PureFlo 3000-H Powered air purifying Hood

The PureFlo 3000-H is an ALL-IN-ONE powered air purifying hood with the motor unit and dust filter integrated into respiratory protection covering the head, neck, and shoulders. It protects and is perfect for medical and pharmaceutical applications against fine solid or liquid particles, aerosols, viruses, and bacteria.

  • All-in-one powered air purifying respirator with motor, battery, and filter integrated into a hood
  • HEPA filter (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) against aerosols, tiny particles, bacteria, and viruses (H1N1, avian flu, coronavirus, etc.)
  • Highly resistant non-woven polypropylene hood against infectious agents
  • Great freedom of movement without risk of snagging
  • Suitable for wearers of beards and/or glasses
Additional information

With no hoses or belt attachments, the PureFlo 3000-H powered ventilation device offers users unparalleled comfort and freedom of movement. It is a positive pressure filtering respirator that prevents contaminated air from entering the airway.

With the highest airflow rate in the market (up to 220 l/min), it features a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter against fine particles, aerosols, viruses, and bacteria. It thus guarantees a very high assigned protection factor (APF) of 40.

This ALL-IN-ONE ventilated hood is highly popular in pharmaceutical laboratories, hospitals, and also food industry. It is delivered with two rechargeable batteries with 5 hours of autonomy each. A warning device ensures to feel totally secure during all use: airflow, clogging, and low battery alarm.