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Scott Safety

Scott Safety – subsidiary of 3M Gas & Flame Detection – is one of the major players in the respiratory protection industry (essentially for asbestos and civilian & military protection) with gas masks, respirators, airline systems and self-contained breathing apparatus.

Scott Safety respiratory protection devices


Specialized in respiratory protection since the 1940’s, Scott Safety – subsidiary of 3M Science Applied to Life – provides a whole line of filtering respiratory protection devices (gas masks, air purifying respirators), specific filter cartridges against gases and particles (including asbestos respirators) and atmosphere supplying respirators like airline systems and self-contained breathing apparatus. 

Scott Safety air purifying respirators

Scott Safety products are mainly used in asbestos removal, chemistry, steel and food industries. The brand offers a large range of high quality filtering respiratory devices (half-masks, full face masks and respirators) with a huge panel of RD DIN 40 filter cartridges (40 mm universal thread).

Scott Safety SCBA

For more than 30 years, technology research and product development responding to customer requests led Scott Safety to produce an adaptive and responsive range of devices able to respond to and forecast the growing needs of firefighting services. The company has now become a leader in this field with more than one million firefighters equipped with open circuit SCBAs (self-contained breathing apparatus) throughout the world.

Scott Safety portable and fixed gas detectors

Scott Safety also produces a range of portable gas detectors (like the Protégé ZM disposable detector, the Protégé SG single-gas detector and the Protégé 4 gas monitor) and fixed gas detectors (with the Meridian® ATEX SIL2 range well known in petro chemistry).


Scott Safety – subsidiary of 3M Science Applied to Life – is a key partner of GazDetect for its technical expertise on asbestos (P3 masks, respirators and airline systems), its very large range of RD DIN40 filters available for the industry and its, very popular amongst firefighters, self-contained breathing apparatus.

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Vision panoramic gas mask

The VISION panoramic gas mask is compatible with particle, gas and combined filters. It can also be used as a facepiece for powered air respirators and SCBA.

  • Vision panoramic gas mask by Scott Safety
  • Large field of wiew (98%) without visual distorsion
  • Reinforced visor resistant to solvents and scratches
  • Two filter mounting locations: central or right side
  • LSR face seal (liquid silicon rubber)
  • Available in 3 different sizes for optimal comfort
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Self-contained breathing apparatus – CEN-PAQ

CEN-PAQ is very convenient and ideal for short interventions (15, 20 or 30 minutes), highly polluted environment applications or for emergency rescue in confined space or stale environment.

  • High visibility fireproof jacket with VELCRO fastener
  • Warning whistle and pressure gauge
  • Vision3, Promask or Panaseal full face masks
  • Stainless steel or composite compressed air cylinder
  • Compliant with EN137, EN136; EN139 standards
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Respiratory protective half-mask – PROFILE40

PROFILE40 is a single-cartridge half-mask featuring a DIN 40mm thread which complies with EN148-1 standard – related to respiratory protective half-masks

  • Respiratory protective half-mask by scott safety - PROFILE40
  • Compatible with every PRO2000 filter less than 300 grams
  • Robust LSR silicon facepiece with large face seal
  • Easy adjustable harness for device airtight
  • Particularly suitable with eyewear and safety glasses
  • Available in 2 different sizes
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Airline respirator – FLITE

FLITE respiratory protective equipment is well-suited for many industrial applications where the oxygen rate cannot be guaranteed.

  • Compressed air supply
  • Lightweight user-friendly harness with safety belt
  • Tempest positive pressure demand valve
  • Constant flow bypass function
  • Optional escape cylinder
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Self-contained breathing apparatus – SIGMA

Sigma self-contained breathing apparatus from SCOTT Safety combines highest respiratory protection levels to a cost-effective and user-friendly equipment to meet industrial and marine sectors requirements.

  • High performance pneumatic system
  • Ultra-compact demand valve triggered from first breath
  • Lighweight and ergonomic backplate and fireproof harness
  • Possibility to switch to demand constant flow
  • Large range of full face masks: Vision 3, Promask PP and Panaseal
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PROMASK twin-cartridge resiratory protection mask

PROMASK2 is a full-face gas mask with two filters providing exceptional balance and presenting an extremely low profile for close-up or restricted access working.

  • Fullface gas mask Promask
  • Compatible with Pro2 filters range.
  • Clear speech transmission.
  • Soft and flexible silicone.
  • Available in two different sizes.
  • CE approval : EN136 (gas mask standard).
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PROFILE60 twin-cartridge resiratory protection half-mask

The wide, flat faceseal is similar to that used on full facemasks and the bellows sections at the nose and chin absorb movement to ensure the seal is not disrupted during use.

  • Gas half mask Profile 60
  • Adjustable pressure band according to the wearer face morphology.
  • The facepiece is moulded in LSR, combining the comfort and flexibily.
  • Adjustable head harness (available in two different sizes).
  • Compatible Pro2 filters range.
  • CE approval: EN140
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Self-contained breathing apparatus – ELSA

Known as one of the world major emergency evacuation breathing devices, the ELSA self-contained breathing apparatus has been designed for quick evacuations from industrial and marine hazardous environments.

  • Swift automatic activation – available in 10 or 15 minutes versions
  • High visibility or standard black bag
  • Hood unique design (three faces)
  • Nickel plated corrosion-resistant components
  • Complies with EN1146 standard and European standards on navy equipment
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Powered air purifying respirator – TORNADO

The Tornado powered air purifying respirator range offers the world most versatile respiratory protective solutions.

  • Air purifying respirator against toxic gas and particle
  • Ergonomic design: compact and lightweight turbo motor
  • Powered air reduces breathing effort
  • Very large range of masks and hoods
  • Available with particle, gas or combined filter

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