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Combined with one or several fixed gas detectors, a gas detection controller is the essential part of a fixed gas detection system. It provides permanent and continuous monitoring and generates actions in case of gas detection: signals, alerts, alarm transmission…

gas detection controller for ficed gas monitoring systems

A fixed gas detector permanently measures concentrations of gas in ambient air. These concentrations are then converted into an electric signal that is analyzed by a gas detection control panel. Once the presence of a gas is detected, the gas detection controller will trigger preset actions such as visual and/or audible alarms, actuators or alarm reports (remote date transmission).

  • gas detection controller

    A gas appearance in a boiler room will shut down a gas safety valve. Once dangerous toxic or asphyxiating (low oxygen in ambient air detected with an oxygen deficiency monitor for example) gases concentrations are detected, a controlled mechanical ventilation (CMV) will be triggered by a controller. For other installations, a gas detection controller will activate actuators on the main LV board (for example a battery charge room) in order to instantly stop the process…

    There are two types of controllers: single channel controllers and multichannel controllers. The only difference is the number of sensors that can be linked to the gas detection controller. A single channel controller can only be linked to one sensor (or two depending on the configuration). A multichannel controller can be linked to tens of fixed gas detectors, thus securing an even larger area.

  • gas detection system

    In addition to fixed gas detectors associated to gas detection controllers, in specific locations we also offer the complete management of your system: from the functional analysis up to the on-site installation, the commissioning (setup and calibration of the gas detectors) and the training of your workers. We are partners with Oldham and Honeywell Analytics. Their large network of field technicians ensures skills, proximity and fast response.

Our gas detection controllers

Using the infrared technology, the Bacharach HGM-MZ multi-zone controller, can detect the presence of refrigerant gases by aspiration on a perimeter covering up to 16 zones (and 48 measurement points).

Monitoring CFC, HFC, HCFC, HFO, NH3, CO2

  • refrigerant gas leak controller HGM-MZ by Bacharach
  • Non-dispersive infrared sensor
  • Measuring range 0 – 10,000 ppm, accuracy 1ppm
  • Coverage up to 16 zones, 48 ​​measurement points
  • Automatic or manual sampling
  • Functional interface, LCD screen, indicator lights
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The MGS-450 CO2 controller can be used as a standalone carbon dioxide detector or can be connected to the MGS-408 multi-point controller.

  • CO2 controller MGS-450 carbon dioxide standalone detector
  • IP66 autonomous CO2 detector
  • Infrared sensor, measures 0-5000 ppm or 0-5% / vol.
  • Integrated buzzer (72 dB) & relays for servo controls
  • Simplified commissioning and maintenance via the MGS-400 mobile application
  • Outputs: 4-20 mA, Modbus RTU, 3 configurable SPDT relays
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The PolyGard gas controller unit centralizes up to 8 digital detectors and 3 analog detectors and enables 3 alarm relays to be activated when gas concentrations become dangerous.

  • PolyGard multi-channel gas controller
  • 4-20 mA & Modbus inputs
  • 8 digital transmitters connection
  • 3 analog transmitters connection
  • 3 alarm relays & 2 24 Vdc outputs
  • 2-line LCD display & LED indicators
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The SE126K controller detects explosive gases thanks to its sensor integrated into its compact housing and has 2 relay outputs.

  • SE126K explosive gas controller with integrated sensor
  • Butane, Propane or Natural Gas version
  • 2 alarm thresholds (10% and 20% LEL)
  • 2 relay outputs for servos
  • Long life catalytic sensor
  • LED bargraph display
  • Additional information
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2 to 16 channels gas detection controller TouchPoint Plus

The TouchPoint Plus gas detection controller can connect up to 8 fixed gas monitors (and 8 additional entries thanks to its extension module). Whith large touchscreen, customizable alarms and dedicated powered outputs.

  • touchpoint plus gas detection controller by honeywell
  • Up to 16 linked detectors
  • Integrated safety battery
  • Self-diagnosis and system reports
  • Customizable alarm relay outputs
  • Large 17.7″ touchscreen, IP65, NEMA 4X
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Gas detection controller with 4 or 8 analog and/or digital channels (up to 32 detectors allocated to 8 channels) for monitoring gases in the atmosphere.

  • Fixed gas detection controller MX43
  • Many upgrade opportunities (additional cards)
  • 5 alarm levels
  • 5 fully programmable alarm relays + fault
  • Integrated sounder and visual signal
  • Communication: RS 485, proprietary protocol, 9,600 Baud
  • Additional information
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Digital gas detection controller MX32N

The MX32N digital gas controller is a digital controller and alert management device. As it can be linked to 8 detectors, the MX32N allows monitoring of hazardous gases (combustible, toxic or asphyxiating) in the most demanding environments.

  • Oldham gas detection controller MX32N
  • Two-in-one detector: digital and analog.
  • 1 or 2 independent channels.
  • Continuous monitoring of hazardous gas.
  • 5 alarm thresholds (sound and visual alarms).
  • IP66 protection.
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Self-contained oxygen controller – PointGard 2100

The PointGard 2100 oxygen controller is a stand-alone, ready-to-use fixed oxygen depletion monitor. Simple to install and to use, this device is equipped with a powerful oxygen sensor, audible and visual alarm systems in an ultra-resistant case.

  • PointGard 2100 oxygen controller, monitoring device by Drager
  • Autonomous oxygen detection system 
  • Integrated audible and visual alarms 
  • Class 4X / IP66 (warterproof & dustproof) protection ingress 
  • 5 years sensors life (annual calibration required) 
  • Entirely ready to use device 
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Unipoint din rail gas detection module

The Unipoint is a cost-effective and adaptable module to integrate in an existing cabinet with a special socket (delivered with the controller) without any additional cost.

  • Fixed gas detection controller UniPoint
  • Single channel control module – DIN rail mounting
  • Power supply: 18-32 VDC on the same power bus
  • 3 configurable relays 3 A / 240 DAC + 1 internal fault relay
  • Backlit display (measure, event, calibration)
  • Fully programmable scale, units and calibration
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Single-channel gas detection controller – MX15

Especially designed for application in boiler rooms and car parks, the MX15 gas detection controller features an excellent quality/price ratio to monitor gas related hazards.

  • Fixed gas detection controller MX15
  • 4 digit and pictograms LCD display
  • 2 independent and configurable alarm levels
  • Small size and easy to use – DIN rail or wall mounting
  • Independent relays for actuators
  • Possibility to plug 2 OLC10 TWIN detectors
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Oxygen gas detection controller GMA Pro

The GMA Pro is an oxygen rate monitoring system. It is designed to alert in case of any danger that could occur in potentially poorly oxygenated areas (presence of asphyxiating gas or nitrogen cylinders).

  • Oxygen gas detection controller for oxygen levels monitoring
  • Easy installation and use (3 buttons and large LCD display).
  • Electrochemical sensor measurement (0-25%/vol, resolution 0.1%, 2 years lifetime).
  • LED visual and 85dB audible alarms, 2 relays.
  • Stainless steel sensor location, EN 61000-6-3, EN 61000-6-4, EN 50270 type 1 & 2 electromagnetic compatibility.
  • Housing dimensions : 13.5 x 24.7 x 9.5 cm – weight : 900 gr.
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