Hoods and masks for sandblasting, shot-peening, airbrushing

Sandblasting is an industrial process which allows to strip or clean different types of surfaces by the projection at high speed of sand grains coming, in the majority of the cases, from different natural minerals. This process generates dust that is harmful to humans and the environment, hence the need to take certain precautions such as the installation of a dust removal system and the use of hoods or sandblasting masks as personal protective equipment.

PPE dedicated to sandblasting, shot-peening and airbrushing
  1. The X-Plore 9300 is an air supply system offering constant airflow to its user. Specifically designed for light industrial applications, this device provides ease of use and enhanced safety. It can be matched with many different facepieces (such as full face masks, short or long hoods, welding helmets, etc.)

    • Constant flow air supply system with patented flow reducer and auto-test function
    • Modular and versatile with many face pieces available depending on the type of application
    • Robust device with zone 1 compliant antistatic material
    • Inlet pressure range from 3 to 10 bar
    • Economical maintenance, ease of service and reduced costs
  2. The PAS X-Plore is a compressed air supply respirator with an on demand valve, similar to a self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA). It’s adapted and recommended for interventions in confined spaces and conforms to the EN 14593-1 standard for compressed air supply SCBA with on demand valve and full face mask.

    • Compressed air supply mask with an on demand valve for interventions in confined spaces
    • Equipped with a patented flow reducer and a built-in self-test function that automatically activates at the time of starting
    • Flow regulator with warning whistle
    • Robust, solid and easy to use
    • Optimal use comfort
  3. The X-plore 6530 is a gas mask that meets the highest quality requirements, reliability, and fit safety. It is an EN136 class 3 respirator (the highest safety level) compatible with the Dräger X-plore Rd40 filter cartridges with 40 mm universal thread (EN148-1). One size fits all, and it is comfortable to wear.

    • EN136 Class 3 approved gas mask resistant to impact, chemicals, and high temperatures
    • Visor available in impact-resistant polycarbonate or temperature and chemical-resistant Triplex glass
    • Compatible with Dräger X-plore DIN Rd40 filters
    • Mask body made of highly resistant and non-irritating EPDM
    • One size fits all, 5-point harness with flexible and adjustable straps
  4. The TR82 EPDM is a class 3 gas mask (the highest level of safety) with an anti-scratch and anti-solvent polycarbonate lens. Fitted with a DIN RD40 front connector, it is compatible with all filter cartridges that comply with the EN148-1 standard (40 mm universal thread). The EPDM elastomer face skirt provides excellent comfort for the user during prolonged wear.

    • EN136 class 3 approved full face mask (highest level of safety)
    • Compatible with RD DIN40 filter cartridges with 40 mm universal thread (EN148-1)
    • Heavy duty polycarbonate lens with anti-solvent and anti-scratch treatment
    • Molded outer skirt for excellent fit on the face
    • Great comfort of use even for long periods
  5. The TS Series microporous coverall is a category 3 type 4, 5, and 6 protective clothing. It is composed of a polypropylene substrate coated with a laminated polyethylene microporous film (PP/PE). It prevents the passage of liquid molecules to the inside. But it allows water vapor to escape to the outside, making the garment very breathable and ideal for long-duration work.

    • Category 3 limited-use suit, type 4, 5 & 6 (garment impervious to low toxic chemical sprays)
    • Suitable for the pharmaceutical industry (blood, body fluids) and spray painting applications, crop protection spray
    • Made of laminated microporous polyethylene for excellent breathability
    • Antistatic (conforms to EN1149-1: 2005)
    • Available in 4 sizes: L, XL, XXL, XXXL
  6. The NS Series disposable Coverall is the first level of protection for category 3. It offers protection against solid particles (type 5) and low-hazard liquid chemicals in the form of a light spray (liquid aerosols, sprays) or projected at low pressure (type 6). Made of microporous polyethylene (PE), it is lightweight and comfortable to wear.

    • Single-use category 3 type 5 & 6 coveralls (liquid splash and dust protection)
    • Particularly suitable for spray paint, insecticide, and pesticide spraying
    • Made of flexible laminated microporous polyethylene (PE) for comfort
    • Available in sizes M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL
    • Excellent quality/price ratio
  7. The T-Air is an economical, sleek, and modern powered air purifying respirator. It can be combined with a wide selection of filters and face pieces, and is suitable for long-term works. A triple warning system ensures total safety throughout use (up to 10 hours of continuous use): air flow, clogging (particles), and low battery alarm.

    • Battery-powered air purifying respirator for heavy or long duration work
    • Wide range of facepieces available: full face mask, chemical hood, face shield with helmet or welding hood
    • Made of chemical and impact-resistant ABS
    • Battery life > 10 hours with 3 hours charging time
    • High protection rating IP65
  8. The EFI150 large airflow exhaust fan's mission is to exhaust or inject large volumes of fresh, healthy air into confined or large-volume spaces such as tunnels, basements, or canopies. It is constructed with durable housing to withstand industrial workspace environments and delivers an airflow of 7 580m3/hr (without ductwork).

    • Large airflow exhaust fan for tunnels and large volume confined space applications (CATEC device)
    • Antistatic ABS housing reinforced with glass fiber resistant to corrosion and chemical products
    • 7 580 m3/h flow rate without duct, 5 404 m3/h with 4.6 m duct + 90° elbow
    • Duct outlet diameter 16″/400 mm - Delivered with 4.6m power cord
    • Motor 1.1 kW, single-phase power supply 115V/230V 50/60 Hz
  9. Compact and lightweight, the UB20 air exhaust fan - also called COBRA fan - is the reference for confined space ventilation systems in the water and wastewater sector. Reversible, it brings up to 1,392 m3/h of fresh and healthy air in the duct in poorly ventilated, oxygen-poor, or potentially toxic areas.

    • Industrial air exhaust fan for intervention in confined spaces in compliance with the CATEC device
    • Numerous accessories are available: charger + battery pack, ducts, connection sets, turbo-torque, heating system, etc.
    • Double-walled body made of high-density, impact-resistant polypropylene
    • Plastic carrying handle for easy handling
    • Quiet operation of 74 dB

Sandblasting, shot-peening and airbrushing

The sandblasting process - also known as shot peening or airbrushing - is much easier to use and more efficient than the use of traditional stripping tools such as a spatula or wire brush. It offers the possibility of treating large areas in record time.  

Sandblasting is mainly used for stripping various materials (wood, stainless steel, steel, cast iron, aluminum, etc.) and coatings such as paint or other protective varnishes. It is also used to deoxidize metal parts (remove rust) as well as to eliminate mold or scale deposits that may be present on various materials. It is also frequently used for decorative and aesthetic purposes such as engraving on marble or glass, renovating stones or even treating jeans by giving them a worn and brightened appearance. 

Hoods and masks for sandblasting

However, even if this method is used in a multitude of fields, it is necessary to remember that sandblasting can cause serious health risks, which is why it is essential to take certain precautions such as using hoods or sandblasting masks as PPE (personal protective equipment): 

  • Full face masks: Minimum protection, they cover the entire face (nose, mouth and eyes). Half-masks should be avoided as they do not protect the mucous membranes of the eyes; 
  • Powered air purifying respirators: These are more elaborate filtering devices that reduce the respiratory effort by using a motorized ventilator that supplies the filtered air directly to the face piece (mask, screen or hood); 
  • Air supply systems: These are respiratory protection equipment offering the highest level of safety. They belong to the same family as SCBAs and are particularly suitable for long-term work.

High-intensity sand propulsion can cause skin irritation or eye injury from projections. These same dusts and particles are potentially explosive and must, therefore, be treated with caution. They may be composed of toxic particles such as nickel, silica or coal slag.  

The greatest danger associated with sandblasting is that it can potentially lead to silicosis, a serious and sometimes fatal lung disease. This disease is caused by the accumulation of very fine particles (mainly silica present in the sandblasting mixture) that build up and harden in the lungs. Other potential risks should not be ignored (respiratory disorders, lead poisoning, lung cancer, cognitive damage, etc.).