Honeywell Analytics

Backed by more than 50 years of experience, Honeywell Analytics is a specialist of designing and manufacturing gas equipment like high tech fixed gas detection systems (gas detectors and open path gas detectors) and optical flame detectors.

Honeywell Analytics

Flame and gas detection

Globally renown for their quality and reliability, Honeywell Analytics fixed gas detectors, flame detectors and open path gas detectors are used for many applications. They are widely approved for oil and gas industries, semiconductor industries, wastewater treatment, sea, air and rail transport, etc...

Honeywell high-end technology for gas detectors and controllers

As they are specialized in sensor technologies, Honeywell Analytics is well represented in the semiconductor area with its patented Chemcassette® technology (implemented in SPM Flex gas detectors)> The brand is also well known in the oil and gas industry with their infrared technology implemented in Optima® Plus detectors and Searchline® Excel open path detectors.

In addition to these gas detectors, when not linked to a monitoring system, Honeywell Analytics designs and manufactures a whole range of multichannel, modular or customizable gas detection controllers (Modbus or TCP/IP or other communications) to manage alarm events, relays, actuators and remote information follow-up systems.

Flame detector

As they already provide fire detection equipment with the ESSER by Honeywell range, Honeywell Analytics also offers a complete line of UV, UV/IR or IR3 optical flame detectors. These detectors are made to be used in many situations: tertiary industries, indoor applications with high smoke presence, or very hostile outdoor environments.

Honeywell Analytics / GazDetect Partnership

Honeywell Analytics business partner of GazDetect

As one of our long-standing partners, Honeywell Analytics – which also owns BW Technologies and RAE Systems – is a key partner for GazDetect. Our collaboration allows us to offer to our clients a large range of fixed gas detectors and open path gas detectors, as well as high-end technology, technicality and performances of the Honeywell gas detection controllers and optical flame detectors.