gas detector tubes (colorimetric and dosi-tubes). They provide more than 600 references available in 3 to 5 days thanks to their European stock based in the United Kingdmon… Read more about Gastec


Backed by more than 50 years of experience, Honeywell Analytics is a specialist of designing and manufacturing gas equipment like high tech fixed gas detection systems (gas detectors and open path gas detectors) and optical flame detectors… Read more about Honeywell Analytics


Industrial Scientific designs and manufatures a large range of portable gas detectors from the classic single-gas detectors up to multi gas detectors and area monitors. They also develop associated innovative services and technology like iNet and wireless communication… Read more about Industrial Scientific


NeofeuCreated in the 50’s, Neofeu is a leader in the creation and development of fall protection systems. Neofeu then becomes one of the last independent specialists in fall protection.Read more about Neofeu


With over a hundred years experience and based in Northern France, Oldham – subsidiary of 3M Gas & Flame Detection – specializes in designing and manufacturing fixed gas detection systems and flame detectors via Simtronics (integrated in the same group)… Read more about Oldham

RSG Safety

RSG safety france logoRSG Safety France is specialised in respiratory protection: respiratory protection masks, chemical suits, powered air purifying respirator. Read more about RSG


Scott Safety – subsidiary of 3M Science Applied to Life – is one of the major players in the respiratory protection market (primarily for asbestos) with gas masks, respirators, airline systems and self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBAs)… Read more about Scott Safety

Safety is everyone’s concern. It’s our mission …

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