ae&t (electronic & technical application)

Created in 1976, ae&t is a French company located in the Atlantic Pyrenees, in the town of Jurançon, specialized in the manufacture of electronic sirens with sound, voice and light for the industry and in ATEX areas. It designs, manufactures and distributes security solutions for a crucial mission: people's protection. Recognized as much in France as internationally, ae&t produces a wide range of audible and luminous alarms, innovative communication systems and numerous equipment for the protection of goods and people.

A wide range of sirens & sound and light handsets
  1. The TL LED is an affordable multi-purpose light and sound combination. It is used in both small and medium-sized gas and fire detection systems. Available in 24 Vdc or 230 Vac versions and with a high sound power of 100 dB, it is perfectly suitable for the tertiary and industrial sectors. Its IP66 ingress rating allows the use both outdoors and indoors.

    • Audible sound power up to 30 meters with 360° visual transmission
    • An efficient and economical combination of sound and light
    • Low power consumption thanks to its LED light
    • Available in 24 VDC or 230 VAC versions
    • Easy to install and space-saving

  2. The E2XS ATEX electronic siren is an audible alarm device especially suitable for harsh industrial environments or explosive atmospheres. With 45 different sounds (including the AFNOR NS32001 sound) and audio power of 116 or 121 dB, it is suitable for applications in the oil, gas, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries.

    • High-performance ATEX electronic siren for zone 2 (gas) or 22 (dust)
    • Available in 116 dB or 121 dB versions with potentiometer adjustment
    • Temperature ranges from -20°C to +55°C Protection class IP66/IP67
    • 24Vdc, 115Vac, or 230 Vac operation
    • Excellent price/performance ratio

  3. The BEXS ATEX siren is particularly well suited to the rigorous conditions of use generally observed in the oil & gas, chemical, and all offshore applications. It has an audible power of 117 dB. ATEX certified for zones 1, 2, 21 & 22. This waterproof siren offers a choice of 32 sounds (including the AFNOR 32001 sound), which we can remotely control 3 of them.

    • High performance ATEX siren for zones 1 & 2 (gas) and 21 & 22 (dust)
    • Extreme temperature range: -50°C to +55°C, protection class: IP66/IP67
    • 32 adjustable sounds, 3 of which can be remotely controlled
    • Certified SIL1 according to IEC 61508 standard, and SIL2 is an option
    • Sound power up to 117 dB

  4. ATEX and IECEx Zone 0, 1 & 2 gas and dust certified, the audible and illuminated alarm ATEX IS-DL105 is a low cost, intrinsically safe, mixed signaling device. It is equipped with a high intensity 6 LED array, combined with a 105 dB(A) siren. This alarm must be used with a Zener barrier or galvanic isolation in ATEX zones.

    • Sound and light combination ATEX zones 0, 1, 2, 20, 21 & 22 (gas and dust)
    • 105dB sound power combined with low power LED matrix
    • Marine-grade die-cast aluminium housing
    • 49 selectable sounds, 3 of which can be controlled remotely
    • Excellent value for money
  5. The ATEX audible and illuminated handset D2C1 is an alarm device combining an audible alarm with a flashing light, particularly suitable for harsh industrial environments or explosive atmospheres. The ATEX handset offers a choice of 64 sounds, 4 of which can be remotely controlled, making it ideal for scaling gas or fire alarm levels.

    • High-performance ATEX combination for zones 2 (gas) or 22 (dust)
    • Sound power 116 dB combined with a 5-joule strobe light
    • Temperature extremes -40 to +70°C, protection class IP66
    • 64 selectable sounds, 4 of which can be controlled remotely
    • Excellent quality/price ratio

Based in the southwest for more than 45 years, ae&t joined E2S Warnin Signals in 2019 to create an independent industrial group with international reach and more than 130 employees. It is a major manufacturer in the design and manufacture of sound and warning solutions for evacuation or lockdown in major incident situations: fire alarm, warning and evacuation in the face of major risks, IOP (internal operation plan), PPMS (particular safety plan), ERP (emergency response plan), etc…

The diversity of ae&t products meets the needs of local authorities, public buildings and industrial sites, including in ATEX areas. As an essential complement to a fixed gas detection or flame detection installation, ae&t sirens and signals are indispensable accessories for signaling and alerting of a gas leak.

The ae&t industrial range

The industrial environment is vast and requires diversified answers: fire safety, warning, evacuation, containment, process, information, communication... ae&t offers a wide range of optical, audible/vocal alarms, handsets, light columns using innovative and efficient technologies for applications in the tertiary or industrial sector.

As an essential complement to a fixed gas detection or flame detection installation, ae&t sirens and signals are indispensable accessories for warning and alerting of a gas leak.

ATEX sirens and sound and light handsets

The ATEX (ATmosphères EXplosives) environment including zones 0, 1, 2, 21, 22 requires specific regulations and product standards for which ae&t is a recognized specialist. Find in this page ATEX sirens, ATEX sound and light handsets as well as a whole range of ATEX accessories, safety products that are robust, long-lasting (3-year warranty), energy-saving and with a very high level of performance, for intensive and various uses.

The ae&t / GazDetect partnership


Ae&t is a privileged partner of GazDetect for the supply of light columns, sound and light systems, ATEX sirens and ATEX control devices in addition to our gas detection controllers.