SensePoint Fixed gas detector

Honeywell's fixed gas detector SensePoint is a cost-effective, high-performance gas transmitter for fixed gas detection installations. It is suitable for operation in potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX zones) and detects explosive gases (hydrocarbons, solvents, alcohols), toxic gases (Cl2, CO, H2S, NH3, NO2, SO2) and lack of oxygen (N2, O2).

  • ATEX II 2 GD certified (gas and dust) and conforms to EC standards on electromagnetic compatibility
  • Honeywell Surecell high performance electrochemical cells
  • Four-way junction box for quick and easy installation
  • IP65 ingress protection against water and dust
  • Cost-effective and efficient solution with excellent value for money
Additional information

With an attractive price and exceptional durability of the catalytic sensors, the SensePoint fixed gas detector is an excellent alternative for explosive gas detection installations in boiler rooms or load rooms. Exd or Exe approved, SensePoint gas detectors can be installed in potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX zones).

The toxic gas versions are supplied pre-calibrated with a 2-wire 4-20 mA output loop. The external connections are Exd approved and the intrinsically safe design simplifies replacement of the sensors, which can be changed under power.

For calibration, periodic checks or gas monitoring of gas detectors, we offer a wide range of calibration gases in disposable cylinders that meet the ISO6142 standard.

Explosive gases detected: Acetylene (C2H2) - Butane (C4H10) - Ethanol (C2H6O) - Ethylene (C2H4) - Hydrogen (H2) - Methane (CH4) - Pentane (C5H12) - Propane (C3H8)

Toxic gases detected: Ammonia (NH3) - Chlore (Cl2) - Carbon monoxide (CO) - Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) - Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) - Sulfur dioxide (SO2)

Asphyxiating gases detected: Nitrogen (N2) - Lack of Oxygen (O2)