Air purifying respirators

As a respiratory protection expert, find in this section all our air purifying respirator equipment: half-masks, full-face masks (single or dual-cartridge), powered air purifying apparatus (ventilated masks and hoods). In addition, we offer a full range of filter cartridges, from simple particle filters for dust and aerosols to combined filters (gas and particles), which are very popular in the industry.

Single and dual gas masks

gas mask as filtering respiratory protection

Gas masks are personal protective equipment (PPE class 3), subject to the EN140 standard for half-masks, and EN136 for full-face masks. The most popular models are the single-cartridge versions DIN Rd40 with universal filters of 40 mm (standard EN148-1). The dual-filter models are more compact with a wide field of vision and have a better load balance.

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Powered air purifying respirators

powered air purifying respirator as filtering protection

Powered air purifying respirators are positive pressure respiratory protection devices. The respiratory effort is reduced or non-existent because a motorized fan supplies the filtered air directly into the facepiece (mask, hood, welding helmet, etc.). The main advantage of this type of device is the reduction of the respiratory effort, it is thus particularly adapted and to be privileged for the works of long durations or demanding.

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Respiratory protection filters

respiratory protection filters

The effectiveness of "filtering" respirators depends mainly on the choice of filter according to the gases, vapors and particles present. They are classified in 3 categories: P3 filters (protection against dust, aerosols, bacteria, viruses), anti-gas filters (against organic and inorganic gas & vapor, acids, ammonia, mercury, etc.) and combined filters (respiratory protection against gases and particles).

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Escape masks and hoods

Escape masks as filtering respiratory protection

Escape masks and hoods are respiratory protection devices dedicated to emergency evacuations in any situation, to intervene on site (work situation) or to rescue a person in difficulty. They come in two categories: escape masks, which are simplified gas masks, and evacuation hoods, which protect the mucous membranes of the eyes against irritating substances such as chlorine, ammonia or acids.

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Choosing the right air purifying respirator

Choose the right filtering respiratory protection

Choosing the right air purifying respirator will ensure a high level of safety. For atmospheres with an oxygen level of at least 19.5%, there are two solutions: half-masks and full-face masks (also called gas masks in everyday language) for short interventions or PAPRs for long and difficult applications. Our experts recommend ...

Choosing the right respiratory protection