GVS Filter Technology - Filtration solutions

Founded in 1979, GVS Filter Technology is in Bologna, Italy. In its early days, the group focused on medical filter manufacture for blood treatment. It focused on filters for dialysis circuits and, later, on filters for transfusion sets. Renowned for the quality of its filtering respiratory protection equipment, GVS offers a whole range of disposable masks, half-masks with integrated filters, and assisted ventilation devices.

GVS Filter Technology
  1. The GVS Elipse reusable FFP3 half mask with integrated filters offers maximum protection against tiny particles, viruses, bacteria, and aerosols with 99.95% efficiency P3 class filtration. Among the lightest half masks on the market, it is manufactured with soft and hypoallergenic materials offering unique comfort.

    • Specifically suitable for work generating fine dust such as construction, asbestos removal, medical waste, etc.
    • Interchangeable HESPA P3 class filters with 99.95% minimum efficiency against fine particles, viruses and bacteria, and aerosols
    • Ultra-compact, ergonomic, and the lightest mask on the market
    • Hypoallergenic, odorless, and medical grade
    • Available in 2 sizes (M/L or S/M)
  2. Available with P3 and A2-P3 filters, the GVS Elipse Integra mask with safety glasses offers excellent protection against tiny particles (dust, viruses, bacteria), aerosols, and organic vapors (solvents, hydrocarbons, paints, varnishes, pesticides, etc.). Compact and lightweight, it fits perfectly on the face without interfering with others PPE that the user chooses to wear.

    • Half mask with safety glasses in polycarbonate treated with anti-fog (N) and anti-scratch (K) coating
    • Particularly suitable for paint and varnish applications and phytosanitary treatment
    • Compact, ergonomic, and hypoallergenic mask with FDA approval
    • Integrated interchangeable filters P3, A1-P3, A2-P3 & ABEK1-P3
    • Two sizes are available (M/L or S/M) for better comfort

Respiratory protection expertise

The Hygiene and Safety Division of GVS designs a broad range of filtering respiratory protection devices. Among the numerous products GVS offers, the Elipse mask is the most innovative patented concept in reusable respirators. Manufactured in the UK and sold in over 100 countries, this ultra-lightweight mask is the most compact one in the market.

A version with a safety goggle - the Elipse Integra - is particularly effective against solid particles (dust) or liquids (mists, fine droplets, aerosols) and organic vapors such as solvents, hydrocarbons, paints, pesticides, etc. In addition to respiratory protection, they are ideal when mucous membrane and eye protection are required.

GVS / GazDetect partnership

GVS and GazDetect business partnership

GazDetect is a privileged partner of GVS for the supply of ultra-light and innovative half-masks. GazDetect is also an authorized maintenance center for the periodic inspection and maintenance of GVS respiratory protection equipment.