Phantom Vision Ventilated mask (PAPR)

The Phantom Vision is a ventilated mask with a lightweight, high-performance brushless motor implanted directly in the facepiece. An external connector, located on the mask, powers the engine via a cable to a belt-mounted lithium-ion battery. The particles filter or combined one is directly set on the face piece.

  • Powered air purifying mask with an almost total field of view (98%) without distortion
  • Brushless motor for reliable, quiet operation throughout the work shift
  • Delivers up to 160 liters of airflow per minute for at least 8 hours
  • Available in 3 sizes to fit the numerous users
  • CE certification to EN 12942, class TM3
Additional information

The Phantom Vision ventilated mask has been developed to exceed the most stringent requirements for ventilated filtration. It is particularly suitable for applications as diverse as asbestos removal, grain handling, lead oxide stripping, and pharmaceutical and nuclear industries.

The Phantom Vision powered air purifying mask has a virtually unrestricted field of vision and provides unparalleled comfort throughout the workday. Its unique battery management system guarantees flow rates over 160 liters per minute for eight hours, making it suitable for asbestos removal (level 2 asbestos).

All external parts of the unit are water resistant. The user can enter a decontamination shower with the Phantom Vision ventilated mask. For more thorough decontamination and cleaning, all major mask pieces can be easily disassembled and sponge-wiped or washed.

As with all Class 3 PPE, the Phantom Vision ventilated mask is subject to every year checking.