Inspection and maintenance of PPE class 3 (category 3)

PPE class 3 (or category 3) corresponds to personal protective equipment that protects against severe or fatal risks. For obvious reasons regarding the safety of employee, the inspection, periodic verification, and maintenance of this type of protection are essential and mandatory in most industrialized countries. These controls include respiratory protective equipment, chemical protective clothing, and fall protection.

PPE class 3 maintenance and inspection

Maintenance of respiratory protective equipment 

Respiratory protective equipment (gas masks, powered air-purifying respirators, supplied air respirator systems, self-contained breathing apparatus, etc.) is class 3 PPE. They must be inspected before each use and checked once a year (mandatory), following the standards and regulations for respiratory equipment.
Our laboratory has all the necessary equipment for cleaning and checking respiratory protection equipment: washing machines for washing and disinfecting masks and harnesses, drying cabinets, a breathing air compressor with air quality analysis, an inspection bench (Dräger Quaestor), an endoscope for periodic inspections of compressed air cylinders and bagging machine for packaging clean and checked masks.


All compressed air cylinders inflated in the workshop are inspected. Their filling is passed through an air quality analysis bay by the EN12021 standard (control of CO, CO2, O2, hygrometry, oil vapor, and dust). After each inflation, a certificate of analysis of the quality of the breathing air is delivered.

Maintenance of chemical protective clothing 

Reusable or limited-use chemical protective clothing is also considered category 3 personal protective equipment (PPE class 3). They are subject to a complete inspection and an annual periodic check for ten years, which include a leak test of the suit and valves on a control bench (Quaestor).

GazDetect - an approved and authorized maintenance center - carries out all the annual periodic inspections of the entire range of Dräger and RSG chemical suits in our maintenance laboratory. Do not hesitate to contact us for these particular class 3 PPE maintenance.

Periodic inspection of fall protection equipment 

Fall protection equipment (safety harnesses, fall arresters, self-retracting retractors with webbing or cable, safety tripods, etc.) is class 3 PPE. They must be inspected before each use and checked periodically (compulsory) in an approved maintenance center under the standards and regulations relating to fall protection.

Our authorized maintenance center considers various compliance criteria, such as the proper functioning of the equipment, its general condition, the legibility of the marking, and the expiration date of the product. Storage conditions are checked too.

Monitoring the maintenance of class 3 PPE 

Our simple, innovative and free MyGazDetect solution allows you to monitor the periodic checks and maintenance of your class 3 PPE, to program and plan their maintenance. Ideal for HSE managers and Service managers, MyGazDetect - GazDetect's intranet network - offers the possibility of viewing all the up-to-date devices and equipment in your fleet and those requiring a return for inspection or on-site intervention.