T-Air Powered Air Purifying Respirator

The T-Air is an economical, sleek, and modern powered air purifying respirator. It can be combined with a wide selection of filters and face pieces, and is suitable for long-term works. A triple warning system ensures total safety throughout use (up to 10 hours of continuous use): air flow, clogging (particles), and low battery alarm.

  • Battery-powered air purifying respirator for heavy or long duration work
  • Wide range of facepieces available: full face mask, chemical hood, face shield with helmet or welding hood
  • Made of chemical and impact-resistant ABS
  • Battery life > 10 hours with 3 hours charging time
  • High protection rating IP65
Additional information

The T-Air powered air purifying respirator includes a unique battery-powered motor usable with a wide choice of filters, masks, and ventilated hoods. It is suitable for many applications requiring high-level protection and comfort.

The T-Air powered air purifying respirator is equipped with a color LED display to provide clear information on operating parameters and visual, vibrating, and audible alarms in case of low flow or filter saturation. It features three connection ports for four filters (P3, A2P3, A2B2P3, and A2BE2K2HgP3) that cover most tertiary or industrial applications.

The device is delivered in its entirety with a comfort belt, battery, filter plug, charger, air flow indicator & instructions. Like all class 3 PPE, the T-Air is subject to an annual periodic checking.