Powered air purifying respirators, filtering respiratory protection

Powered air purifying respirators are the highest level of filtering respiratory protection. Contrary to classical gas masks, they are positive pressure devices. It means that the respiratory effort is lower because it is not made by the wearer but by a motor sending a constant flow of filtered air into the face piece (mask, hood, welding screen). It is, therefore, better to use devices for strenuous, tiring, long-duration work or interventions in environments with high heat.

Our range of powered air purifying respirators
  1. The CleanSpace Pro mask is a revolutionary device in terms of respiratory protection. It consists of a half-mask that clips onto an ultra-lightweight engine block containing the filter and battery. With no cables, hoses or belt attachments, it offers users freedom of movement without the risk of snagging.

    • ALL-IN-ONE powered air purifying mask with integrated filter and battery in the engine block against fine particles, toxic gases and fumes
    • AirSensit™ technology with mask pressure and airflow control based on the wearer's breathing
    • Up to 14 hours of autonomy with a charging time of less than 2 hours
    • Air flow adapted to the wearer's breathing for unparalleled comfort
    • Great freedom of movement (no cables or hoses attached to the belt)
  2. Waterproof and IP66 certified for use with washing, disinfecting or decontamination procedures, the CleanSpace Ultra ventilated mask is an ultra-lightweight, positive pressure powered air mask that can be worn around the neck without causing discomfort even with prolonged use.

    • Lightweight and compact powered air mask - No hoses or heavy batteries worn on the belt
    • Waterproof and dustproof and specifically adapted for washing or decontamination procedures
    • Airflow adapts to the wearer's breathing for unparalleled comfort
    • Visual and audible alarms for clogged filters and low battery levels
    • Compatible with half or full face masks

  3. WIth no hoses or belt attachments, the Purelite Xstream ventilated helmet is an innovative ALL-IN-ONE respiratory protection system that integrates the motor, battery and filter into one protective shell. Lightweight and comfortable, even for long-duration operations, it offers ideal freedom of movement, especially useful in tight spaces.

    • ALL-IN-ONE ventilated helmet with P3 filter against dust, fine particles, solid or liquid (aerosols)
    • Motor, battery andfilter integrated in a protective shell for freedom of movement
    • P3 filtern TH2P protection with a rated protection factor of 20
    • Air flow rate of 210 l/min, one of the highest on the market
    • Excellent price/performance ratio

  4. The PureFlo 3000 powered air purifying helmet offers total respiratory, head, eye, and face protection ALL-IN-ONE with the motor, battery, and filter integrated into an EN 397 standard safety helmet. With no cables, hoses, or belt attachments, it gives users freedom of movement without the risk of snagging.

    • ALL-IN-ONE respirator with integrated motor, battery, and filter in an EN 397 standard safety helmet
    • HEPA filter against aerosols and tiny particles (lead, hexavalent chrome, manganese, crystalline silica)
    • Comfortable fit with a completely adjustable head harness
    • Great freedom of movement without risk of snagging
    • Low battery and saturated filter alarm
  5. The CleanSpace Halo breathing mask is a powered air purifying respirator specifically designed for the healthcare, laboratory and food industries. Equipped with a high performance HEPA filter, it offers the highest level of protection on the market with 99.97% filtration efficiency against fine solid or liquid particles, aerosols, viruses or bacteria.

    • ALL-IN-ONE powered ventilation system with HEPA fine particle filter and integrated battery in the motor block
    • Specifically adapted for the health sector, sterile laboratories or the food industry
    • Hygienic and hypoallergenic medical silicone half-mask, available in 3 sizes
    • Patented micro-turbine toroidal motor generating an airflow up to 230 l/min
    • Compatible and suitable for decontamination and sterilization procedures

  6. The PureFlo 3000-H is an ALL-IN-ONE powered air purifying hood with the motor unit and dust filter integrated into respiratory protection covering the head, neck, and shoulders. It protects and is perfect for medical and pharmaceutical applications against fine solid or liquid particles, aerosols, viruses, and bacteria.

    • All-in-one powered air purifying respirator with motor, battery, and filter integrated into a hood
    • HEPA filter (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) against aerosols, tiny particles, bacteria, and viruses (H1N1, avian flu, coronavirus, etc.)
    • Highly resistant non-woven polypropylene hood against infectious agents
    • Great freedom of movement without risk of snagging
    • Suitable for wearers of beards and/or glasses
  7. The Phantom Vision is a ventilated mask with a lightweight, high-performance brushless motor implanted directly in the facepiece. An external connector, located on the mask, powers the engine via a cable to a belt-mounted lithium-ion battery. The particles filter or combined one is directly set on the face piece.

    • Powered air purifying mask with an almost total field of view (98%) without distortion
    • Brushless motor for reliable, quiet operation throughout the work shift
    • Delivers up to 160 liters of airflow per minute for at least 8 hours
    • Available in 3 sizes to fit the numerous users
    • CE certification to EN 12942, class TM3
  8. The powered air purifying mask Proflow 2 SC is a compact, lightweight respiratory protective equipment that provides 160 L/min of airflow to reduce respiratory stress and provide optimum comfort during long working periods, especially in hot environments. The industry and asbestos removal sectors widely use it.

    • 160 l/min powered air purifying mask reducing respiratory stress for long duration work
    • Sealed construction and downward facing filters for easy decontamination operations
    • Up to 10 hours of autonomy (waterproof battery and fast charging)
    • Visual display and alarm for state of charge and clogging of filters (particles)
    • Delivered complete, ready to use in its protective box
  9. The T-Air is an economical, sleek, and modern powered air purifying respirator. It can be combined with a wide selection of filters and face pieces, and is suitable for long-term works. A triple warning system ensures total safety throughout use (up to 10 hours of continuous use): air flow, clogging (particles), and low battery alarm.

    • Battery-powered air purifying respirator for heavy or long duration work
    • Wide range of facepieces available: full face mask, chemical hood, face shield with helmet or welding hood
    • Made of chemical and impact-resistant ABS
    • Battery life > 10 hours with 3 hours charging time
    • High protection rating IP65

  10. Available in standard or ATEX versions, the X-plore 8000 is a powered air purifying device designed for daily use in hazardous conditions, including in explosive areas. It is available with a wide range of face pieces (masks, hoods, helmets with visors, welding shields, etc.), and combines performance, safety, and comfort.

    • High-performance powered air purifying respirator available in standard (X-plore 8500) or ATEX (X-plore 8700) versions
    • Modular and versatile with many facepieces available depending on the application
    • Operating time from 4 to 20 hours depending on system configuration
    • Wide range of filters against many gases, vapors, and particles
    • Two alarm levels with differentiation of the risk level
  11. The CleanSpace EX power system is an intrinsically safe ATEX PAPR mask for applications in flammable or potentially explosive atmospheres. Available with P3, A2-P3, ABEK1-P3, or AX-P2 (against volatile organic compounds) filtration, the CleanSpace Ex is currently the only ATEX powered air purifying device able to filter VOCs!

    • Compact ATEX powered air purifying unit with filter and battery integrated into the engine block
    • AirSensit technology with airflow adaptation to the wearer's breathing for unmatched comfort
    • Great freedom of movement without the risk of snagging
    • 8-hour battery life with a charging time of less than 2 hours
    • 4 types of filters P3, A2-P3, ABEK1-P3 and AX-P2 (against VOCs)

  12. The PureFlo PF33 ventilated helmet is an ALL-IN-ONE ATEX powered air purifying device with the motor, battery and filter integrated into an EN 397 certified safety helmet. With no cables, hoses or belt attachments, it offers users freedom of movement without the risk of snagging, even when combined with other PPE.

    • ATEX breathing apparatus with motor, battery and filter integrated in an EN 397 certified safety helmet
    • 2 types of filters (P3 or ABE-P3) to meet most industrial applications in potentially explosive areas, gas or dust
    • Minimum airflow, filter saturation and low battery alarms
    • Comfortable fit with fully adjustable head harness
    • Comes with two 4-hour NiMH batteries and smart charger
  13. With no cables, hoses or belt attachments, the PureFlo 3000-W ventilated welding and grinding helmet is an ALL-IN-ONE air purifying respirator with self-darkening visor, motor and filter for particles integrated into an EN397 safety helmet. It offers users freedom of movement without the risk of snagging.

    • ALL-IN-ONE welding and grinding helmet with self-darkening shield, integrated battery and filter
    • HEPA filter against fine particles related to welding and potentially carcinogenic (chrome, silica, manganese, cobalt, beryllium)
    • 2 self-darkening filters available 9-13 or 4-8 / 8-12
    • LED indicator for low battery or airflow alarms (saturated filter)
    • No hoses or belt devices

  14. The powered air purifying welding helmet X-plore 8500S is suitable for all types of arc welding (especially low-amperage TIG), plasma welding (welding and cutting), spot welding, and grinding. It combines both ocular protection and respiratory protection against particles emissions and toxic fumes releases.

    • High comfort welding helmet with a sober and elegant design integrating a self-darkening welding filter ADF 9 to 13
    • Less breathing effort thanks to the motor that sends filtered and purified air directly into the welding helmet
    • EN 12941 - TH2 approved in combination with X-plore 8500
    • Perfect for long and hard work
    • Adjustable, removable anti-perspiration band
  15. The DUCT A ECO is a fresh air respirator that draws clean air through an electric motor outside the work area. It is a simple, fully self-contained process requiring no special training. It has been designed for use in environments with lack of oxygen or in confined spaces such as tanks, reservoirs, silos, wells, sewers, etc.

    • Outdoor fresh air respirator, without compressed air cylinder or breathing air compressor
    • Simple and economical solution requiring no special training or special skills
    • Air supply hose: up to 60 m for one wearer, 30 m for two wearers
    • Compatible with RD DIN 40 masks following EN 148-1
    • Approvals EN 138 : 1994 & EU regulation 2016/425

Powered air purifying classical respirators

Powered air purifying respirators are more elaborate filtering respiratory protection devices. They are composed of a face piece (mask, hood, welding shield), one or more respiratory protection filters (particulate, anti-gas, or combined), a light motor, and a ringed hose. A motorized fan delivers the filtered air directly into the face piece via the corrugated hose leading to a lower breathing effort. The main advantage of a positive pressure filtering respiratory protection system is the reduction in breathing effort.

Recently, many manufacturers of powered ventilation equipment have proposed ALL-IN-ONE systems with the motor, battery, and filter worn directly on the head, thus avoiding any device worn on the belt (cables, hoses, motors, or batteries) for maximum freedom of movement without risk of snagging. Two manufacturers offer this unique and very convenient type of equipment, such as CleanSpace masks or Gentex ventilated helmets, which are compatible with other personal protective equipment (welding hoods, hazmat suits, fall arrest harnesses, etc.).

In standard or ALL-IN-ONE versions, powered air purifying devices are recommended for strenuous, tiring, and long-lasting work or interventions in hot environments. Moreover, the overpressure generated in these filtering devices with assisted ventilation guarantees a high nominal protection factor, much higher than with a classic gas mask.

ATEX powered air purifying equipment

ATEX powered air purifying devices are designed for environments with explosion risks where combustible gases, vapors, or dust are potentially present. They are popular in refineries, gas pipelines, storage depots (solvents, alcohols, paints), printing plants, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, or mining.

a In this case, combined with the AX-P2 filter, the CleanSpace Ex ATEX PAPR mask is currently the only ATEX powered respirator capable of filtering VOCs! It provides efficient protection against fine solid or liquid particles and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from solvents with a boiling point of 65°C or less such as acetone, methanol, or methyl bromide.

Hoods & powered air purifying respirators

PAPR hoods

Hoods are manufactured in a flexible material, resistant to certain corrosive gases. They cover the whole head and have a wide field of vision. The powered air purifying hoods have an air distribution device for more comfort.

PAPR hoods

Powered air purifying masks

Powered air purifying respirators are the preferred facepiece when polluting concentrations exceed 40 times the OEL (8-hour occupational exposure limit value). The air sent through the powered air purifying respirator arrives directly near the respiratory tract, avoiding drying of the ocular mucous membranes.

PAPR masks

The filtration performance of powered air purifying respirators depends on the tightness of the complete device (face piece, motor, and filter). A letter (hood family) associated with a number (tightness level of the powered ventilation device) indicate them.

Tightness is measured as the percentage of leakage of "polluting gas" into the facepiece. The "polluting particles" are designated by the letters PSL (for solid and liquid particles) without mentioning an efficiency class:

TH (Turbo Hood) for hood-type facepieces

  • TH1 stops 90% of aerosols (i.e. 10% penetration)
  • TH2 stops 98% of aerosols (i.e. 2% penetration)
  • TH3 stops 99.8% of aerosols (i.e. 0.2% penetration)

TM (Turbo Mask) for facepieces such as mask or half-mask

  • TM1 stops 95% of aerosols (i.e. 5% penetration)
  • TM2 stops 99.5% of aerosols (i.e. 0.5% penetration)
  • TM3 stops 99.95% of aerosols (i.e. 0.05% penetration)

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Limits of use of powered air purifying respirators

Do never use filtering respiratory protection under the following conditions:

  • Ambient oxygen level < 19%
  • In confined spaces or all areas with little or no ventilation: tanks, tunnels, boat holds, etc.
  • When the concentration of the contaminant is unknown or immediately lethal to humans (IDLH)
  • When the concentration of the contaminant is above the maximum allowable concentration or beyond the capacity of the filter

In these situations, it will be necessary to use an self-contained breathing apparatus.