Dräger X-plore 8500S Powered air purifying welding helmet

The powered air purifying welding helmet X-plore 8500S is suitable for all types of arc welding (especially low-amperage TIG), plasma welding (welding and cutting), spot welding, and grinding. It combines both ocular protection and respiratory protection against particles emissions and toxic fumes releases.

  • High comfort welding helmet with a sober and elegant design integrating a self-darkening welding filter ADF 9 to 13
  • Less breathing effort thanks to the motor that sends filtered and purified air directly into the welding helmet
  • EN 12941 - TH2 approved in combination with X-plore 8500
  • Perfect for long and hard work
  • Adjustable, removable anti-perspiration band
Additional information

Welding fumes are classified as carcinogenic (category 1) by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC). In addition to the necessary eye protection, suitable respiratory protection is the best solution to prevent the risk of inhaling toxic fumes. The Dräger X-plore 8500S welding helmet is the answer to this problem of respiratory protection in welding

The lightweight, high-performance powered air purifying welding helmet X-plore 8500S is an excellent compromise between comfort and safety for welding work. It is a respiratory protection system that is particularly well suited to long and hard work. The overpressure generated in the welding helmet guarantees a high nominal protection factor. The device is supplied with a belt and hose protection especially designed to withstand welding work.

Two types of respiratory protection filters are recommended for the X-plore 8500S powered air purifying welding helmet:

  • P3 filter for metal particles such as chromium, iron, nickel, and cadmium oxides
  • A combined A2-P3 filter is highly recommended in case of grease or paint on the metal to be welding